Monday, April 30, 2012

Pet Dog Kills Baby Again - When Will People Learn?

A 120 pound Mastiff/Rhodesian mix, considered to be a good dog by its owner, killed a baby boy after the child crawled over to pet the dog. The father believes the baby, who was learning how to walk on his first birthday, grabbed the dog's fur when the dog's instinct took over erupting in a vicious attack.

The dog grabbed the baby by its head and shook for a few minutes. When the father was finally able to remove the dog after having been upstairs, according to him, the baby's face had been torn off.
The dog ... latched his jaws around the boy's head and began shaking him, police said. The grandmother attempted to pull the boy from the dog while other family members rushed to help, police said. - Baby Killed By Dog in Henderson Nevada on His First Birthday - HuffPost
Parents need to learn their dog, depending on the breed, can turn on babies and young children in a split second.  They need to understand dogs are acclimating themselves to a new member of the family who they are likely to become jealous of for robbing them of attention.

I've often observed the lenient attitude parents have towards their children being with large dogs expecting them to behave around them when the situation is always potentially dangerous due to anything that can trigger their instinct.

When I was 6 years old a neighborhood German Shepard picked me up by the shirt and shook me up a bit terrifying me.  A year prior our new cat scratched my face a bit after I put my face in its stomach.  It was my fault and my parents should have made sure the claws were shaped to avoid such accidents.

Baby Dismembered By Family Dog -