Saturday, May 19, 2012

Best Animal Rescue Video Ever! Hope For Paws Needs Our Vote Today

Today Hope For Paws, which is in my opinion one of the most effective animal rescue non-profits out there (besides the ASPCA and other organizations), needs our support to vote for them on Toyota's vehicle give away. If it wins, Hope For Paws, will get a much needed new animal rescue vehicle.  Today is the only time to vote.

Please lend your support for this wonderful organization based in Los Angeles. Hope For Paws' saved 500 homeless dogs from the streets thus far and have some of the best most tear jerking videos I've ever seen on YouTube. 

"500 rescues of homeless dogs for the streets of Los Angeles, Hope for Paws' rescue videos are going viral with some receiving as many as 2.5 million views. Eldad and Audrey Hagar have not only saved these dogs from a terrible fate but have restored a hope that there is still humanity left in this world. Please shared their videos and give many more dogs a chance to find the love and the home they deserve!"
Please vote for Hope For Paws so they can get a new pet rescue vehicle @

1. Click on GO VOTE
2. Click on HOPE FOR PAWS
3. Click on VOTE.
4. Click on CONFIRM
5. Click on the FACEBOOK / TWITTER link, and ask your friends to vote for us too.

Thanks for helping this wonderful non-profit organization get a new rescue vehicle.