Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Giving Your Landlady Thank You Gifts Is Like Feeding a White Shark Chum

It all makes sense now, that the modest thank you gifts I had given the landlady in Nob Hill San Francisco's Marianne Apartments over the years apparently didn't impress her one bit.  It turns out giving such gifts to an intensely desperate landlady, 71, is like putting chum in the water miles away for a great white shark.   Eventually the highly programmed beast will come for the goods and ultimate kill (attempted eviction).

On Valentine's Day when roach poison was scheduled to be planted in my apartment, I was robbed of $6,000 cash hidden behind a bookcase.  A few weeks later an unlawful eviction notice was placed on my door to "cure and quit". The accusations against me were lies.  My current rent is far below market rates at $1,088 vs. $1,788.  The rental community board's been notified of the unlawful eviction attempt in the interim.

Last year I dropped my keys on the street having to have the locks replaced for $700.   During the process of changing the locks and getting new keys, I thought it strange how aggressive this landlady was to get my 42 inch Sharp LCD TV moved out of my place. The landlady used the opportunity of my lost keys to sell my television to the locksmith. I had mentioned maybe wanting to sell the TV to recoup the cost of the keys, but wasn't that serious about it.  The landlady was extremely aggressive sending the locksmith to my apartment to take a look at my tv.  I ended up selling the tv for $500 but probably wouldn't have without the strong influences of the landlady.  

My modest gifts likely didn't impress the landlady who was like a great white shark miles away from the perceived chum I was putting in the water for her.  

The landlady's apparently been jealous of me for years having had more money then she does as a retiree of twenty years.  I had clearly underestimated the vile nature of this insidious scheming person. I understand now this landlady was clearly jealous of me, including my nice television I had purchased for $2,100 back in 2006.  Her propaganda she preached over the years of new age spiritualism was all designed to fool those tenants who she may have interest in stealing from as she did myself by plotting over long time frames. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these elderly ladies in this building are being targeted for theft if they're developing any denoted weaknesses such as Alzheimer's. 

This landlady holds grudges and gets angry when she perceives others to have crossed her.  Several years ago a group of tenants tried to get her removed but the building owners fought to keep her.  This landlady knows the police won't likely do anything about thefts she commits and will go so far as to even enter an apartment, as in my case, without the tenant's knowledge even when told not to do so. This landlady will smile in a tenant's face acting like a friend only to be plotting and scheming things for the long term for her own advantage.

One other piece of advice, never ever call up your landlady out of the blue after years living in your apartment to ask if your door locks are pickable.  It sets a little light bulb  to go on such as "what does she have in there she wants to protect?" kind of thing.

Watch out for women born in the late 30's and early to mid 1940s. From my experience there's something about these women from that time period that can't be trusted. These women all seem to have a strong sense of entitlement that they're so very special being above the law.

Landlady has lived on the property at Marianne Apartments 1245 California Street in San Francisco, CA 94109  since the early 1990's. The building owners, the famous Orbelian family, supports her 100% no matter what she does likely because she plays dirty to get long term tenants out such as myself whose rent at $1,088 is currently far below the market rates.

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