Sunday, June 24, 2012

What I'm Posting's Gonna Change Your Life Forever

Very few of us have the ability to think for ourselves with an original thought as opposed to being brainwashed and cultivated by our culture.  I tend to gravitate toward original thinkers.  Once in a great while I feel I have something unique to share of my own thought process that hasn't been manufactured by someone else.

Unfortunately I don't have any original thoughts to share right now though I do have questions.  Questions like, why did my mother have a gynecologist stick his hand up my rear end for a pelvic exam when I was only 13 years old? Why was that necessary?  I've been told pelvic exams aren't meant for girls at that age.

Puppets are entered from the rear end, perhaps that pelvic exam was my initiation into puppet hood in which I've been endlessly manipulated by others for years.