Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Public Apology to Kristy McNichol

Last year I posted a former article "Kristy McNichol Where Art Thou" after a former Family co-star Meredith Baxter came out of the closet as a lesbian.  In the article I asked why Kristy hadn't done the same.  Since the posting of that article I have gradually changed my perspective on "coming out" and therefore was shocked to learn Kristy felt the need to make a public statement she's a lesbian.  I don't believe my article had anything to do with it, but I still want to take this opportunity to apologize for my former activities that I have no illusions about whatsoever.

I wanted to issue a formal public apology to former retired actress Kristy McNichol for my activities regarding a fan website of her I designed and redesigned from 2002-2005, a press release to the media of the web site released on her birthday, a related horrible song I recorded No Ordinary Woman about a virtual loverand subsequent articles about her since.  So here goes:
"Ms. McNichol, I'm sorry for my behavior in obviously having had some fixation with you years ago.  I know you must perhaps be aware and concerned in some way due to these aforementioned activities, and I just wanted to say I'm much better now and am not going to be participating in any further activities related to you. There's no need to worry about my attempt to contact you.  I have no illusions related to how someone like yourself must feel about how some stranger was infringing on your intellectual property while making unauthorized press releases which is why I ultimately took the website down. -Cheryl Merrill
I wanted to explain what happened to cause me to go off the deep end in the early 2000's related to Kristy McNichol.  All that really happened was that I saw a photo (right) of Kristy on the cover of US Magazine and it caused me to react with "Oh my God, I forgot all about Kristy McNichol!"  I thought I might have had Alzheimers that I had forgotten about such a popular icon from the 1970's. Apparently I was never consciously aware of the teen crush I had on Kristy McNichol.

In spite of my apparent former teen crush on Kristy McNichol, the fact is that I don't get along with lesbians, bisexual or gay men very well, and I especially have had unpleasant experiences working with gay men at corporations who get special treatment above me as a woman leaving me to have to do more work for less pay while they get all the perks and privileges the law provides.  The spoiled coddled fag gets the company leased BMW at 27 without a college education, and a fake company girlfriend whose just vibrating of privilege, fascism and hate. The H.R. women in San Francisco who hire these so called men give them special privileges while making me a slave who has to beg for vacation time after long overtime hours while they take off to Italy on two week vacations without any problem.

I don't like lesbians or bisexual women because they've never been genuinely kind to me, always finding ways of throwing me under the bus.  In fact, I find them on the level of slow-kill murderers as conniving, deceptive, lying and totally out for themselves.  

I find lesbians and bisexual women to be very selfish, greedy and arrogant most of my life being a huge turn off. They have never, ever been my friends always being stuck up and the worst possible people I have ever encountered in life.  For me, lesbians have always been the most always revolting, unloving and unattractive while assuming I want them simply because I'm polite or show them attention.  I generally don't like being around gays or lesbians because they're so full of themselves while having extreme character flaws bordering on evil.

In any event, I wanted to apologize to Kristy McNichol since she's now officially part of this new class of people who have always chosen to be my enemy, backstabbing me, destroying me in any way they possibly can for not adhering to their fascist rules.  I shouldn't have posted a web site about Kristy McNichol or written any articles, just keeping it to myself.  Everyone has crushes like this in their lives, I was just so ridiculous to make such a big deal out of it reflecting on it in my 40's. Lesbians and bisexuals were different back in the 1970's, much more appealing then they are today.

I now prefer being around dogs, cats while watching my instant life sea monkeys grow.