Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Dream Forewarning Of Enormous Theft Scared The Hell Out Of Me

The theft of my $6,000 emergency cash fund from my apartment in San Francisco I recently posted about really began when I had a premonition nightmare of having been  seriously robbed to the point of great devastation.  It was one of those dreams one can't ignore because it seemed so real.  When I woke up from the nightmare five or six months ago, I felt such a sense of fear and panic that I took immediate action.

The foreboding dream had perhaps been given as a gift from God to let me know to take precautions to prevent the theft.  Unfortunately, my actions that followed weren't at all effective to circumvent the future event. My video explores reasons why my immediate actions were ineffective for others with similar experiences to perhaps learn from.

After the nightmare, the psychological devices I chose as a means of immediate comfort were ineffective in preventing the theft.

I'm posting this so others might learn how to pay attention to premonitions. I'm also posting in order to let interested parties know what likely will happen to me in the future.  Not that I think I'm any significant person, it's just that I have psychic abilities and want to document what I'm experiencing in terms of the criminal intent of perpetrators.  I believe a decision was made that my life is to end in the near future. I don't know what will take place to make this happen, but I recently felt a profound sense of sadness over my future untimely death someone had determined would take place.  I had a dream I'll never forget a while back of being suffocated to death in a conference room that seemed very real. I was drooling and the man was strangling me from behind as a woman watched.  I believe that dream was also likely a premonition.

Unfortunately, I believe thus far that I've fallen victim to a network of Satanists who believe they can do whatever they wish and that my life's not up to me. These viral Satanists have been well documented on this blog the past few years including astrologer and La Jolla building manager Edmond Wollmann, horror film special effects guru Rick Lazzarini, San Diego's Judge Robert Longstreth, and, as I've since recently confirmed, an astrologer landlady I've had the past 9 years.

The nature of spiritual warfare against the dark world of demons requires more than what I did in the theft situation, plain and simple.  I first sought immediate psychological comfort that the dream premonition wouldn't take place thanks to the alarm system. I then questioned whether I had overreacted to the dream. As the months passed, I let my guard down believing I had been silly.

If one has a premonition dream the most important thing to know is not to put a time frame on when you believe the event will happen. Do not assume it will occur immediately thereafter or even in the near future.  Never let your guard down and don't question the authenticity of such a dream.

I'm a natural psychically gifted person who picks up on people's thoughts unintentionally  at times. I often know a few days before when a client will call. It happens all the time that a client passes my mind and then calls me within a few days.  In view of this inclination, I picked up on my landlady's thoughts shortly prior to the theft and knew she wanted to do a dirty deed against me. I felt a dark, evil spirit of rape (theft) and death (poison) were involved.  I issued warning letters I thought were enough to prevent her, but obviously she knew something I wouldn't admit to myself, that the police wouldn't give a flying rats ass about the theft.

I had given the landlady a large can full of organic non-GMO vegetable seeds and Christmas gifts over the years. Go figure how evil one would have to be to steal a ton of cash out of such a tenant's apartment under the circumstances.  The moral of the story? Try not to get involved with the building manager of your apartment complex if you can help it.

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