Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nipped In The Bud - Colloidal Silver Prevented My Annual Bronchitis Six Weeks Of Misery

I thought this was as good a time as ever with Spring's arrival to report on the progress of my finding solutions to my annual bronchial illness that's been depleting my health over the past few years.

My having annual bouts with bronchitis was so devastating it caused six weeks of downtime along with great discomfort of hack coughing up my insides.  The generic penicillin amoxicillin prescribed by my doctor was usually provided too late to prevent the full bloom of the illness.  I also found the yearly use of such a strong antibiotic was causing its own adverse health issue.

I'm happy to report that colloidal silver turned out to be the right solution to any symptoms I was developing.  At one point last year the symptoms were so strong I opted to use my nano nebulizer to breath the silver particles into my lungs rather than take the solution orally.  Allow me to confirm this inhalation method absolutely worked to reverse bronchitis from taking hold in my lungs any further!  Since that initial battle, I've had two other times of smaller symptoms of colds in which I took a few tablespoons of 5 ppm colloidal silver. I was amazed that the symptoms went away within 5-10 minutes. Now that winter's over, I feel victorious over defeating the bronchitis I would have suffered through by now due to the cold weather.

This is my video that's received nearly 10k views.  I've been making my own colloidal silver for cheap since last year.  My health has also greatly improved from having no symptoms thanks to boosting my immune system.

I noticed a few people view colloidal silver as something more than an antibiotic they likely overuse.  I'm not giving medical advice, but my experience is that our immune system needs to be boosted appropriately, not to rely on an antibiotic.  It's my understanding colloidal silver isn't to be relied on as an immune system booster, just when our system falters.

My knowledge of how to get better hold of my health has skyrocketed the past few months with the understanding boosting our immune system is the key to good health.  Prior to that I thought catching colds was something I couldn't do anything about, left to chance and circumstances. Turns out, we can do much to prevent ourselves from illness and disease by focusing on ways to boost our immune systems.

Last year when I had a Biophotonic carotanoid scan, my immune system scored very low, thousands of points below the national average.  As soon as I began addressing how to boost my immune system, my health improved dramatically.

The pharma industry's been scaring off the public over those who have been foolish enough to add a salt based saline solution to their colloidal silver. The saline mixture causes the skin to turn blue and photos are plentiful of those who made their colloidal silver batches incorrectly.   I'm not at all worried about turning blue since I have the good sense to make the solution properly.  See Hear About Colloidal Silver Blue Man? - Natural News

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