Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston Bloodied In Fight After Singing Jesus Loves Me NIght Before Death

I guess my main question after hearing how Whitney Houston apparently got scratched up in a bloody fight at a pre-Grammy Awards party prior to her death is where was a man to protect her?  My suspicions of Whitney being mysteriously murdered have since been peaked after learning of this event. Apparently some small media outlet got a hold of the photos of Whitney's last hellish night on earth.  I can only link to these disturbing photos and through the article below due to copyright laws.
"We don't know what's going on with Whitney Houston but she went from hitting the stage for a flawless performance with Kelly Price singing "Yes, Jesus Loves Me" to leaving the event with what appears to be scratches and blood dripping from her wrists and legs.  The powerhouse singer performed the song with Price to a packed house and appeared to be in good spirits." -See photos, scroll down the page of Whitney Houston Performs At Pre-Gray Party & Gets Into A Fight? Sheso
Sounds to me like the devil had access to Whitney that very evening after she sang a song about Jesus Christ loving her.  The Illuminati, having such a stranglehold over the music industry today, must be celebrating the timing of Whitney's passing right after it rolled out its queen Madonna at the Super Bowl event.  These kind of performances are really satanic based propaganda the American public views as entertainment that couldn't be further from the truth.

Many of us have understood for decades that Madonna has never been close to being any real singer.  The few truly gifted real singing talent left such as Whitney was a reminder to the entire world Madonna is a counterfeit.  Here's the difference between a real singer, vs. a fake Illuminati based singer as seen at two fairly recent Super Bowl events:

Whitney Houston's Awe Inspiring 2007 Super Bowl Performance 

To put it simply, Madonna's a loveless, heartless, pure narcissist evil Satanist.  Naive people can't comprehend the depth of evil the Illuminati is all about. I hate to think how many children have been tortured and murdered at the throne of the Illuminati all around the world.  

So, to reiterate, these are the facts thus far about Whitney Houston's death.
  • Madonna gave a highly ritualistic symbolic Illuminati performance taking her throne on February 5, 2012.  
  • Just five days after Madonna's ritualistic Illuminate performance, on Friday, February 10th, Whitney Houston attended a pre-Grammy award party where she sung "Jesus Loves Me" with Kelly Price as her last performance on earth.  That evening, a undisclosed fight took place causing Whitney to become bloodied and disheveled. 
  • On February 11th, a day before the Grammy Awards, Whitney Houston died alone in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  

Madonna's performance was about Illuminati symbolism and satanic rituals.

My own conclusion based on these simple facts?  Whitney Houston was a real singer with a gift and talent given to her by God.  On the other hand, Madonna is a servant of Satan and the Illuminati. This Illuminati's evil power is starting to grow by such leaps and bounds because not enough people are willing to stand up to it for what it is.  Madonna isn't just about entertainment that's merely a mask for Satanism.

Somehow, the Illuminati servants got to Whitney Houston after she sung Yes, Jesus Loves Me, that caused her to lose her life in this world having entered into eternal Heaven.  Clearly Whitney Houston's in Heaven now! The facts are as plain as day as to what happened to trigger the transition --  God was with Whitney the entire night then taking her up into Heaven where she is forever happy and protected with eternal love.

Another awe inspiring Whitney performance with Natalie Cole of Say A Little Prayer.

These facts demonstrate Whitney Houston was for real as a good person with a beautiful spirit in spite of her flaws with drug addiction and alcoholism.  On the other hand, Madonna is pure evil the world continues to pay its respects to.

Seriously, this isn't some imaginary game I'm talking about in this post.  Madonna's a real servant of dark, evil demonic entities being all about death, suffering and destruction of all that is good in the world.  Not kidding!  Listen to Madonna's counterfeit voice at your own soul's peril.  I couldn't stand her from the very first time I heard Like a Virgin. I knew Madonna was pure bullshit and a con job from the get go.