Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why Prometheus Film Mirror's Today's Elitist Mindsets According to Alex Jones

In this outstanding video, documentary film maker and radio host Alex Jones provides a detailed analysis of the upcoming Prometheus film that's being released in June. Alex provides reasons why this amazing film by one of his favorite directors Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Gladiator) mirrors many of the mind boggling things happening in our world today.

According to Alex Jones, this film is of great significance  shining light on the mindsets of those who seek control and power over humanity's destiny.
"The secret is that the elite believe they are attaining godhood and are destined for the stars. Their ancient and occultic views are reflected in the dark themes of Prometheus, the very name of which hints at the quest for eternity and power among a group who think a divine right bestowed by a higher intelligence gives creedence to their meddling with the affairs of common man." Secrets of Prometheus Film Leaked! -
Alex Jones says this film is not just entertainment based Hollywood hype.  

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Strange Activities On My Property - Hidden Camera Catches Anomalies

Today was so hectic!  I removed all of my notarial journals while they came onto my property twice today. I placed a hidden camera to record the first visit. I found it interesting to say the least.

My radiator wasn't leaking.  Nothing was wrong with it to my knowledge.  The annotations are in the video outlining what I found strange about the visit.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Notorious Landlady Likes and Protects Megan's List Child Rapist Tenant Over Me

I just wanted to update on my crazy landlady's intense activities the past few weeks since she put an insane unlawful Cure or Quit notice on my door.  I've lived here in the Marianne Apartment building at 1245 California Street San Francisco since 2003. My rent is currently far below market rates ($1,088 vs. $1,788) due to the new tech boom happening in San Francisco. I'm sorry but that's the way it works in rent control areas, some people have lived 25 years in their units with low rent.  It's not my fault the city only raised the rent 1.9% on average the past few years.

After the unlawful eviction notice was taped to my door to intimidate me, two weeks ago I went down to the Community Rental Board of San Francisco to report an unlawful eviction notice.  Since that time the landlady, who I filed a police report over stolen cash from my apartment, has apparently used my hard earned $6,000 with the blessings of the building owners towards the renovation of two units above and below my apartment. The racket from the floors being ripped up above and below was intense for several days.

Yesterday I removed another Dewey Pest Notice I found taped to my door only to find another one when I returned later that day.  Creepy! The landlady didn't put the date on the document, which prompted her to come back.  Not only did she return with a new Dewey Pest Notice, but she also taped another note to my door that my radiator would be inspected due to the unit below me having ceiling water damage.

As I posted about on this blog, I had given several gifts over the years to this landlady but virtually ignored her last Christmas due to her rudeness over my bicycle parking issue. (See Giving Your Landlady Thank You Gifts is Like Feeding a Great White Shark Chum)  Last year the landlady had called while raising her voice for parking my bike in the back area rudely demanding I remove it.  Ever since then I haven't wanted much to do with this landlady. My $500 mountain bike got stolen from the building garage back in 2004, it was a nice bicycle. They wouldn't let us bring our bikes into our apartments unless it was for storage purposes. They told us to get renters insurance to protect our items from theft.  It turns out they were able to determine it was an inside job that someone in the building arranged for the theft of seven bicycles in the garage. So last year I went to park my new bike in the back area with the other bikes and the landlady yelled at me for it.

The landlady's intensity comes from having no personal life living in her small unit the past 20 years feeling a prisoner to the building she rarely leaves.  She doesn't partake in the local community preferring to read highly questionable literature she attempts to force and influence other tenants such as myself to her points of view.  "Did you get the book yet?" she'd ask me numerous times.  "No, I didn't", I'd respond.  Finally I got the books. They were okay, but a few were really far out such as David Icke's materials.  I noted the landlady had claimed to be a fan of David Icke yet didn't even know the proper pronunciation of his name.

I shared a few of my Alex Jones movie DVD's with the landlady back in 2010. One day she returned the materials with a note that the Masons at the Masonic Auditorium a block away were contacting her, fearful they knew about her having the DVD's.  She mentioned she thought they had ways of discovering she had such materials that her phone might be bugged.  If this landlady believes she is being spied on, she must be spying on others in a similar fashion to have such a delusional mindset.  From my experience I noted the landlady obviously believes she's part of a status quo that would punish her casting her out for watching such alternative news materials.

My primary question at this point is what is this landlady capable of if she enters a tenant's property to rob them of $6,000?  She's the only one with the key to my unpickable locks.   There was no break in. The Dewey man never came in the day the notice was posted indicating the landlady was the only one culpable for the theft.  I'm obviously being targeted by this landlady who has no supervision whatsoever.  She apparently believes she's above the law by carrying out karmic revenge on whomever she believes deserves whatever she feels is appropriate.

I notice the Megan's List convicted felon child rapist is doing well here, living peacefully for many years being a Giant's fan, driving around in his little Cooper car he parks in the garage.  Laws protect a child rapist from harassment that he lives on the top level of this building with a view of the bridge.  The convicted rapist walks around with SFPD shirts scaring women such as myself in elevators while bringing his former prison pals into the building. Yet this landlady was falsely accusing me of doing business on the property?  What does that say about her character?

