Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Michigan Gov't In Bed With Pork Association Prepares Mass Murder of Livestock

It's well documented serial murderers usually begin with animals. The same can be said with the State of Michigan's government that's preparing to commit mass murder of livestock, declaring open-range pigs as an illegal "invasive species".  I'm not kidding, the crazy Michigan government under its Department of Natural Resources (DNR) issued an Invasive Species Order (ISO) and intends on coming onto ranches across the state, profiling pigs based on the color of their hair, slaughtering them en masse and to then imprison the farmers unde felonies for each pig.

The insanity of the authorities in Michigan is being well documented.  This is really an incremental bullying plan government has to come kill human beings one day just like Nazi Germany.

These fascist corporate owned state governments will start with animals and then work up the food chain to humans.  Better stand up to them now! This is what happens when corporations pay off government officials to carry out Mafia like operations.  If Michigan gets away with this, other states will follow.

Cindi Balnius Doyal · Sedalia, Missouri
This is truly insane. Wonder what's next? Cattle with black fur? Chickens with white feathers? Surely the money wasted on this could be better spent on things like controlling zebra mussels or gypsy moths. WTG, MI. Finish off your dying economy.

Karen Foreman-Brown · 
mind blowing! what is the US coming to?

Robert Dungan ·  Top Commenter · Royersford, Pennsylvania
How in the hell has Michigan arrived at such a state of authoritarian insanity? Wake up Americans. This is evil. Turn your Hearts to Christ. Today is the Day Of Salvation. True Christians know that things like what is happening in Michigan are part of Scriptural Prophecy regarding Anti-Christian, Anti-Human acts by the servants of hell. Receive Christ now. Pray for His speedy return. God Bless us all. Amen.

First they killed all the cute little pigs based on hair color.  Next they will come for the humans.

Insane Michigan Government Announces Plan To Destroy Ranch Livestock Based On Hair Color and Arrest Hundreds of Ranchers as Felons - Natural News.com