Saturday, June 30, 2012

Millionaire Pops Poison Pill in Court Over 15 Year Prison Sentence

I don't believe this has ever happened before that someone took a poison pill in court after being found guilty of arson being sentenced to prison. A video shows former millionaire Michael Marin obviously swallowing a pill in an Arizona court after the sentence was read. Shortly thereafter, Marin took a sip of a sports drink and went into convulsions falling flat on his face dead.

A former millionaire commits suicide in court over a guilty verdict.

Apparently Marin couldn't deal with having to scale down his wealthy lifestyle of living in a $3.5 million mansion he couldn't afford by coming up with some hair brained idea to escape his plight.
"Investigators said Marin deliberately burned down his $3.5 million suburban Phoenix mansion in July 2009 after it failed to sell at a charity auction and he could no longer pay the mortgage. He was seen escaping the fire by climbing down a rope ladder while wearing scuba gear."  Michael Marin Dies Moments Aftering Being Convicted In Arson Case - CBS News
All I can say about this story is this man obviously made some bad decisions but he didn't deserve to die over it.  He looks like a good decent person to me. He harmed no one but himself not being involved in any investor ponzi scheme.  I'm sad this person couldn't find a better way of dealing with his problems.