Monday, June 11, 2012

Rand Paul Proves Politics A Farce, Supporters Naive Fools

After the Rand Paul political shift took place a few days ago, his coming out as a Romney supporter didn't at all surprise me.  It should be as clear as day to anyone who thinks for themselves that most all politicians of this day and age have been corrupted by money and power.  It seems even good men in politics rely on their naive supporters in order to reach a level where they intend on ultimately being accepted into the power circle of corrupt government insiders.

The Pauls shock their supporters teaching that American politics usurps principles and ethics.

It appears Rand Paul's sold out his father's life long work defending the U.S. Constitution in order to protect his future as well as the 61 relatives Ron Paul's status helped obtain government jobs.  No one knows yet what went on behind the scenes but it's safe to say the Pauls felt their future was being threatened in some way they had to take drastic action to save face with the powers at be.
"If supporters knew that their participation in elevating these men and women into positions of power in government is just a stepping stone for these cons to enter into a circle of the corrupt and power drunk on the world stage, they'd abandon the political process.  Such is why these politicians rely on playing their supporters like a piano while secretly viewing them as naive ignorant fools.  People need to take back their self esteem from this politician scam in reclaiming their personal integrity by abandoning this failed political process entirely."  - Cheryl Meril, Blogger
The rule of thumb I use is people who rely on politics as their religion in life can't be trusted and that includes Ron and Rand Paul.  For instance, Ron Paul claims to be against fraud corporate wars, yet voted in favor of the Afgan war! This rule of thumb also applies to those in religious and other organizations that rely on politics in any form.  People who see the world through bully politics are on the level of desperate animals trying to survive in a false reality. These kind of people twist reality using politics often at the expense of others' well being and hard work.

Want to see for yourselves how power corrupts?  Billionaire Ted Turner's so out of touch with reality he believes his great wealth enables him to determine the fate of the world's population.  Watch this confrontation outing of his depopulation views by Luke Rudkowski at We Are Change:

Ted Turner's laughs while admitting to his depopulation plans to reduce the human population through eugenics.

I've always hated politics finding it childish.  I've spent so much time in life meditating in nature, sitting on ocean cliffs communing with the spirit of God.  I've always known these politicians are a farce and a waste of time.  I thought from the get go putting one's hope in Ron Paul for the future of America was a losing proposition, he is far too weak and vulnerable a person to defeat the great evil up ahead.  Paul was destined to sacrifice himself more for his son and family, all 61 relatives he employs in government. It's called Nepotism.
"Nepotism is favoritism granted to relatives regardless of merit.  The word nepotism is from the Latin word nepos, nepotis (m. "nephew"), from which modern Romanian nepot and Italian nipote, "nephew" or "grandchild" are also descended." -

Historian Webster Tarpley saw the Ron and Rand Paul farce back near the beginning of the year. Alex Jones had a hard time digesting the truth a few weeks ago prior to the fiasco's emergence.

Instead of voting for a compromised politician thinking it will help your life, try praying to almighty God for guidance and don't think you can control God's response in the process. This world is passing but eternity's forever.  I can confirm there really is a Satan, Lucifer, heaven and hell. The greatest trick the devil uses is to make people believe he doesn't exist and neither heaven or hell.  I can confirm it does, that there is life beyond death and this childish political stuff is a ridiculous farce and trap people fall into on earth.  People who remain in this political based paradigm are often so childish taking everything at face value.  Many people don't want to do their research believing whatever propaganda is fed to them.

It's all such a waste of time to put any hope in the U.S. political process.  The politicians are bought and paid for, not by the American people, but by the corporations and International banking interests who own our political system.