Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Huge Thumbs Up For Modifilan Brown Seaweed Extract Kick Ass Immune System Booster!!

I wanted to take this opportunity to give a HUGE THUMBS UP to this brown seaweed extract product.  I began taking it last week and almost immediately noticed increased energy and stamina.  It not only detoxifies the body from poisons like mercury but naturally self-destructs cancer cells. It also promotes a healthy thyroid and balances sugar levels in the body while lowering cholesterol levels.

This company's been around since 1997 but recently moved its seaweed source from the Pacific to Tasmania to avoid Fukushima contamination.  The seaweed is farmed and hand cut by the locals.  At $29.00 a bottle, it's a great value and there are volume discounts at 4 units. Alex Jones began selling the stuff. I also heard about it on Natural News a while back that peaked my interest.

What are the benefits of Modifilan?
  • Detoxifies the body from heavy metals, radioactive elements, free radicals and toxins.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Can help protect against thyroid cancer and other cancers.
  • Helps to decrease high blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • Helps those who are overweight by improving the function of the gastro-intestinal tract.
  • Helps to detoxify smokers from strontium and cadmium.
  • Improves the structure of hair and nails and helps them to grow.
  • All natural, no known side effects.
For more info, visit this page where you can purchase the product with volume discounts.

Ever since I began a new immune system boost effort late last year, I've been fine tuning it in order to obtain the best value and benefits. I found the NuSkin LifePak Nano was a great kick starter to quickly address my immune system deficiency.  I knew this not only because I felt better and had more energy, but due to my BioPhotonic Scan score that went from below the national average of 22,000 points up to 37,000 and last I check 42,000.  However, I found the LifePak too expensive at $150 for a 30 day supply and the mineral capsules problematic for my digestive system.  I've since discovered Oxylent which is an award winning electrolyte liquid powder multi-mineral vitamin drink.  It costs only $34.99 for a one month supply and is also a high quality supplement with a highly recommended liquid delivery system for best body absorption of minerals. You can purchase Oxylent on Amazon or at your local Whole Foods market as I do. You can read more about Oxylent on its website.

My other supplements I've found to he beneficial and of good value are:

Bioastin - another great immune system booster, one of the best and a natural source of anti-oxidants. You can read about BioAstin's benefits on Natural News. See Astaxanthin one of the most neuroprotective supplements yet discovered; fat-soluble cartenoids protect the nervous system, brain and eyes - Natural

  One bottle's only $14.99 on Amazon

A few months ago I began taking the Carnivora liquid supplement  but didn't feel any change from taking it. It was a bit expensive so I am discontinuing use.  It may be something better to address specific problems related to disease. I couldn't confirm if the $69 per bottle Carnivora product was a good value or did anything for me whatsoever.