A few years ago I once found the Megan's List child rapist felon looking dead in the garage with a hospital wristband hanging half way out of his car late one night. I believed he was dead or dying so called 911. He apparently had too much of his medication. The landlady came out when the ambulance arrived being upset with me knowing the authorities would learn a Megan List person lived on the property.  I had done the right thing as a certified CPR provider I received from the Red Cross who could be held liable for not assisting a potentially dying person.  The laws mean nothing to the landlady however, who apparently has her own set of laws she abides by such as entering a tenant's property at-will to commit large thefts.

What this all boils down to is that this landlady covers up for the Megan's List rapist in certain respects while harassing a Notary Public who serves the local community including hospitals and retirement homes.  People call on me when they're dying in a hospital bed.  I'm one of the few notaries able to show up to a local hospital within 10 minutes.

This landlady needs to stop her intense activities against me or I will be forced to keep posting about my opinions and experiences with her activities on this blog.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Michigan Gov't In Bed With Pork Association Prepares Mass Murder of Livestock

It's well documented serial murderers usually begin with animals. The same can be said with the State of Michigan's government that's preparing to commit mass murder of livestock, declaring open-range pigs as an illegal "invasive species".  I'm not kidding, the crazy Michigan government under its Department of Natural Resources (DNR) issued an Invasive Species Order (ISO) and intends on coming onto ranches across the state, profiling pigs based on the color of their hair, slaughtering them en masse and to then imprison the farmers unde felonies for each pig.

The insanity of the authorities in Michigan is being well documented.  This is really an incremental bullying plan government has to come kill human beings one day just like Nazi Germany.

These fascist corporate owned state governments will start with animals and then work up the food chain to humans.  Better stand up to them now! This is what happens when corporations pay off government officials to carry out Mafia like operations.  If Michigan gets away with this, other states will follow.

Cindi Balnius Doyal · Sedalia, Missouri
This is truly insane. Wonder what's next? Cattle with black fur? Chickens with white feathers? Surely the money wasted on this could be better spent on things like controlling zebra mussels or gypsy moths. WTG, MI. Finish off your dying economy.

Karen Foreman-Brown · 
mind blowing! what is the US coming to?

Robert Dungan ·  Top Commenter · Royersford, Pennsylvania
How in the hell has Michigan arrived at such a state of authoritarian insanity? Wake up Americans. This is evil. Turn your Hearts to Christ. Today is the Day Of Salvation. True Christians know that things like what is happening in Michigan are part of Scriptural Prophecy regarding Anti-Christian, Anti-Human acts by the servants of hell. Receive Christ now. Pray for His speedy return. God Bless us all. Amen.

First they killed all the cute little pigs based on hair color.  Next they will come for the humans.

Insane Michigan Government Announces Plan To Destroy Ranch Livestock Based On Hair Color and Arrest Hundreds of Ranchers as Felons - Natural 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Met Ann Coulter Today in San Francisco Wearing Fur Coat, Refusing To Speak

Today around 2:20 p.m. I was walking across the street in Nob Hill towards the Top of the Mark Hotel  and saw an unusual site, a blond woman wearing sun glasses with a long fur coat standing alone waiting to cross the street at Mason and California Streets.

The sight of a woman in a long fur coat struck me as being highly politically incorrect for San Francisco to the point I wanted to crack a joke so I asked the woman "Is that real fur?"  The lady ignored me and didn't respond.  I  thought, how strange, she has no sense of humor as most tourists have.  I then took a second look as she acted all movie starrish looking past me down the street as if I didn't exist. It then dawned on me this lady looked a lot like Ann Coulter.  I then said matter of factly,  "You look like Ann Coulter".  Again, there was no response as she continued to pretend like I didn't exist.  At this point I thought she was likely Ann so I said "Hi Ann, I have a blog article up about you at"  Again, no response as the light changed. I decided, whoa, this lady's very serious and doesn't want to be messed with.  I then walked out in front of her in the cross walk and didn't look back.

I went home to check if Ann was possibly doing a book promotion signing in San Francisco. I saw she didn't have anything scheduled until April for San Diego.   I've been able to confirm Ann Coulter wears fur coats.  Here's a story of Ann apparently incognito, Furry Flying Freak: Is That You, Ann Coulter?.

This person was likely Ann Coulter because she was alone being extremely serious and nervous not wanting to be messed with.  No one is ever non responsive and I figure she didn't want me to identify her with her voice.  Ann Coulter's in San Francisco and apparently staying in the Nob Hill area, either Top of the Mark or the Fairmont Hotel.  I should have snapped a photo but she was so serious I didn't want to bother her anymore.   I got the impression Ann Coulter's an unhappy person who lacks a sense of humor with the public.

