Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is Linda Hubbell A Lesbian Notary Stalking Me? Also, Crazy Drunk Last Night Asks For Gun in San Francisco

The crazies have been coming out of the woodwork lately due to the deterioration of American culture. The pending fall of America is causing a lot of turmoil. For instance, last night outside my window a few stories down, I heard some loud violent activity and ran to the window to find some crazy businessman was laying flat on his back where someone pinned him down. His lady was yelling "get off of him!"  I came back with a camera to record his screaming "get me a gun" and "I'm going to kill you!"

A drunk San Francisco businessman screams for gun that he's going to kill someone in a nice upscale San Francisco neighborhood.

Then I've got yet another cyber stalker, this time a female who continually reveals her predatory nature of me on forums, Linda Hubbell of Gainsville Florida.  After 30 years as a notary public, Linda feels so confident in herself as a notary that she doesn't bother to identify her name in her site's about section.  Linda's apparently too busy out monitoring and stalking notaries like me to make sure we don't stand up for ourselves in abusive situations by certain rogue agencies such as Flex Closing Corp.  My experience with Flex has been recorded in the video below that Ms. Hubbell apparently has a problem with.  Perhaps Ms. Hubbell would do well addressing her own local community and stop attempting to control those from another galaxy so to speak. 

Flex Closing Corp's web site problems

From all the predatory stalking of me on notary forums, I question if Linda Hubbell's a lesbian seeking domination over women she can't do in real life.  I received no response to my question as of yet which I interpret to be a "yes". Ms. Hubbell, I'm not interested, you can keep your telescope focused on your own neighborhood from here on out.