Sunday, June 17, 2012

Americans Overhwelmingly Support $37 Million Theft of Heiress Estate By Hospital Staff

I feel embarassed after learning an overwhelming majority of the American public's in support of the theft of millions of dollars of Huguette Clark's estate by her hospital staff, accountant and lawyer.  Huguette Clark was one of the wealthiest women in America prior to her passing at the age of 104 last year.  Clark had been clearly mentally incapacitated much of her life living in a small meager hospital room with dolls.  That this lady of great age lacked capacity to care for her estate was as clear as day to anyone.

It's clear from thousands of comments and votes from the AP article Copper Heiress' Huge Gifts Spotlighted in NY Court on Yahoo News, that the great majority of Americans are in support of the theft of Clark's estate by those who cut off her distant relatives from having access to her for many years.  The majority of these commenters believe Clark was free to do whatever she wished with her estate while accusing her family members of neglecting her welfare.  I was just amazed.

Here are a few of the items given away to the hospital nurse:
Her nurse was showered with almost $28 million in gifts, including three Manhattan apartments, two homes elsewhere and a $1.2 million Stradivarius violin. Her doctors' families received more than $3 million in presents. A night nurse received a salary plus money to cover her children's school tuition and to help buy two apartments.  Saying the recipients manipulated the reclusive multimillionaire into lavishing large gifts upon them during her long life, public administrator Ethel J. Griffin is trying to reclaim a whopping $37 million for the $400 million estate.
Besides seeking an order for return of those gifts, the administrator asked a court last month to investigate whether a hospital where Clark lived should have to give back a $6 million painting by French pre-Impressionist Edouard Manet and whether the prominent Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington should have to return $250,000.  Copper Heiress' Huge Gifts Spotlighted in NY Court Yahoo News

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In another similar case, an Alameda County judge in California befriended a 97 year old neighbor who lived across the street from him, then obtained her power of attorney. The judge proceeded to then evict the alleged friend from her own home, moving her into a hotel of all things where she lived for 10 years prior to her death in 2010.  After kicking her out of her own home, the judge proceeded to sell off her estate.   Judge Paul Seeman has since been charged and was observed smirking to reporters after being heckled by Occupy Activities he ruled over in another case. - Occupy Activists Heckle Judge in Elder-Theft Case -

Prior to his death and throughout many years, Michael Jackson's family members also complained of their being cut off from Michael.  This is what happens to wealthy people sometimes, that they become isolated and manipulated by con artists and schemers that includes their employees.

It's very clear Huguette Clark was isolated, extremely old and dependent on her hospital staff, lawyer and accountant.   All of these employees were entitled to a wage and bonus, not to a large portion of an estate, which amounted to their claim of $37,000,0000 in gifts.  No one in their right mind would give away such an enormous sum to their employees.  It's obvious the New York Court will rule in favor of ordering the alleged gifts returned to the estate.

I work with trust attorneys who share stories of what insane family bickering goes on after their relatives pass. People act like vicious animals fighting over their dead relatives' money.

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