Friday, May 11, 2012

Save Your Lives - Leave the U.S. Before It's Too Late!

Americans really need to think about what the likely scenario would be if the dollar collapses at the end of the year as is being predicted by Gerald Celente, Lindsey Williams and others.  The only hope from a foreign attack and invasion would rest with the U.S. President and the military to protect its citizenry.  If Americans don't have this simple protection of good leadership in such a crisis, a strong China and Russia alliance will likely use the U.S.'s vulnerability of losing its currency to attack and invade our country.  See post- Prepare for Civil War, Russia and China Attack - May 10, 2012

Seeing how it appears Barack Obama is a Communist plant with the intent to destroy America, it's not too difficult to foresee the outcome. (See post Outed Communist Obama Wants to Destroy America, Bring It To Its Knees - May 6, 2012) If you want to save your family's future and your children from great hardship, you need to think on your feet and face the facts of what's currently happening. Unfortunately, the only way to avoid this mess is to leave the country. If you have the means to do so, I recommend getting out of America in the next few months if you possibly can and prepare not to return.

If you have a home that's going underwater leave especially, just pick up and leave!  It won't mean you don't care about America to leave at this time, just that you see the writing on the wall. They're coming to kill us, and our very own President is going to help them by requesting the U.S. military to transport citizens to what will surely be death camps disguised as comfort centers.

Possible countries to consider are Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands.  Choose carefully because it can make a difference.  Keep in mind if you don't leave at the right time, you and your family will be trapped in a third world invaded country for the rest of your lives being exposed to horrendous brutality.