Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whitney Houston Prepared To Meet Jesus Prior To Death

As a follow-up to my previous post Whitney Houston Bloodied In Fight After Singing Jesus Loves Me Night Before Death, more information has surfaced related to Whitney Houston's mind state prior to her passing.  It seems Whitney knew what was happening to her, that she was transitioning out of this world and that she very badly wanted to "see Jesus".
According to US website, Whitney was "very spiritual" in her final days — quoting the bible, singing hymns and speaking about the afterlife with friends and family.  
On Friday, a day after she sang Jesus Loves Me in her final public performance at Tru nightclub in Hollywood, she told one of her friends: "I'm gonna go see Jesus — I want to see Jesus."  Whitney 'Predicted Her Own Death' - The Sun UK
Earlier, I posted about the possibility Satanic forces of the Illuminati were indirectly involved in Whitney's imminent death just five days after Madonna's occult ritual performance at the Superbowl. See former post.  The dark spiritual world of Satan and demonic entities can have a strong influence as to why someone would want to leave our world.  The average person unfamiliar with spiritual forces can't comprehend these things, but singers are especially attuned with such forces due to the nature of their gift.
The following morning, hours before her death, Whitney was discussing a bible passage involving John the Baptist and Jesus.  She reportedly said: "You know, he's so cool, I really want to see that Jesus." Whitney 'Predicted Her Own Death' - The Sun UK
We're not meant to know everything when it comes to a person's relationship with God, but  can deduce there was some spiritual battle happening in Whitney Houston's soul prior to her passing. One can speculate Whitney's bloody fight the night prior to her death symbolized fighting Satan in this world prior to her transition to heaven.  The photo at right is of Whitney the night prior to her death with a cross bracelet pointing something to the ground after having had a fight.  See full photo.

A more scientific perspective comes from Mike Adams at Natural News that Whitney was under the control of sedatives and alcohol causing her behavior to be erratic.  See article. Regardless, one can't easily ignore the latest information that Whitney Houston knew she was going to die being involved in a spiritual battle with the powers of darkness of the Illuminati that's had a strangling grip on the music and entertainment industries the past few decades.

Sadly Clive Davis, the one who claims to have discovered Whitney Houston's talent, didn't call off his pre-Grammy party after learning of Whitney's death.  From my perspective Davis is someone who can be questioned as to any true friendship with the former singer.  A real friend would have called off the celebrations.
He (Davis) said he had to go downstairs and take care of the guests, but the family had no idea that the party was going to proceed. Whitney's aunt, Mary Jones, was absolutely stunned that the party was going ahead, and she was very upset that it hadn't been cancelled."   
In any event, it's sad the world has lost such a tremendous talent who had faded through the years, but clearly Whitney Houston's in a much better place.