Lastly, I didn't see any evidence in my brief interlude with Ann that she was once a man (see my former post The Case for Ann Coulter Being a Man) , she looked very femalish and was apparently using good products on her face for youthful elasticity.

Other articles featuring Ann Coulter in Fur

Conservative Ladies: Heartless in Mink -

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bombshell: Rick Lazzarini of The Character Shop Filed Motion to Quash His Identity for Malicious On-line Activities

**Update** Also see latest: Rick Lazzarini's Horror - A Man Possessed By Satan - March 11, 2014

I've come to a determination on who the person was who went to all ends of the earth to hide his identity with a Motion to Quash filed in San Diego Superior Court of my subpoena for the email address back in 2009 for the lawsuit I filed against Edmond Wollmann.   This person paid thousands of dollars in lawyer's fees to prevent his identity becoming known for his malicious on-line activities and harassment of me.  In turn, the litigation accused me of being "arrogant" and "vindictive" for my subpoena and ultimate lawsuit while failing to address the fact this person had impersonated someone unlawfully on the Internet.  This post explains how I came to learn who this malicious anonymous person was after five long years of being in the dark.

For those who have a Linkedin account, you might notice the system lets you know who's conducted searches of you in its system when it places them in the "People You May Know" group. That's why when I noted a Rick Lazzarini appeared at the top of this group that he had done a search of my name for some odd reason.  Rick Lazzarini's the owner of The Character Shop, (CS), that built special effects props for Hollywood movies.  CS was in business since the 1990's having had past industry publicity but appears to be largely defunct since 2006 likely due to computer animation trends. Lazzarini worked on such movies as Predator, Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy's Revenge, Slumber Party Massacre, Aliens and Ghostbusters II while having had several articles written about him years ago.  His last film project listed on was in 2006.  Also see Special-Effects Wizard Rick Lazzarini Has Gore In His Blood - Orlando Sentinel (1989)

The only reason I know of this Lazzarini name is having come across it in my on-line research a few years ago as someone who had some kind of conflict with Edmond Wollmann the cyberstalker and spammer who I filed a defamation lawsuit against in 2009.  Mr. Wollmann claimed on a forum where he headlined me as a "fraud" that Rick Lazzarini had an obsession with him.  I have no idea what went on between these two long ago, but whatever it was caused Mr. Lazzarini to take on an additional subaccount to his AOL account as  I was contacted with this email address back in 2007 of someone posing as a fan of my singing, then harassed, falsely accused, and ultimately threatened with a lawsuit for putting the address up on my singing blog denoting a problematic cyberstalker who wouldn't leave me alone.

My response:

(click to enlarge) This dispute of the lawsuit began with this initial silly contact from some guy posing as a fan of my singing using Mr. Wollmann's former email address.  Instead of contacting an attorney as I suggested he do in the above email, the man began posting defamation of me all over the Internet.

Using evidence from the Motion to Quash that was filed against my subpoena in 2009 I had already come to a determination that this person was likely involved with the entertainment industry in Hollywood.  The characteristics of such a person is that he was high profile enough that he was willing to spend thousands of dollars in lawyers fees to cover-up his identity in such an expensive motion.  Such a person did so using a well connected former entertainment lawyer near Beverly Hills, a Joe Hart.  Mr. Hart had previously been working with many people involved in the Hollywood entertainment business at his former firm Donaldson and Hart. Mr. Hart's extremely large and unflattering highly accusatory motion caused my case against Mr. Wollmann great damage to the point of the judge(s) viewing Mr. Wollmann as completely innocent and unjustly victimized by my lawsuit.

(click to enlarge) Edmond Wollmann's attorney Randall Dierlam early on in the lawsuit disclosed after a deposition his client was involved in the blog I filed the lawsuit over.  The Court of Judge Robert Longstreth, appointed to the bench by an actor, ignored my evidence I submitted preferring to place me in a Hollywood based role as a vicious vindictive woman out to victimize a long persecuted innocent man another had impersonated.

I also came to the determination whomever filed that Motion to Quash had an extraordinarily large ego that he would feel such a need to lash out at a complete stranger by placing me in a false light to a judge.  Rick Lazzarini certainly fits the pscyh profile of such a person being a Hollywood special effects props man for horror flicks.  Lazzarini's clearly a creative artist prone to delusions and wild imagination such that he knew me after only reading a few things on my singing blog back in 2007.

I know one thing for sure, this person Rick Lazzarini was posing as Edmond Wollmann using his former email address because he had a documented conflict with him and then turned his frustrations in life against me as his victim.  He then used the strong political influence of Joe Hart who filed the Motion to Quash in San Diego Court to get away with his victimization of me as an innocent person.  In the end, Lazzarini worked with Edmond Wollmann to sabotage me as a complete stranger because he perceived I did something wrong to his majesty for responding negatively to his initial contacts.

