Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Extract's Eternal Bliss

I recently contacted Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Inc. about having two tablespoons left of their vanilla extract from my days of working at Williams-Sonoma Corporate in 1997.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive a response email from Mr. Nielsen, the Chief Operating Officer at the company who wrote the following kind message:

Thank you for your email and for your support of our products. Thank you also for the offer but we have tested our products extensively for both shelf life and the effects of aging. Our Pure Vanilla Extracts do not have a shelf life and actually continue to develop flavor and mellow just as a fine wine or liquor would. In fact, when we take vanilla home, we actually look for and take the oldest product available from our years of retained samples.
I would be curious to see the condition of the bottle though. We have not a done a good job of keeping older designs of our products, so that may be of interest. Any chance you could take a photograph and send it to me? If it is in a good condition I would be happy to have you send it to me and we would compensate with a new bottle. Thank you!

Best Regards,
Matt Nielsen, COO

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

I forwarded photos of the bottle hoping it's good enough for the cut. I love vanilla, it's one of my favorite flavors and I also use it in my aromatherapy regimen as well mixing it with other scents like coconut and lavender. One of my vanilla incense viles is at least 20 years old since  I tend to hold onto certain things a while.

I'll make sure to keep this aged vanilla extract well hidden from the evil landlady of my building who recently stole what would be equivalent to probably 1,000 bottles of this extract in the form of cash. I don't know what this extract sells for, but if it's $6.00 a bottle, then 1,000 bottles are what I could have bought what that stolen cash from my apartment.