Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Landlady Nightmare - Large Theft After My Yelp Review

On December 11, 2011, I posted this Yelp Review and within approximately one month, $6,000 cash is missing from my apartment.  Even after my letters stating she did not have permission to enter my property without my being there, she entered.  I actually didn't believe anyone entered my apartment until the day I did my taxes and checked the envelope that was taped behind my bookcase to discover the theft.

My 2011 distribution was wired to my bank, then withdrawn to be hidden in my apartment in case of a bank freeze or economic collapse. The money was taped to the back of my bookcase, and a small piece of the envelope was likely seen upon entry of my apartment.

Rents have skyrocketed in San Francisco and I moved in back in 2003 when the market was at its lowest. I paid $990 without the rent being raised for three years.  The rent was then retroactively raised and each year thereafter. I am now paying $1,088 a month.  The units are currently being rented at $1788/mo.  The landlady likely believes I've been saving money renting their unit and that my complaints about her activities make such a theft well earned that I really have been saving money living on this property. That's not how it works though.

Do we want a precedent where landladys feel empowered to enter apartments unlawfully to seek revenge and back rent payments for what they believe was underpaid rent?  Is that the kind of society we want where someone can enter your apartment at-will without any consequences, to steal money and intimidate tenants with reckless maintenance people who think nothing of knocking over people's property?

The landlady at 1245 California Street in San Francisco is 71 years old who has enjoyed 20 years of free rent and utilities. She's lived off her retirement severance and 401K retirement plan after leaving the now defunct Brobeck law firm in the 1990's.  She also lives off social security and enjoys free Comcast. She admits to smoking pot in her unit as well.  Yet she somehow feels justified to steal from me after my Yelp Review as a rent payer. Regardless of low rent, that doesn't give anyone a right to come in and steal your property to force you to move.

Click to enlarge - evidence I had landlady as a 50% beneficiary on my IRA account in 2011 to thank her for patronage as building manager.

I felt this landlady's dirty demonic spirit wanting to enter my apartment and issued three letters.  I could feel how evil this lady was, angry I complained about her on Yelp.  She's evil and I want people to know I had placed her as a beneficiary on my Fidelity IRA account in an act of good will towards her. Her arrangement of planting poison on Valentine's day in my unit was a witchcraft ritual.

This landlady's  evil and people should be aware what she's capable of, entering people's properties feeling she can get away with it because she's above the law.  This landlady's made it clear she doesn't like tenants being in their units during the day, likely so she can enter apartments at-will and focus on anyone she doesn't like who she wants to move.

This lady needs help into a senior living community instead of robbing from tenants on this property. She's vicious and capable of great cruelty.  Twenty years of free rent has gone to her head, she's not a goddess of this building.

My audio vlog follow-up for this post is here.