Even in his first contact Mr. Lazzarini was deceptive in two ways, posing as a fan of my singing while taking on another's email address.  Mr. Lazzarini had been visiting S&M Sex writer Violet Blue's blog where he saw my name and email posted by another cyber stalker, then contacted me with false accusations he held me hostage with.

 Here are some of the things the person with did, having admitted a few of these in the Motion to Quash:

1.  Copied and uploaded my singing video replacing with cuckoo sounds.

2.  Copied and uploaded my father's appearance video on the Lawrence Welk Show, replacing sound with some perverted android voice lyrics singing about me as his daughter.  (Both videos were later removed at my request by YouTube for copyright violations.)

3.  Took my name over to the forums where Edmond Wollmann oversees on USENET where he defamed me in an obsessive manner to get the attention of Mr. Wollmann.

4.  Posted dozens of crazy obscene comments to my blog including referencing former actress Kristy McNichol who I had designed a fan website of in 2002.

5.  Unlawfully impersonated Edmond Wollmann using his former email address.  He mimicked his writing style and wrote on USNET forums to make me think he was Edmond Wollmann who later became involved in a defamatory blog about me.

It was clear the person who used didn't feel he had done anything wrong impersonating another, that he was justified by virtue of his being a man fighting against the perceived evil witches of society.  So why did Mr. Lazzarini's attorney Joe Hart completely overlook this fact of his client's unlawful identity theft and impersonation?  It was overlooked likely because the whole point was not allowing a woman to humiliate him with a victory of uncovering his identity. It was all about power and domination of me as a woman by two frustrated middle aged men who had cleverly entrapped me in their dispute.

What can be accurately deduced is Rick Lazzarini is a frustrated middle aged man who used to get media attention and awards whose business model has been ruined with the advent computer animation technology.  Mr. Lazzarini apparently has a lot of time on his hands as denoted on his Facebook page where he posts a lot of material.  My experience shows Mr. Lazzarini has a very twisted mindset from his years building creepy crawly things and aliens as stage props for horror films.

I had evidence Mr. Wollmann became involved in a defamatory blog full of hundreds of nasty posts including accusations I was a former felon and a forger. See Sample of Defamation.  Mr. Wollmann often wrote about me as if I was a criminal stalking him completely overlooking the fact someone initially impersonated him using his former email address. Mr. Wollmann included my former name Cheryl Behunin in headlines of his post as if I''m a criminal he needed to vet out.  Instead of being concerned with someone impersonating him, it became clear Mr. Wollmann and Mr. Lazzarini were both working together against me in the dispute as partners.  So, I was made the one to blame for it all and these two men used politics of self-importance to victimize me as an apparent powerless person against their evil devices.

Mystery of Person Using Solved

Clearly Rick Lazzarini was an unwell person who felt a need to lash out at me as a complete stranger. He did so in vicious cruel ways and then came out of it smelling like a rose using an entertainment attorney in Los Angeles, Joseph Hart.  Lazzarini ultimately worked with Mr. Wollmann to make me out to be the villain instead of taking responsibility for the fact he was impersonating him unlawfully.  I was given sanctions for my subpoena of and later Mr. Wollmann was greatly rewarded for the role he played as the innocent victim of a vicious woman's persecution of him.

When courts reward men for these kind of activities while punishing the female victim, it's nothing new.  These men all ganged up on me in a big way.  Judge Robert Longstreth, of San Diego Superior Court's East County Division, was the primary judge responsible for making Mr. Wollmann into an angel and unjustly persecuted person to the point of threatening me in court with "consequences" for my lawsuit. See My complaint to the Judicial Council.  Judge Longstreth had been appointed to the bench by an actor famous in Hollywood, Governor Schwarzenegger who acted in the film Terminator - Judgment Day.

All of these men involved in this lawsuit dispute have acted with an intent to damage me, including two judges who were involved in wanting to punish me severely for my merely wanting to defend myself from endless longstanding intense defamation and harassment that had gone on for years and continues to this day.  I conducted myself lawfully with even having had a deposition of Mr. Wollmann.  Mr. Wollmann's attorney didn't file any Summary Judgment to dismiss the lawsuit nor did he file a countersuit.

Mr. Wollmann already had a bad reputation due to his own on-line behavior and criminal acts of trespassing and public nuisance since the late 1990's.  It was clear that after I filed the lawsuit Mr. Wollmann began trying to get all the third party information and disclosure of his activities that's been on-line for years taken down so he could appear having been defamed by me.  See a Website Owner's Lawyer's Letter to Mr. Wollmann.  

In summary, this has clearly been an Illuminati based psy-op the court system corroborated with through Judge Robert Longstreth, who was appointed to the bench by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  See Anti-Semtic Judges Win in San Diego, Six More Years to Destroy Children & Families!  Strong elements of satanism, illusions and anonymity were prevalent throughout.  Lies became truth while truth became lies in a court of law.  Facts were twisted to suit the mindset of these men who believe reality is palpable based on their preferences.

