Friday, March 16, 2012

Satanist Network In San Francisco Making Their Move To Kill Me Off

More than anything, I've enjoyed being a Notary Public and meeting many nice people in San Francisco. I've also enjoyed owning a business more than anything I've ever done in my life, including singing.  I love what I do and am diligent to protect my notary journals from theft and from identity thieves.  I therefore want to be home when strangers enter my apartment, but apparently that's a violation worthy of eviction.

I am notifying the public of the intent to make me destitute and homeless by a network of Satanists I've mentioned throughout this blog that include astrologer and building manager Edmond Wollmann, special effects horror film guru Rick Lazzirini anti-Semitic and atheist Judge Robert Longstreth of San Diego and now Helen Orbelian Burns of Orbelian Properties along with the landlady who lives on the premises of Marianne Apartments in San Francisco.  All of these people have worked together for an outcome to steal my former wealth from me to make me destitute.

When I moved into my apartment in San Francisco back in 2003, the landlady solicited for and did my astrology birth chart for a $125 fee. I was shocked to find she provided three audio tapes full of intensely detailed psychic readings of my life indicating she was a Satanist.  Ever since I've lived in this building, I've felt continual pressure to read new age spiritual based books the landlady recommends and to share and allow her to be a spiritual teacher of my life.  This landlady likely believes she has spiritual dominion over my life and that I must allow myself to be dominated by her in some way. In other words, this landlady thinks she owns me with doing my astrological chart and that I am hers to do with as she so pleases.

Shortly after I filed police report of  $6,000 missing from my apartment, the landlady at 1245 California Street in San Francisco has begun the eviction process of me by falsely claiming I refused her entry into my apartment.  She also claims I'm unruly towards her.  I've been asked to "cure" these false accusations or the eviction process will continue.  These people view me as politically weak and are hoping other Satanists in the court system will work with them to evict me unlawfully.

If I lose my life because of these people, anyone interested on what caused the outcome can read through this blog to see how these Satanists establish networks and create illusions of their victim to get to their money. They wanted into my apartment when I wasn't home to search for money and to rob me.  The began by giving less than 24 hour notice to see what they could get away with. They later entered without my knowledge and the money is gone.  After they robbed me, they now want to evict me so they can get higher rent since it's a rent control area with a 1.9% rent increase this year. Is that not an extremely dark and evil thing to do to someone?

This is a Satanist network of professionals that lies, fabricates and manipulates in order to obtain dominion over their targeted victims. They're like lifeless machines programmed to murder, destroy and take others wealth away. I was robbed of part of my life savings and when I reported it to the police, the eviction process began.  They want to trash me like I'm nothing, to rob, steal, take all of my money and then evict me over lies and fabrications.  To them I have no rights, no voice and they would love to see me homeless and destitute suffering in the streets as if I've been some spoiled princess the 71 year old landlady's been slaving for on this property.

These people are angry I'm a Notary Public with a respectful profession with my own business. I've even been accused of conducting business on the property!  I never bring anyone hardly ever into my apartment. Please note if I'm found dead, these people all worked together to make it happen.  I value my life enough to stand up to these people and will continue to do so to the very end.  I belong to the REAL God Jesus Christ and became baptized in the holy spirit back in 1986 and Satan's evil can't touch my soul whatsoever.

Information on Orbelian Family That Owns 1245 California Street, San Francisco

Shame on the very wealthy Orbelian family in San Francisco for this activity. I was very proud to be a tenant in their building and had a great deal of respect for their success.  I'm sure the late Harry Orbelian would be ashamed of what his musical Russian family's currently doing to a former violist who played with many fine youth orchestras and some of today's top string players. (See my former article Darius Campo One of the World's Most Recorded Musicians) Their family name is so close to "Orwellian" I've been referring to throughout this blog, it's downright spooky.  When a more extensive sophisticated camera system was installed on this property, the landlady began spying on tenants and knows whenever I leave my property.

Harry Orbelian Set Up Gorbachev's S.F. Trip - SFGate  March 28, 2006

To Russia with Love - CBS News - February 9, 2011

Info on Constantine Orbelian (blogger note, so glad Constantine had a sunny happy childhood, would appreciate it if his family would stop robbing and trying to kill me off with unlawful evictions!)

Info on George Orbelian (who has worked closely with my landlady)

Notary Publics are a rare and dying breed, our numbers have dropped in the hundreds of thousands in California over the past few years.  I'm a native Californian of 52 years originally from Southern California whose life story's currently being documented on my Facebook timeline.

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