Friday, June 22, 2012

Wild Eyed Women Chasing Me Down On The Streets Wanting My Job!

People are becoming desperate.  There's an intensity growing I've been noting especially the last few weeks.  Women are becoming crazy in particular and I've been noting a pattern of growing intensity coupled with a disconnect from rational thinking.  Here are a few examples I've encountered the past few weeks:

Desperate, Wild Eyed UPS Notary Public Gets In My Face Demanding I Provide Her With My Yearly Income and Other Information

There's always a downside to everything and in this case when I have my business signage, I get crazies who approach wanting me to help them become self-employed in my field.  When I'm not approached on the streets they also ask me questions at businesses where office workers are very curious.

  • Yesterday as I was walking into my office building some loud obnoxious lady got in my face rudely demanding I provide her with information on how I make a living as a loan signing agent. The lady presented herself as an employee at UPS and a notary public expecting me to be some information hub for her future self-employment.  As I politely attempted to dismiss her preempting an appointment I was headed to, she demanded my time like some crazy person.  Knowing full well my name would be fully accessible to her on the Internet, I was as polite as I could be while telling her the downsides to the business that are numerous.  Her final departing question as she walked down the street about 40 feet away was how much money I made.

Crazy Receptionist at Law Firm 
  • A receptionist tells me the lawyer who summoned me for a notarization isn't likely there and didn't inform her of time change he made with me of the appointment for her schedule.  She proceeds to seat me in some cheesy conference room and says she will check to see if he's in his office anyway.  After she checks, she comes back offering me water making me believe he's there.  I wait 15 minutes and finally come out asking where the attorney is and if she could call him since he didn't give me his cell number.  She calls him and leaves a voice mail message.  When he calls back, he doesn't call me but tells her he thought he made the appointment later.   After I told her I wouldn't be coming back and wouldn't provide any services to their law firm in the future, the receptionist threatened to report me on Yelp!  The lawyer called later to apologize saying the receptionist was recently hired.  He apologized claiming he was in a tunnel and couldn't reach me by cell.  

Crazy Female CEO of a Site Inspection Firm
  • Ladies at a site inspection firm for credit applicants were intent on harassing my business for their system's flaws for site inspection appointments they had scheduled with me. I was getting friendly reminder emails about appointments I was assigned, and related phone calls over their mistakes.  When they called, they wouldn't listen to me, reading from some script.  Finally, I went out to the address of a medical establishment that had two locations that they needed inspections at both locations I was assigned too.  The CEO couldn't get it through her head I went to the correct address provided on the form because there were two addresses.  She kept saying I should have called before hand to confirm the address was correct.  She refused to pay me for going to the correct address that was closed because it's only open one day a week. The CEO couldn't handle the fact I pointed out the flaws in their system to them.  

I've learned over the years that there are many stubborn, crazy, obnoxious women who permeate this planet.  I understand now why men wanted to keep women in the kitchen and in child rearing.  Especially after I've witnessed Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein become monsters over the years.  In my next life I'll just get married at 21 and have kittens.