In Closing - Just For The Record

Just for the record, my former name Cheryl Behunin was nothing unusual for a name change back in the 1990's.  My mother also had a legal name change to the last name Merrill in the 1980's after her divorce.  It comes from living in the Hollywood area and that my father's television stage name was Merrill.  So whenever Edmond Wollmann posts a reference to my former name Cheryl Behunin in his post headers, it just shows how he's stalking and harassing me.  Instead, Mr. Wollmann should be focused on Rick Lazzarini who caused the lawsuit dispute by impersonating him in such an unlawful manner.  It makes no sense Mr. Wollmann would blame me for someone impersonating him in such a malicious manner except that he was in approval being in on it for blackmail purposes.

I'm not a "fraud" Mr. Wollmann, I was a victim of your former dispute with Rick Lazzarini I had nothing to do with. You are both complete strangers and neither of you know me whatsoever.  When will you both leave me alone?  Why don't you work out whatever tensions you have with each other and not drag innocent women into your dispute over your ego struggles?

You've both chosen the wrong victim to entrap in your blackmail scheme because I have no assets. Gore in his blood indeed.  Leave me alone.

Rick Lazzarini's Horror - A Man Possessed By Satan - 3/11/14

A Blackmailing Mentally Ill Man's Blog 'About Cheryl Meril' - 9/19/2011

Thursday, March 22, 2012

PETA's Gone Mad With Latest Sadistic Sex Vegan Campaign

After the recent release of its vegan convert male violent abusive sex campaign, PETA's clearly demonstrated itself an animal charity organization seeking out the mentally insane, maladjusted and abnormal.

Millions of Americans are protesting and voting down PETA's recent videos depicting the advantages of males going vegan to allegedly enhance their sex lives.  The PETA videos below depict abused women claiming the sexual advantages of their boyfriends converting to veganism. PETA then offers a special web site to address special counseling for such men to avoid violent sadistic sex.  My question is, who are the male pigs behind this vain attempt at Onion-like satire? 

This video demonstrates how truly abnormal and absolutely insane PETA has become in the content of its materials.  It qualifies for being The Onion, it's that bad.  PETA is apparently being run by sadistic fascist males in need of straight jackets for their insane ideas.

Insane video by suggests violent sex is a good result from males converting to veganism - These people have completely lost it. 

A video released on February 9, 2012 has nearly 3 million views in the red for dislikes in the thousands.

The fact is PETA kills thousands of animals in its shelters each year with a 95% kill rate in 2011 of those it could have adopted. See  What a sick organization!  Please boycott.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Giving Your Landlady Thank You Gifts Is Like Feeding a White Shark Chum

It all makes sense now, that the modest thank you gifts I had given the landlady in Nob Hill San Francisco's Marianne Apartments over the years apparently didn't impress her one bit.  It turns out giving such gifts to an intensely desperate landlady, 71, is like putting chum in the water miles away for a great white shark.   Eventually the highly programmed beast will come for the goods and ultimate kill (attempted eviction).

On Valentine's Day when roach poison was scheduled to be planted in my apartment, I was robbed of $6,000 cash hidden behind a bookcase.  A few weeks later an unlawful eviction notice was placed on my door to "cure and quit". The accusations against me were lies.  My current rent is far below market rates at $1,088 vs. $1,788.  The rental community board's been notified of the unlawful eviction attempt in the interim.

Last year I dropped my keys on the street having to have the locks replaced for $700.   During the process of changing the locks and getting new keys, I thought it strange how aggressive this landlady was to get my 42 inch Sharp LCD TV moved out of my place. The landlady used the opportunity of my lost keys to sell my television to the locksmith. I had mentioned maybe wanting to sell the TV to recoup the cost of the keys, but wasn't that serious about it.  The landlady was extremely aggressive sending the locksmith to my apartment to take a look at my tv.  I ended up selling the tv for $500 but probably wouldn't have without the strong influences of the landlady.  

My modest gifts likely didn't impress the landlady who was like a great white shark miles away from the perceived chum I was putting in the water for her.  

The landlady's apparently been jealous of me for years having had more money then she does as a retiree of twenty years.  I had clearly underestimated the vile nature of this insidious scheming person. I understand now this landlady was clearly jealous of me, including my nice television I had purchased for $2,100 back in 2006.  Her propaganda she preached over the years of new age spiritualism was all designed to fool those tenants who she may have interest in stealing from as she did myself by plotting over long time frames. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these elderly ladies in this building are being targeted for theft if they're developing any denoted weaknesses such as Alzheimer's. 

This landlady holds grudges and gets angry when she perceives others to have crossed her.  Several years ago a group of tenants tried to get her removed but the building owners fought to keep her.  This landlady knows the police won't likely do anything about thefts she commits and will go so far as to even enter an apartment, as in my case, without the tenant's knowledge even when told not to do so. This landlady will smile in a tenant's face acting like a friend only to be plotting and scheming things for the long term for her own advantage.

