Friday, March 9, 2012

Why I'm Likely A Future Murder Victim Of A Satanic Network of Professionals

The first and foremost reason I'm predicting and therefore documenting my future murder is I want to make it clear to those interested that I've always had a strong sense of personal sovereignty that I'm a free, independent person not beholden to anyone except my relationship with God.  Therefore even if I'm murdered, I will remain a free independent soul forever. 

When someone comes into my apartment to commit a large theft after I've given them plenty of forewarning that I will be able to identify them, it becomes clear that person intends on relying on a network of professionals in the system to cover it up.  These people involved in this theft dispute will attempt to remove all of my rights as a sovereign individual, demonstrating they have a right to my money and that the laws do not apply to nor affect them.  These people, who I define as Satanists, operate on spiritual principles they believe allow them special rights and privileges they grant one another over others' lives.  Their vision for me is very clear that they anticipate my future murder as a sacrifice to their god Satan for the purpose of acquiring more power in the spiritual dimension.

The witchcraft ritual of planting poison via the Dewey Man in my apartment on Valentine's Day, the day of the theft, is all too clear death is planned for me by these spiritualist Satanists.  This is not a "civil" matter as the police officer suggested in his phone call, it's a crime of the highest order in the Satanic church, preparing for my ultimate murder in perhaps making it look like a suicide.  I value my life and am a very strong person having endured decades of Satanits like these trying to murder me off.  In fact, I've been documenting what I've been through on my Facebook timeline from the age of 3 (I'm still working on the time line, having a ways to go prior to completing my earlier experiences).

I gave three forewarning letters to the elderly landlady, 70, who entered my apartment forcibly and without my permission.  This theft of my property of $6,000 cash was motivated by spiritual based mindset that the laws do not apply to her or her Satanist network  She's lived in a small apartment for over 20 years without a job or income.  She doesn't partake in the local community and expects residents not have guests or bring anyone onto the property she tightly monitors. She has an apparent problem with the fact I have my own business by closely monitoring me for any business person I might bring into my apartment.  I've been forewarned not to conduct business on the property though I'm completely mobile and with a business in downtown office San Francisco and satellite offices well documented since 2009. She's had the audacity to hint I'm the only tenant in her apartment during the day and that it's considered abnormal.

The large theft caused me to have a terrifying premonition dream I recently posted about.  Anyone who would have the audacity to enter my apartment under the circumstances, and then believe they would get away with the crime, think they can get political support from their Satanist networks in law enforcement and through their employer.  The locks are non-pickable. This wasn't a burglary so the only suspects are the building manager and whomever she brought in.  She was forewarned to supervise such a person or she would be considered guilty for any theft of my property.  Yet the police are saying this is a "civil" matter related to trespassing being framed as such where the case is non-prosecutable.  This is clearly cover-up by Satan's network.

Under these circumstances, no warrant is needed to enter someone's property this way that a tenant can't effectively say "do not enter without my arranging for me to be there".  They choose the time and dictate when they will enter, regardless that you cannot make such time for what really is a non-urgent nor necessary entry.  They're unwilling to come back when you're available and, in the interim, rob you of $6,000.  With their action they're claiming it's their right to do so, that the money and everything in your unit belongs to them in reality (e.g., Edmond Wollmann's false claim for a $580,000 judgment is completely fraudulent, he didn't file a valid counter lawsuit against me and he committed perjury to the judge). It's clear that these Satanists are working together to take complete dominion over my life and property.  As Edmond Wollmann is a building manager and astrologer, so is the building manager of my property who did my astrology chart back in 2003  I was intimidated to pay her $125 for through her solicitation by examples of her attempts at evicting a former tenant.

These Sataninsts clearly plan on murdering me one day.  This is being documented and I will be placing all future events my Facebook timeline in case anyone want's to research related to what led up to my murder by these parasites of humanity. Police officers have continually demonstrated they are followers of Satan throughout most of my life. They are not good men or women but vicious murderers and thugs.  The landlady of this building knows she could get away with such a theft with the support of the police.  They will now want to have me murdered, making it look like an accident, and come into my apartment again to see what other thefts they can commit to obtain more alleged spiritual dominion over me.
The false reality created by Satanists on the Internet was their way of establishing spiritual dominion over me after I rejected Rick Lazzarini, a former horror movie film special effects whiz.  In 2007 when I was a singer, Lazzarini contacted me anonymously by email using Edmond Wollmann's former AOL address.  Later I was able to finally uncover his identity to learn Mr. Lazzarini is clearly a Satanist whose profession has reflected how dark, evil and disturbing his nature is.  These Satanists, who are complete strangers, branded me for exploitation on the Internet for having the audacity to stand up to them with a lawsuit.  It's clear they think they have special dominion and rights over their targeted victims' lives.
These sick people think I've been "owned" by  them in some way and continue to work through networks to the point of recently entering my apartment to commit a large theft.  A police officer once told me "you have many enemies" after he used the Internet as a means of research on my cyberstalking case.  These are complete strangers who are creating a false reality in order to carry out their crimes against me believing they'll have public complicity because I'm an alleged hated person. - Cheryl Meril
One of the main characteristics I note about these kind of people is that they are mentally ill and/or extremely dumb being largely unaware of that fact. In other words, they're completely oblivious to how abnormal they've become.  How abnormal does one have to be to believe they have a right to enter a tenant's property as a building manager to steal their cash?  So, these people especially don't respect my individuality or that I'm a free spirit viewing everything I own belonging to them, that my life is owned by them and I have no choices.

I developed a sense of what real freedom was from my days being a violist in youth orchestras. There's nothing more beautiful then expressing one's soul and connection with God and the universe through playing an instrument in an orchestra if you have musical talent.  Praying and singing is also another means of freedom.  No one can prevent you from praying except through an ultimate act of murder.  No one can prevent you from singing unless they put a gag over your mouth.  These are all things given to us by God Satanists want to destroy unless it is somehow used

I will always be free, whether or not I'm murdered by these sick people, or that it's made to look like a suicide due to their continual infliction of hardship in my life.  Regardless of what will occur in the future I will remain free forever from these pitiful demented rats of Satan and their illusions of grandeur over my life.

Special Note:  Other tenants in this building complain of the landlady bringing reckless dirty men onto the property who have disrespected them and their property.  I believe the landlady uses this as a means to intimidate and control her victims and note their reaction and protests over how much power she can obtain over them.  Years ago I once came home late at night to believing a burglary took place that my closet and doors were in complete disarray and I was frightened.  The landlady entered without my permission or knowledge having someone fix my closet sliding doors I had requested. I didn't give her permission to enter without my being there.

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