Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Man Terrorized Over A Few Chickens Loses Life Exposing Sociopath Criminal City Officials in Roswell, GA

This is a tragic story about an innocent man, Andrew Wordes, who died a tragic death after being sadistically psychologically tortured for four years by his local city government in Roswell, Georgia.  The sociopath city officials ultimately brought about Wordes' horrific death after a neighbor complained of a few chickens on his property.
"The firestorm of childish retaliation and rage that quickly ensued as a result of Wordes standing up for himself and his rights, rather than capitulating to the city's tyrannical and mindless demands that he get rid of his chickens, will likely go down as one of the most tragically absurd abuses of power in the history of local government." - City of Roswell, GA, bullies Andrew Wordes to death over his backyard chickens. - Natural News

After the city officials lost their case to remove Wordes' chickens, they rewrote the law and never ended their harassment to the point of utter madness destroying his property, having him robbed and arranging with the mortgage holder to foreclose on him unlawfully. 

According to Wordes, he had 50 chickens, 50 button quail and 50 partridges and a few pigs on his property that were all lawful and approved by a judge. (See Post By Wordes on Forum - 12/29/09) Even the Governor of Georgia and Roswell Mayor had been involved helping Wordes from the vicious Roswell officials. 

After they lost their case, the apparent sociopath city officials began going after Wordes for anything and everything.
"In violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and several other laws, Roswell Code Enforcement Supervisor Vicki Barclay allegedly called Wordes' mortgage holder, an 80-year-old woman, and coerced her into selling Wordes' mortgage note for 40 cents on the dollar to another mortgage holder by threatening to issue liens, citations, and grievances on the property if she failed to comply. Barclay is the same city official who had illegally tried to issue Wordes a citation for his chickens from the very beginning.
Having failed at all other attempts to seize his property, the City of Roswell then filed a zoning violation against Wordes claiming that his property was a "nuisance." The city also filed a 55-page civil lawsuit against Wordes, which conveniently denied him the right to a city-funded public defender who was supposed to represent him in legal dealings involving the city." City of Roswell, GA, bullies Andrew Wordes to death over his backyard chickens. - Natural News
When the avengers began moving in for the kill with a criminal foreclosure, the state troopers entered, an explosion occurred and Wordes was found dead.  The death is suspicious of foul play based on the degree of harassment this man was under for years.
But Wordes met his unjust fate on March 26, 2012, after roughly four years of enduring illicit and seemingly-endless abuse, bullying, threats, and unsubstantiated legal action taken against him by Roswell city officials with an apparent axe to grind. And after losing his birds, his freedom, his entire life savings, his property, and his livelihood as a result of the City of Roswell's sadistic war against him, Wordes ended up losing his life as a result of an explosion that occurred during the final eviction raid carried out by Fulton County marshals. City of Roswell, GA, bullies Andrew Wordes to death over his backyard chickens. - Natural News
Key events include:
  • City of Roswell targets Wordes for standing up for his rights, identifies his property on planning map as future 'green space'
  • City of Roswell refuses to submit Wordes' request for FEMA assistance following severe flooding, issues citation when he attempts to protect his home
  • City of Roswell Code Enforcement Supervisor violates law by contacting Wordes' mortgage holder, coercing her into selling mortgage
  • Wordes' home vandalized, chickens poisoned while he attends political rally
  • City of Roswell jails Wordes for 99 days, proceeds to evict him from property using phony foreclosure notice
  • After being denied the ability to fight back against illegal foreclosure, county marshals swoop in on Wordes' property to evict him, culminating in his death
  • City of Roswell must be held responsible for its crimes

The key city government officials involved in the murder of Anthony Wordes include:

City Administrator Kay G. Love 
Roswell City council member Becky Wynn,
Roswell City council member Rich Dippolito, and 
Roswell Code Enforcement Supervisor Vicki Barclay