One other piece of advice, never ever call up your landlady out of the blue after years living in your apartment to ask if your door locks are pickable.  It sets a little light bulb  to go on such as "what does she have in there she wants to protect?" kind of thing.

Watch out for women born in the late 30's and early to mid 1940s. From my experience there's something about these women from that time period that can't be trusted. These women all seem to have a strong sense of entitlement that they're so very special being above the law.

Landlady has lived on the property at Marianne Apartments 1245 California Street in San Francisco, CA 94109  since the early 1990's. The building owners, the famous Orbelian family, supports her 100% no matter what she does likely because she plays dirty to get long term tenants out such as myself whose rent at $1,088 is currently far below the market rates.

Landlady Nightmare - Large Theft After My Yelp Review -  March 13, 2012 

Monday, March 19, 2012

TSA Worker Performs Satanic Pedophile Ritual on 3 Year Old in Wheel Chair

This is an example of how Satanist pedophiles infiltrate people's boundaries to place their evil rituals into people's psyches. This three year old's being traumatized and will have this memory to deal with the rest of his life of being violated.  A curse was placed on this young child's life through this process.
The boy begins trembling and is clearly upset as the creepy TSA moron begins swabbing his cast, his hands and his wheelchair for explosives. The TSA goon then asks the father to lift up the boy’s shirt so he can swab his body too, offering to conduct this part of the harassment in a private room.
While the boy is being harassed, an old woman with a cane is also told to stand back and wait for an advanced pat down, with the TSA again proving themselves adept at being able to single out the most likely terrorists – nearly crippled senior citizens and toddlers with broken legs in wheelchairs. - 3 year old Boy In Wheelchair Harassed by TSA -
The TSA has yet to apprehend any terrorist in its history. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pope's Cologne Line Raises Eyebrows As Just Another Cover-up Of Something That . . .

I just heard from a client at a trust document signing that Pope Benedict now has his own custom-designed  Pope's Cologne.  I couldn't believe my ears, it sounded so Onionish, but when I got home I confirmed it was true.  Be afraid, very afraid. Things are getting scary out there when the Pope's selling his own cologne line.
"I realized that an essence like this had to have at its core something pure and clean, recalling the idea of peace," she said. "I thought of the smells the pope would smell when praying at the Grotto of Lourdes" and about "his love for music, animals, green Bavarian forests." - ABC

It's so typical of the Catholic mindset.  Cologne = covering up something that. . .stinks = child molestation

They could put some of this in their Catholic church holy water, they don't need to put it on the world market turning the Pope into some pop culture celebrity.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stuffing One's Face On-The-Go Has Severe Consequences For Future Digestive Problems

Many people are aware why they have to chew their food thoroughly prior to swallowing. If you don't chew your food well, and continually stuff your face swallowing quickly being under a time crunch at work, you will suffer for it in the future with digestive problems.  Our food is designed to be properly chewed and salivated prior to delivery to our stomachs. Such is why our ancesters created rituals over their meals to make eating a gradual enjoyable cultural event.

I can testify to the fact there are future consequences for not processing food well to the stomach.  Thanks to many years of stuffing my face full of free food at 20 minute break intervals on the night staff at law firms, I now have problems with my digestive system.  For these reasons, I'm in the process of shifting over to a liquid based diet along with light foods like fruits, salads and vitamin supplements.

These liquid foods make me feel energized because they place less burden on my digestive system.  I will be making organic Chia Seeds my staple dietary source in various liquid fruit and coconut/soy milk concoctions. I will snack on light fruit based granolas and eat fresh fruit and salads from here on out.

Chia Seeds As Superfood: Chia seeds are indeed a superfood. They have

2x the amount of protein of any grains

3x the amount of antioxidants of blueberries

5x more calcium than milk

2x the amount of potassium in a banana

3x the iron of spinach

Chia seeds are also loaded with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and have trace amounts of boron, which is an essential mineral to help transfer calcium to the bones. - Source:

My body can't handle the heavy pasta dishes anymore, nor heavily seasoned Indian based foods such as my favorite Chicken Tiki Masala.  I'm finding my body's changing dramatically in my 50's so I must reduce the intake of those foods that cause my digestive system irritation because it's not worth suffering over anymore.

I like the idea of drinking Chia Seed drinks because they're lite, beautiful and highly nutritious.  I'll have no problem with gaining any weight either when I implement this new liquid food system.

