Sunday, April 8, 2012

Satanists Are Planning To Take My Life

It's Easter Sunday and a beautiful day in San Francisco. A little on the chilly side as it has been the past several days, but nice none the less.  I'm thinking and praying today because I know I'm being continually targeted by Satanists to destroy my life in incremental steps with the latest being my landlady trespassing on my property to commit a large cash theft, then posting a bogus eviction notice.  Unfortunately, this dark scenario's being played out in thousands of people's lives in the U.S. as criminal bank foreclosures are set to skyrocket again. See Easter Blessings - The Spiritual Component of Foreclosure - Matt Weidner Blog

As I posted earlier I had a terrifying premonition dream of the theft and prior to that of my murder that both seemed very real.  I didn't believe the theft premonition dream was going to happen so I let my guard down.  I now fully believe there are those planning to take my life and that the landlady's likely involved.  Something told me a few weeks ago my life would be ending soon that caused me to put up an on-going project on my Facebook timeline entitled My Life Flashing Before My Eyes.

There are a few people who are likely involved in planning the end of my life as the ultimate conquest. I wanted to let people know these are complete strangers who are targeting people on the Internet who they believe have money.  They are motivated by money and power and the fact 2012 is a year where many things are predicted to become desperate and chaotic.

My landlady's an unstable elderly paranoid person who changes in the blink of an eye who's likely being used as a vehicle by others. From my perspective she's capable of anything at this point.  I've been enjoying my life being a business owner meeting a lot of nice people in San Francisco. Prior to the large theft, I was on the rebound after the harassment of astrologer Edmond Wollmann and his partner in crime Rick Lazzarini who tried to hide his identity in a Motion to Quash filed in 2010.  Mr. Wollmann has since been harassing me with requests for $570,000 from his bogus court judgment over a scam set-up of me.  I believe this is a consorted effort to make me look like I committed suicide due to these bogus debts.

Some of those involved:

Landlady - Astrologer who did my astrology birth chart back in 2003 while providing a psychic reading in tape form never asked for, robbed me of $6,000 cash, trespassing on my property for a crime of convenience.
Edmond Wollmann- Astrologer, building manager in San Diego, falsely claims I owe him $570,000 for a counter suit that never was accepted on the court ledger due to statute. He was convicted of trespassing and public nuisance by other plaintiffs prior to suit and I had evidence he was involved in a nasty libelous blog about me he had taken down after a deposition.
Rick Lazzarini - Horror film special effects wizard (Predator, Night on Elm Street, Alien, etc.), impersonated Edmond Wollmann contacting me as a fan of my singing in 2007. He and Wollmann, who later became involved in the dispute with a blog, ultimately caused me damages I filed a lawsuit over in 2009. Lazzarini filed a Motion to Quash through entertainment attorney Joe Hart.

It's all about money, power, control and domination of me.  These are all complete strangers, including my landlady who doesn't really know me at all.  That's why I've referred to it as a Satanic Network because, as I've posted before, judges and law enforcement have participated in empowering all of those involved.

The good news is that Jesus Christ is my savior from these monsters that I'm going back to the basics of reading the Bible again.  The bad news is they'll never stop because they're insane sociopath machines programmed to rob and kill.  They're that insane and desperate because they have no eternal life beyond this world except in hell.

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