Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Peek-a-Boo Dream of Terror Up Ahead - Leave America If You Can

Last night I had another premonition dream of terror I wrote about a few months ago.  This time the dream was auditory in that I could hear people screaming while stampeding into the streets. I've since been researching to learn the derivatives market bubble is going to destroy the U.S. economy and it's just a few months away from bursting.  Americans have a small window of 3-4 months prior to losing everything.  If you can't leave the U.S. get out of paper and put it in tangible things like food, water and what you will need to deal with what's up ahead.  If you can leave the U.S. do so now or within the next few months. Keep in mind you likely won't be able to come back when stuff hits the fan.

Part 1 of 2

Americans are a lot like domesticated sheep surrounded by wolves having no idea what lies up ahead.  My prediction is China and Russia will attack and invade America when the U.S. dollar crashes.

Ask for God's help on what you all should be doing at this time.  Pray and seek God's guidance.  This is not the time to be proud or beating one's chest over anything.  My business has been doing well lately, but it makes no difference whatsoever in view of this information.

Signs of derivative market crash starting right now:
  • Currency wars
  • Trade wars
  • Bank losses (JP Morgan's $2 billion loss)
An interest rate hike will be the final blow, but by then it will be too late.