Tuesday, April 3, 2012

RED ALERT: Apartment Tenants At Risk For Theft By On-Site Building Managers - Ways to Protect Your Property

If you live in an apartment with an on-site landlady or manager type of scenario, I can't emphasize enough how vital it is to obtain a camera surveillance system to protect your property from theft.  The laws in major cities require a witness in order to prosecute thefts.  Consequently these on-site managers are quite aware they are free to trespass and steal from tenants at-will, especially if they want to force a tenant to move due to rent control in a skyrocketing rental market.

Had I simply purchased a camera surveillance system like this one for under $500,  I would have been able to obtain the evidence I needed to prosecute the landlady in a court of law to get my money back. The law's clearly on the side of criminals these days which is why they think the sky's the limit in their becoming more brazen then ever.  It's unfortunate I didn't act on the premonition dream I had prior to the theft.  Since it's too late now, I can only sound the alarm for other apartment dwellers that if they want to protect their property from theft, a camera surveillance system is the best way to go. 

The reason I wouldn't recommend an alarm system is because as soon as the highly attuned landlady discovers it, a tenant risks possible further harassment and threats of eviction such as I did.  It's therefore interesting to note the day my alarm system was activated I came home to find a bogus eviction notice on my door alleging had I denied her entry.  I've been able to deduce from these activities that the landlady wants into my apartment at-will to violate me like a rapist would in her having a dirty, vile demonic spirit.  I've felt the presence of this hideous evil thing and it's really nasty.  I've prayed to Jesus Christ to protect me from it several times now. The landlady wants me to know she can come into my apartment anytime she likes, that she's powerful and in full control of me.

The type of camera system I'm about to purchase has a motion detecting system that sends images to the Internet and notifies by email if someone has entered your apartment.  This is what I was contemplating purchasing prior to a large theft in my apartment a few months ago.  What prevented me from proceeding was a kind of wishy washy attitude that I was overreacting to a nightmare forewarning me of the theft.  Though I don't anticipate anyone will enter my property unlawfully again, at least I will have the peace of mind.  My locks are unpick able so the only one who can get in has a key.

Another Red Flag

There was also a huge red flag last year when I lost my keys that caused the locks to be replaced on a few floors that the landlady arranged to sell my 42 inch Sharp TV to the locksmith.  She operates with a personal charm and caring, as if she did me a favor.  Now she has the money I obtained from the purchase in her grubby little hands!  I wouldn't have sold the television on my own.  I've since learned the landlady of my building's a very ill person.  People in apartment buildings should be aware criminals often exploit these kind of positions for easy thefts of tenants property. Thankfully,  we now have the kind of technology that can stop these parasites in their tracks.

I wish I would have had the good sense to follow through on my premonition dream forewarning me of the theft.  Like many trusting souls, I wanted to believe my landlady wouldn't do such a thing that I was just overreacting being paranoid.  Be aware those who call you paranoid possibly want your guard down.  Our culture emphasizes alleged abnormal paranoia over common sense caution these days.  Apparently my landlady's spiritual new age shtick propaganda was designed to lull me into a state of trusting her. Six thousand dollars is a lot of money for anyone to lose these days.

Mexican Immigrant Brought Onto My Property Who Hardly Speaks English, Poorly Supervised By Landlady

I have a video I recorded after the large theft showing the lack of proper supervision of a radiator repair person, a Mexican immigrant who entered my kitchen for no reason.  I fact, my radiator was fine so they both entered my apartment claiming my radiator needed to be looked at.  The video shows that after they entered, the landlady stood by in the other room not questioning why the man went into my kitchen he had suddenly pointed to after he looked at the radiator. I believe he went into my kitchen to spray some brown substance as a form of harassment I later noted was on my silver Cuisinart coffee maker.  After I discovered the substance I thought "how silly I don't care if he sprays crap on my coffee pot, that won't get me to move!"

In this hidden camera video, a Mexican immigrant leaves the room pointing at something as landlady stands staring at the radiator and out the window.  Note code words seem to be used. There was nothing wrong with my radiator, it wasn't leaking.

I really value living where I have the past 9 years and don't care if communists or socialists from Russia own this building, they still have to abide by U.S. laws.  The building owners need to consider without U.S. laws they never would have obtained their wealth in the U.S. as Russian immigrants.  Their socialist system in Russia is poverty but only for a few. They don't own me or my property, this is the United States, not Russia!  I'm a native Californian of 52 years.

I'm not the kind of person to be intimidated to move.  Now that I know what's up, I'm going to ratchet up protecting myself.  The rental market's heating up in San Francisco like the days of the dot com boom. People do crazy things during these times and San Francisco is back to being a crowded city again putting greater burdens on law enforcement and the legal system.  People should make sure to remove the potential liability of on-site managers and landladies who can rob them freely as long as there are not witnesses to the crime.  Don't trust they're good people who would never do such a thing, it's not worth the risk.