Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Met Ann Coulter Today in San Francisco Wearing Fur Coat, Refusing To Speak

Today around 2:20 p.m. I was walking across the street in Nob Hill towards the Top of the Mark Hotel  and saw an unusual site, a blond woman wearing sun glasses with a long fur coat standing alone waiting to cross the street at Mason and California Streets.

The sight of a woman in a long fur coat struck me as being highly politically incorrect for San Francisco to the point I wanted to crack a joke so I asked the woman "Is that real fur?"  The lady ignored me and didn't respond.  I  thought, how strange, she has no sense of humor as most tourists have.  I then took a second look as she acted all movie starrish looking past me down the street as if I didn't exist. It then dawned on me this lady looked a lot like Ann Coulter.  I then said matter of factly,  "You look like Ann Coulter".  Again, there was no response as she continued to pretend like I didn't exist.  At this point I thought she was likely Ann so I said "Hi Ann, I have a blog article up about you at"  Again, no response as the light changed. I decided, whoa, this lady's very serious and doesn't want to be messed with.  I then walked out in front of her in the cross walk and didn't look back.

I went home to check if Ann was possibly doing a book promotion signing in San Francisco. I saw she didn't have anything scheduled until April for San Diego.   I've been able to confirm Ann Coulter wears fur coats.  Here's a story of Ann apparently incognito, Furry Flying Freak: Is That You, Ann Coulter?.

This person was likely Ann Coulter because she was alone being extremely serious and nervous not wanting to be messed with.  No one is ever non responsive and I figure she didn't want me to identify her with her voice.  Ann Coulter's in San Francisco and apparently staying in the Nob Hill area, either Top of the Mark or the Fairmont Hotel.  I should have snapped a photo but she was so serious I didn't want to bother her anymore.   I got the impression Ann Coulter's an unhappy person who lacks a sense of humor with the public.

Lastly, I didn't see any evidence in my brief interlude with Ann that she was once a man (see my former post The Case for Ann Coulter Being a Man) , she looked very femalish and was apparently using good products on her face for youthful elasticity.

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