Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eerie Tombstones Appear After Windstorm on Ocean Beach in San Francisco

Imagine enjoying a morning walk on the beach coming across the most unexpected things imaginable, that of tombstones!  That's what happened to surfers in San Francisco who came across an eerie find.  Apparently windstorms eroded the sand to the point of uncovering the dead's Century old tombstones that were left behind after the city moved bodies out of the city for anticipated population growth.

The tombstones became visible this week, including bits and pieces of marble and granite that once marked the final resting places of citizens long dead.
One of them is the nearly intact marble tombstone of Delia Presby Oliver, who died at the age of 26 on Apr. 9, 1890.  - Tombstones From Long Ago Surfacing on S.F. Beach -
I guess they never anticipated the headstones turning up again but I think they should have taken better care to perhaps grind them up prior to using them as landfill for the shore.

Rest in peace Delia.