Monday, March 19, 2012

TSA Worker Performs Satanic Pedophile Ritual on 3 Year Old in Wheel Chair

This is an example of how Satanist pedophiles infiltrate people's boundaries to place their evil rituals into people's psyches. This three year old's being traumatized and will have this memory to deal with the rest of his life of being violated.  A curse was placed on this young child's life through this process.
The boy begins trembling and is clearly upset as the creepy TSA moron begins swabbing his cast, his hands and his wheelchair for explosives. The TSA goon then asks the father to lift up the boy’s shirt so he can swab his body too, offering to conduct this part of the harassment in a private room.
While the boy is being harassed, an old woman with a cane is also told to stand back and wait for an advanced pat down, with the TSA again proving themselves adept at being able to single out the most likely terrorists – nearly crippled senior citizens and toddlers with broken legs in wheelchairs. - 3 year old Boy In Wheelchair Harassed by TSA -
The TSA has yet to apprehend any terrorist in its history.