Friday, June 15, 2012

Is This A Sign The Fall of Man And Civilization Has Arrived?

WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS BELOW.  A new terrifying photo has emerged from the Miami naked cannibal incident that speaks loudly of the utter depravity of mankind as it is today.  Many ask that with all our technology, food distribution and social support systems, how could this horror possibly happen?  

My hope is that visitors will really think about the significance of a homeless man's recent exposure to a cannibal as he peacefully slept in the Florida sun one day and what it really means for all of us.  This is a likely sign of the fall of mankind and civilization upon us.    

Ronald Poppo was a person without shelter or protection who had the misfortune of having his face half eaten, including an eye, as he napped on a sidewalk one sunny day in Miami Florida.  Poppo's face was bitten off, not by a stray hungry bull dog or vicious animal, but by another man who was completely naked lying next to him.

A demon possessed completely naked athletic looking male lay beside Poppo having affixed himself like a parasite chewing on his flesh for 20 minutes.  A complete mindless zombie, Rudy Eugene's autopsy didn't show he had ingested any flesh, that this depraved act had nothing to do with hunger whatsoever.

The sad part of this story is how former classmates of the cannibal have come to his rescue to "save face" so to speak not caring a thing about his victim, only about restoring the cannibal's own humanity.

Classmate Victoria Forte said: 'We are going to do our part as his friends to not let him go down like this.  'The Rudy we know was a nice gentleman with a warm smile and funny. He’s not like that at all.- Crazed 'Druggie' Chewed on Homeless Man's Face for 20 mins - The Sun.
A gentleman?  If this is the new standard for gentlemanism, being far below that of OJ Simpson, I think women like Victoria Forte are proving their standards are slipping a bit.

Alleged "gentleman", according to witness Victoria Forte, lies with his victim.  Ms. Forte had no words of support for the victim.

I think when someone commits such a heinous act that liberal minds rationalize over, the fact they have nothing to say in support of the victim in the dispute speaks volumes.  It's not only what you say, but what you don't say that has an impact.  Here's this poor homeless man without a face and Ms. Forte, the former classmate of the cannibal, has no words of support for recovery for.  It shows a lack of caring or thinking about the reality of the situation.  The normal thing to do would not be to go to the media in support of the sadistic man, but to make a statement in support of the victim.  Period!

The works of an alleged gentleman.  Without soul or conscience former friends of cannibal come to his ego's rescue postmortem without a word of support for his victim.

Excusing this evil rather than facing the fact the man had a REAL PROBLEM is something common in our culture.  The former classmate's seeking to save face of a sadistic man's ego who sacrificed another's face in his having gained media notoriety is pure insanity.

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