Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why Do Frugal People Get Robbed More Than Others?

In view of the recent theft of $6,000 cash emergency funds out of my apartment I recently posted about, I wanted to review a few things so people might be able to understand the nature of the person who they stole from. Here are a few facts about me:

1. I was homeless in 1984-86 1.5 years, as a broke student in Los Angeles.

2. I have never been to Europe or taken any significant vacation in my life. I've never been on a cruise and haven't owned a car since 1986.

3.  I put 60,000 miles on one Honda 49cc scooter in the 1990's in Los Angeles.

4.  I have always lived conservatively and kept certain items for decades I like that I still I wear or use to this day.

For instance:

They sure don't make em like they used to!  I bought this The Limited cotton shirt back in 1992 at Del Amo mall in Torrance, California. I wore it while performing 206 hours of community service on the beach during the summer for a reckless driving on a motor scooter ticket.  I still wear it as a casual shirt during the winter months when I wake up for a cup of coffee.  I've managed to keep it stain free and it's held up very well with the color never fading from the sun or anything else.  It's still a deep purple unfaded shirt that's very soft.

My Hugo Max watch I got for $50 at Macy's in Del Amo Fashion Mall in Torrance California back in 1993.  I still wear it in 2012 although haven't always worn this particular watch.  The other watch is a Cheval that I got along with it.  I still have that one as well but don't wear it much anymore.

I've had these boots since 1997 and still wear them today. I've had to have a little work done on them of course. 

I don't like to buy new stuff so I make things I like last a long time. I've found you have to pay a ton of money these days for good quality made clothes, or find good sales. Even to this day I don't like wearing a lot of different clothes preferring to wear variations of the same kind of clothing.  Over the years I've donated many bags of nice clothing through law firms.

I recently finished up the sea salt flakes sample box I got from working in the food department at Williams-Sonoma corporate back in 1997.  It was used mostly for my pasta water.  When I finally used up the small 8 oz box, it had aged by 15 years!  My how time flies.  I also still have the Nielson-Massey Vanilla Bean Extract I purchased at a Williams-Sonoma store in 1997, but it's nearly gone now. If anyone would like the rest of this aged extract that gets better with time, please let me know by making an offer.  I don't bake much anymore being on a diet.

Free Rent For Decades, Comcast - Whose The Spoiled Princess Here? 

So, to reiterate, the person who has had free rent for a few decades now with free Comcast to boot, who merely has to manage being on-site in a building, felt entitled to $6,000 cash on hand I had in my apartment. This reminds me of the time a 5 time court evicted roommate felt entitled to the lease that I was forced off my property for not getting along with her. The lady didn't disclose to police officers her background of course and that she also didn't pay rent an entire year prior to moving in with me and the late Betty Fairchild, author of Now That You Know. It was a coup de etat of what was probably one of the best lease deals in San Francisco at that time in 1998, all with police officers strong encouragement and support. See my post, Judge Katherine Feinstein Threatens: 'You Won't Be Able To Sue That Unscrupulous Roommate!' 

I think women who were born in the late 1930's and early 1940's have always been problematic for me.  These women must have grown up in a very unusual time period, because they all show the same attitude of entitlement.  Yet these very same women often accuse me of my feeling "superior" to them in some way.  I just don't get it, how they have no idea who I am or my life experiences, that they think they know a complete stranger.  These women from that generation tend to not respect my sovereignty from their needy tyranny, expecting me to support them in some way simply due to their age.
Dear Landlady:

I am not your retirement savings plan! Please return the $6,000 you stole out of my apartment.  You were told you could not enter my apartment without my being there and you did anyway.  Why don't you go get a part time job for your additional income and not feel you have a right to steal from my generation?  Why don't your adult children give you money? 


Former homeless student from the 1980's.

How many people like me who are thrifty and frugal are targeted for theft because crooks know our mindset is to put cash away and save our money?  The landlady smokes pot on this property and I'm sure the $6,000 will buy her a lot of joints for a very long time. How many nice cruises will my hard earned money over the years buy for some heartless old wench who feels entitled to it?  Didn't she get enough money from her divorce and now defunct Brobeck law firm's generous retirement plan back in the early 1990's?

They say prior to our deaths that our lives often flash before our eyes.  I've taken whatever memories have been drummed up during the past month and put many of them on my Facebook timeline.  Since I'm clearly being  slow killed, it makes sense the memories aren't split second flashbacks appearing before my eyes.

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