Sunday, April 1, 2012

Casting Call for Victims: How Police Enforcement's Become Infected By Hollywood

Here in San Francisco they're continually shooting films and television sitcoms in the historic and prestigious Nob Hill area.  I therefore wanted to report to the public how the control freaks in the legal system, including law enforcement, have allowed Hollywood's movie and television industry to permeate their professions to the point of insanity.

Those infected by Hollywood in the legal system are actually using people's cases by going so far as placing people in fabricated roles while writing case scripts! They're writing such scripts for an outcome of what they feel is politically beneficial to them and the entertainment of the public.

Be aware when you walk into a police department that's been infected by Hollywood such as in Los Angeles or San Francisco, you're likely walking in for a casting call in which the Police Chief is the director and his officers are casting call directors.  When you tell them the facts of the case, they will pick and choose which facts to ignore in order to place you into a position as a perpetual victim.

Here are a few of the things I've noted in my experiences with law enforcement and lawyers: 
  • Law enforcement in a busy city with a lot of crime will evaluate  a case and apply a script template of how it will proceed and what the outcome will be from the get go. In doing so, they will omit relevant facts or fabricate things to suit their objectives. (e.g., my case is a criminal theft of $6,000 the police officer reduced to as just a possible trespass by the landlady).
  • They choose the outcome of what a case will be based on how they intend to benefit from it because they're not serving anyone but themselves and those who secretly fund their operations.
  • They have full control of the outcome of all cases that do not go before a jury.  The jury is the only hope in our justice system but few cases ever get that far because people can't afford lawyer's fees to develop their cases to that extent.

Perhaps this virus from Hollywood affecting the public's receiving quality police services occurred from its viewing law enforcement as their entertainment for years in such programs as Adam 12 and reality cop shows.  Regardless, it's become obvious to me that law enforcement's become a Hollywood based scam having too much power and control over people who come to them with genuine issues.

From my experience, police in San Francisco are complicit with particular types of crime while burdening the tax payer with their trivial nonsensical pursuits such as over petty roommate conflicts, etc.  These police officers look for ways to use their time that isn't in the best interests of the tax payer because they're lazy thugs wanting an easy job.

Consider that when you as a San Franciscan walk into a police station to report a crime that you're likely walking into a casting call in which a director and his underlings will determine the outcome from which script template they choose to apply.  They don't work for common people any longer and are certainly no longer there for our entertainment.  They've turned us into their actors, actresses and our property into their props probably resenting their former role portrayals on television to entertain the public.

This is just to confirm that there's a script being written for me by evil men in law enforcement in order to make it the most entertaining as possible.   They don't want to do their jobs and respond reasonably on my behalf whatsoever.

It's clear the person who read my blog prior to committing a $6,000 theft from my apartment proceeded knowing the police wouldn't do a thing about it.  Later slapping an eviction notice on my door was part of the plan after the theft in hopes they devastated my finances so I couldn't pay rent.  The person responsible for the theft placed an unlawful eviction notice on my door, as plain as day, who is guilty of the crime. The police don't care about these boring facts, awaiting an outcome they hope will be far more entertaining to themselves and the public.