Saturday, May 12, 2012

Financial Guru Suze Orman's Afraid For America

When asked about her financial fears, Orman said: 
“My only fear in life, when it comes to money, is what’s happening in the United States of America. The American dream is dead for the majority of America.”
The dream she is referring to is not even a Cinderella story; it’s much more practical. Orman believes the hope of someday owning a home, of working one job for life and retiring at 65 has been crushed by the financial crisis. “The middle class has disappeared,” she continued. “We have a highway to poverty and no roads coming out. I fear for [those] who have been kicked out of their homes, could be living on the streets and don’t know how to get another job. Many of the millions of jobs lost I don’t think are coming back. I am really afraid for the majority of Americans today.” - Suze Orman Speaks Out - Monty Pelein's World 

Suze Orman should have added in the above 2010 quote that we have the Communist regime that's hijacked America to thank not to mention letting our guard down for decades.  Communist Obama's at the helm of ushering in joint attack by the Russians and Chinese (with the UN troops as back up) after the U.S. dollar collapses later this year.  

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