Thursday, February 16, 2012

Robots Will Be Programmed To Destroy Humanity

I somehow always knew it was coming this, especially after working in corporate America for the past few decades. Robotic machines and their programming are slowly taking over humanity.  Over the decades I've learned that many women in corporate America might as well be robots.  I also found corporate America finds ways to rewire the human brain using various social engineering techniques.

These lifelike robot videos are meant to demonstrate how their creators envision a time when robots will take over our world, becoming more intelligent then us. In order to meet their creators' expectations, robots will need to be revered and held above ourselves and spirits.  Don't doubt for one minute the creators of these advanced robots aren't extending their egos into our lives to usurp, not help humanity.   Note how a few of these robot creators are even cloning themselves as a form of omnipresence.

Note in these vids how much awe and reverence a robot is given as if it's a living thing. 

This robot's so realistic, it's spooky to watch.

This is an android female with advanced features. 

The walk is getting to be so realistic, it's spooky. 

It's really sad how these people pay such reverence to a lifeless machine.  It would be like my worshiping the iPhone droid Suri treating her like "my friend".

Over the years I've noted certain high up corporate women believe they're owned by their corporation. Like the Borg on Star Trek, I don't really exist outside a corporate paradigm. Somehow corporate women were taken over, reprogrammed and their individuality removed to serve their corporate entity.
Corporate personhood is the status conferred upon corporations under the law, which allows corporations to have rights and responsibilities similar to those of a natural person. There is a question about which subset of rights afforded to natural persons should also be afforded to corporations as legal persons. Wikipedia
It's interesting to note a corporation by U.S. law is viewed as a "person" and therefore a living entity.  Therefore the corporate entity's merely replicating itself by possessing the spirits of human beings and rewiring their brains to suit its purposes. 

The terminator robot idea comes from dealing with the fact visionaries believe many humans will try to escape from being assimilated.

Many a corporation assimilates human beings by rewiring their brains. When you're terminated from the corporation, in its view, you are no longer a living person and therefore cease to exist.  Similarly, robots will view humans as enemies to assimilate or terminate.  This is what humans will face in the future is a battle for their lives versus the spiritual dead zone these machines have to offer.

It's all happening, what Bill Joy wrote in Wired Magazine in 2000 in his article Why the Future Doesn't Need Us.