Last year at the California Marathon in Sacramento I was measuring runners' immune systems using a BioPhotonic scanner.  That's when I  learned those who eat lots of colorful fruits and vegetables retain a strong immune system to fight off colds and disease.  Our Nu Skin distributor team had been measuring the runners' carotenoid scores obtained from the palm of their hands. Those runners who were off the charts with great scores most all said they ate a lot of organic colorful fruits and leafy green vegetables. Therefore one doesn't need many expensive vitamin supplements if they simply eat the right kinds of foods, it's that simple.
I find I need vitamin supplements because my immune system scored way below the national average a while back.  A score of 22,000 is the U.S. national average. I've been able to improve my score from 17,000 to 37,000 in a few months with LifePak Nano vitamin supplements and G3, a GAC, a Chinese super-fruit juice concoction distributed by NuSkin.  The nano vitamins in particular are too expensive for me at $135/mo.  Rather then spend a ton of money on vitamins, I'd prefer to eat right now that I'm back on track with a stronger immune system. Besides, it's far more enjoyable to eat healthy meals then to swallow capsules.  
During my new liquid foods lifestyle I'll be supplementing my immune system with liquid Carnivora, which is extracted from the Venus Fly Trap, coupled with BioAstin, and GAC fruit (G3 distributed by NuSkin and Wolfberry juices (NingXia Red - Young Living).  I'll also be taking Vitality ageLOC by Pharmanex (distributed by NuSkin).  I also make my own supplements using a vita caps machine to encapsulate virgin coconut oil with a drop of essential oils I get from Young Living.  The oil solidifies so it doesn't leak out of the capsules.  Coconut oil has recently been documented to help prevent Alzheimer's disease.  I figure if my grandmother had Alzheimer's, I better be on my toes to prevent it.

I've been putting together ideas for a health site incorporating the best of many different sources providing outstanding health products.  I was planning on primarily being a NuSkin distributor, the company's doing very well overseas in Asia, not being that strong in the U.S. market.  It seems Americans are so overtaxed and underpaid with all our jobs shipped overseas we can't afford many high quality supplements.  Besides, it's far better to incorporate the best health products from different companies. I'm not the type of person to be loyal to any particular company. I've never, ever been loyal to any corporate entity, let alone a health company.  It's never going to happen that I find the company of my dreams to base my lifestyle on.

There are a lot of great health products out there. I think it would be fun to put together my choice of what I consider to be the best of the best.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Satanist Network In San Francisco Making Their Move To Kill Me Off

More than anything, I've enjoyed being a Notary Public and meeting many nice people in San Francisco. I've also enjoyed owning a business more than anything I've ever done in my life, including singing.  I love what I do and am diligent to protect my notary journals from theft and from identity thieves.  I therefore want to be home when strangers enter my apartment, but apparently that's a violation worthy of eviction.

I am notifying the public of the intent to make me destitute and homeless by a network of Satanists I've mentioned throughout this blog that include astrologer and building manager Edmond Wollmann, special effects horror film guru Rick Lazzirini anti-Semitic and atheist Judge Robert Longstreth of San Diego and now Helen Orbelian Burns of Orbelian Properties along with the landlady who lives on the premises of Marianne Apartments in San Francisco.  All of these people have worked together for an outcome to steal my former wealth from me to make me destitute.

When I moved into my apartment in San Francisco back in 2003, the landlady solicited for and did my astrology birth chart for a $125 fee. I was shocked to find she provided three audio tapes full of intensely detailed psychic readings of my life indicating she was a Satanist.  Ever since I've lived in this building, I've felt continual pressure to read new age spiritual based books the landlady recommends and to share and allow her to be a spiritual teacher of my life.  This landlady likely believes she has spiritual dominion over my life and that I must allow myself to be dominated by her in some way. In other words, this landlady thinks she owns me with doing my astrological chart and that I am hers to do with as she so pleases.

Shortly after I filed police report of  $6,000 missing from my apartment, the landlady at 1245 California Street in San Francisco has begun the eviction process of me by falsely claiming I refused her entry into my apartment.  She also claims I'm unruly towards her.  I've been asked to "cure" these false accusations or the eviction process will continue.  These people view me as politically weak and are hoping other Satanists in the court system will work with them to evict me unlawfully.

If I lose my life because of these people, anyone interested on what caused the outcome can read through this blog to see how these Satanists establish networks and create illusions of their victim to get to their money. They wanted into my apartment when I wasn't home to search for money and to rob me.  The began by giving less than 24 hour notice to see what they could get away with. They later entered without my knowledge and the money is gone.  After they robbed me, they now want to evict me so they can get higher rent since it's a rent control area with a 1.9% rent increase this year. Is that not an extremely dark and evil thing to do to someone?

This is a Satanist network of professionals that lies, fabricates and manipulates in order to obtain dominion over their targeted victims. They're like lifeless machines programmed to murder, destroy and take others wealth away. I was robbed of part of my life savings and when I reported it to the police, the eviction process began.  They want to trash me like I'm nothing, to rob, steal, take all of my money and then evict me over lies and fabrications.  To them I have no rights, no voice and they would love to see me homeless and destitute suffering in the streets as if I've been some spoiled princess the 71 year old landlady's been slaving for on this property.

These people are angry I'm a Notary Public with a respectful profession with my own business. I've even been accused of conducting business on the property!  I never bring anyone hardly ever into my apartment. Please note if I'm found dead, these people all worked together to make it happen.  I value my life enough to stand up to these people and will continue to do so to the very end.  I belong to the REAL God Jesus Christ and became baptized in the holy spirit back in 1986 and Satan's evil can't touch my soul whatsoever.

