Thursday, March 1, 2012

I've Removed Landlady From My Last Will & Testament After Theft of $6,000 From My Apartment

Several months ago I really couldn't understand what was prompting me to do things such as surf the Internet for security cameras and actually purchase a security alarm system, but it turns out there was good reason.

It's such a shame how we sometimes don't take action based on our strong intuition. The fact of the matter was though, prior to a theft of $6,000 in my unit on Valentine's Day, I had actually purchased a security alarm system a few months ago.  I wanted to activate the system but failed to do so because I later learned I would have had to give the building manager one of the wireless controllers to be able to turn it off.  One can't go around having exorbitant security alarm systems in their apartments without providing a means for property management to turn it off should they enter for emergencies.

So I had a motion detector alarm system I never activated in my apartment prior to a theft because those I suspected of wanting to commit a crime would have the wireless controller to turn it off anyway.  (Photo at left) I'm now opting to purchase a motion detector security camera system which is what I should have done in the first place.  They can't prevent you from having a motion detector security camera in your apartment that can transfer footage to the Internet for viewing each day.  

First and foremost, one has to use common sense to deal with potential threats to their unattended property. In my case I knew there was something fishy from the get go about the building manager who espoused a lot of new age spirituality propaganda to make me believe she would never do such a thing she eventually was involved in.  Satanists often use this new age propaganda to create illusions of themselves to their victims to try to get them brainwashed and dependent on them for their manipulation.  Interlaced in the landlady's propaganda was a strong influence of socialism and a desire for commune style living, much like a senior home community.

Story Leading Up to Large Theft from My Apartment

There's a 71 year old retired law office worker whose been managing a residential building since 1992 where I've lived since 2003.  She has no job and hasn't worked for many years, so she's on social security and likely running low on funds.  She's not at all involved in the local community from what I've ascertained in that she's living in a small world dependent on the building to sustain her lifestyle.  These are exactly the kind of people not to trust in overseeing tenants' property in their apparently having a lot of fear for their future coupled with no income. They have health issues and medical bills.  They may resent having to serve tenants in the capacity of feeling like a slave in certain respects, especially if they're women.  Yet, they have free rent, free Comcast and live in a wonderful area they take for granted.  They spy on tenants with multiple security cameras knowing their coming and goings. They may also be deluded about their role as building managers, especially if they spend time reading new age based spiritual propaganda. 

After I moved in, astrological services were mentioned to me I felt pressured to obtain I paid $125 for. The landlady had been intimidating making me believe she had evicted someone for slamming cabinet doors late at night, that she had a lot of power. I later researched to learn it was a failed eviction but the tenant later moved anyway probably scared out of her wits for her life.  After services were rendered, I was later accused of mocking her painstaking efforts to put her astrological reading work on multiple tape recordings. After she delivered the tapes, I shared with her I had a coworker listen to them, causing her paranoia to kick in. She immediately assumed I had a coworker listen to them to mock her. She even brought up the incident years later.  Oh oh, did I cross a Satanist?  This landlady apparently holds grudges for many years for imaginary offenses.

Years later I would know the truth of what all the spiritual propaganda was about.  Due to intense multiple notices taped to my door, including anonymous notes and odd accusations,  I forewarned the landlady not to enter my unit without my being present.  I have things that need to be secured by law in my apartment.  She entered anyway and $6,000 disappeared.  I figure she must really be desperate for money as many of the elderly are.  Is it my fault the money got stolen?  I don't think so, not if I gave written forewarning not to enter my unit without my being present and reasons why. There were at least three letters forewarning not to enter my unit without arrangement for my being there. 

They Had Initially Wanted Me To Assist with the Elderly Ladies In Our Building

It's interesting to note that when I moved in I was also asked to assist a very elderly woman on my floor to purchase occasional needed items at the grocery store for her. I offered to do so but found the lady was so far gone mentally, she was bossing me around expecting me to do things immediately for her. She was so old I could barely understand her.  I understand this lady was so senile she was crapping all over her apartment for years that when she was finally moved out due to incapacity the place was an absolute health hazard to enter.  The lady was moved to a hospice where she died a year later. The point of my sharing this is to demonstrate how I was being used from the get go in this building for the landlady's purpose and agenda to facilitate a commune style type of living.

Now that I'm not serving any purpose for the building manager, there's theft, there's crazy notes taped and anonymous notes slid under my door, false accusations of my conducting business on the property, etc.  I cut her off from manipulating me any further and she feels powerless.  I guess I understand now why I had somehow placed the building manager as one of my beneficiaries in my Last Will & Testament.  I really appreciated being accepted as a tenant in this building, but see what it's really all about now.  I've since prepared to amend the outdated Will in view of being aware how I've been manipulated as such.  Besides, I haven't much money left anyway.  That was my emergency fund you stole lady!   

I guess it was determined by her highness I shouldn't be allowed any emergency fund that the money was needed elsewhere, that there are no boundaries because we are all one living unit in this building.  In socialist America the laws are determined by those who have fallen into insanity.

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