Saturday, June 2, 2012

New Evidence Amelia Earhart's Radio Calls Went Ignored As Hoax

It's sad to think it was likely the confusing nature of hoaxer activity that caused the recipients of Amelia Earhart's final SOS radio transmissions to be ignored as bogus.  On the 75th Year Anniversary since her last flight, there's new evidence from a study purporting Earhart's plane signal was detected being on land for a few days prior to it likely being taken out to sea from the rise of tide on a tiny remote island of Nikumaroro. Credible Amelia Earhart Calls Were Ignored - Discovery News via
"Dozens of previously dismissed radio signals were actually credible transmissions from Amelia Earhart, according to a new study of the alleged post-loss signals from Earhart's plane. The transmissions started riding the air waves just hours after Earhart sent her last in-flight message.
The study, presented on Friday at a three day conference by researchers of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), sheds new light on what may have happened to the legendary aviator 75 years ago. The researchers plan to start a high-tech underwater search for pieces of her aircraft next July.
'Amelia Earhart did not simply vanish on July 2, 1937. Radio distress calls believed to have been sent from the missing plane dominated the headlines and drove much of the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy search,' Ric Gillespie, executive director of TIGHAR, told Discovery News." - Credible Amelia Earhart Calls Were Ignored - Discovery News via
The likely scenario that is also supported with some evidence is that Earhart and her co-pilot Fred Noonan survived a bit on a campsite on Nikumaroro Island, known then as Gardner Island, only to succumb to the elements to ultimately be eaten dead or alive by the world's largest crabs, coconut crabs, the island's now famous for. The skeletal remains were reported to have been discovered of a white woman of European decent back in 1940 on the island.
"Partial skeletal bones were found in an earlier expedition in 1940. The coconut crabs that inhabit the island carried the remainder away. The bones found in the 1940 British exhibition have since been lost." Amelia Earhart Died on Nikumaroro Island, Famous for Its Huge Coconut Crabs - Yahoo News.  
I recently uploaded my Amelia Tribute Music Video of a song I composed Do You Read Me featuring Sky Chari Grealis on flute.  Near the end of the song I hinted Earhart survived though never admitting she came back down to earth whatsoever, because the reality is she's in heaven. That's right, Amelia Earhart's in heaven as one of the most sought after lost people the world's ever known.  

It's my belief from my research a few years ago that they will never find the Electra plane due to the Japanese location of it in order to reverse engineer and implement into their WWII fleet.  Besides the fact the Japanese would have been looking for that state-of-the-art Electra plane, there was also an eyewitness high ranking official documented saying he came across classified Japanese Electra design plans they accidentally provided him in error years after the Earhart disappearance.

It's fascinating to realize how Earhart's last days were likely spent considering all the survivalist programs there have been the past few years. It must have been horrible that the two likely died of dehydration and exhaustion from the excessive 100 degree in shade temperatures. Had those hoaxers not done what they did, Earhart might very well likely have been found in time.

Amelia Earhart Died on Nikumaroro Island, Famous for Its Huge Coconut Crabs - Yahoo News.

Credible Amelia Earhart Calls Were Ignored - Discovery News via

My Music Tribute Video to Amelia Earhart - 75th Anniversary After Disappearance Flight - posted May 28, 2012