Information on Orbelian Family That Owns 1245 California Street, San Francisco

Shame on the very wealthy Orbelian family in San Francisco for this activity. I was very proud to be a tenant in their building and had a great deal of respect for their success.  I'm sure the late Harry Orbelian would be ashamed of what his musical Russian family's currently doing to a former violist who played with many fine youth orchestras and some of today's top string players. (See my former article Darius Campo One of the World's Most Recorded Musicians) Their family name is so close to "Orwellian" I've been referring to throughout this blog, it's downright spooky.  When a more extensive sophisticated camera system was installed on this property, the landlady began spying on tenants and knows whenever I leave my property.

Harry Orbelian Set Up Gorbachev's S.F. Trip - SFGate  March 28, 2006

To Russia with Love - CBS News - February 9, 2011

Info on Constantine Orbelian (blogger note, so glad Constantine had a sunny happy childhood, would appreciate it if his family would stop robbing and trying to kill me off with unlawful evictions!)

Info on George Orbelian (who has worked closely with my landlady)

Notary Publics are a rare and dying breed, our numbers have dropped in the hundreds of thousands in California over the past few years.  I'm a native Californian of 52 years originally from Southern California whose life story's currently being documented on my Facebook timeline.

Also see my former recent posts leading up to this "cure or quit" first stage of the  eviction process:

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Extract's Eternal Bliss

I recently contacted Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Inc. about having two tablespoons left of their vanilla extract from my days of working at Williams-Sonoma Corporate in 1997.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive a response email from Mr. Nielsen, the Chief Operating Officer at the company who wrote the following kind message:

Thank you for your email and for your support of our products. Thank you also for the offer but we have tested our products extensively for both shelf life and the effects of aging. Our Pure Vanilla Extracts do not have a shelf life and actually continue to develop flavor and mellow just as a fine wine or liquor would. In fact, when we take vanilla home, we actually look for and take the oldest product available from our years of retained samples.
I would be curious to see the condition of the bottle though. We have not a done a good job of keeping older designs of our products, so that may be of interest. Any chance you could take a photograph and send it to me? If it is in a good condition I would be happy to have you send it to me and we would compensate with a new bottle. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Matt Nielsen, COO

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

I forwarded photos of the bottle hoping it's good enough for the cut. I love vanilla, it's one of my favorite flavors and I also use it in my aromatherapy regimen as well mixing it with other scents like coconut and lavender. One of my vanilla incense viles is at least 20 years old since  I tend to hold onto certain things a while.

I'll make sure to keep this aged vanilla extract well hidden from the evil landlady of my building who recently stole what would be equivalent to probably 1,000 bottles of this extract in the form of cash. I don't know what this extract sells for, but if it's $6.00 a bottle, then 1,000 bottles are what I could have bought what that stolen cash from my apartment.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Large Theft @ 1245 California Street San Francisco 94109

I'm documenting a large cash theft of $6,000 that I had withdrawn from an IRA distribution in early 2011 in case of economic or bank collapse.  I hid it in what I believed to be a safe place taped behind my bookcase.  Prior to this, I made sure the locks in my unit were non-pickable that must have peaked the landlady's attention a bit when I called to ask about them.

The video below shows the documented 1099 form for tax year 2011.  I had the money wired to my bank account where it was withdrawn to be hidden in my home for safe keeping.  The video also shows the beneficiary I placed on the IRA is none other than the landlady along with the ASPCA.

I sent three letters requesting the landlady not enter my unit without my being there. I am also required by California State law to secure certain items.  Prior to this I had never had any issues with the landlady entering when I wasn't there, so my letters must have really brought great interest to what was in my apartment. As previously disclosed in my other posts, I had a nightmare that caused me great fear of a future theft in my apartment I purchased a motion detector alarm for that was never activated. See

Sorry the vid's vertical, I don't know why my iPhone shot it that way.

I'm also posting this for other tenants to be aware of possible unlawful entry.  It seems the landlady likes tenants to be off the property during the day based on her complaint to me.  Why would a landlady have a problem with that?  I've noticed other things missing, including the control to the motion detector alarm, that was in a plastic bag along with the manual. These things are missing along with some small utensil from my kitchen.

The behavior of this landlady since I reported the theft has been very strange.  My follow-up is on an audio vlog here.  I'm sorry but in spite of her age, I can't have compassion for someone I've given gifts to over the years who seems to feel entitled to my money.  I tried to put myself in her shoes and if someone sent me those warning letters not to enter another's unit, I would certainly have tried to work out a time when the tenant could be there, or at the very least let her know why I'd have to enter the apartment regardless.

I'm just thinking about how some of these elderly ladies feel so much entitlement. Free rent for 20 years, free comcast and utilities!  The social security check's apparently not enough leaving tenants like me to be some form of retirement plan.

Why I'm Likely A Future Murder Victim of a Satanic Network of Professionals - 3/9/12

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