Thursday, July 12, 2012

God's Angels Await Rolling Stones Homecoming After 50 Long Years

Have you heard the earth shaking news yet? The Rolling Stones are celebrating 50 years of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ with their deeply moving songs and lyrics!  Isn't this exciting?

For the past 50 years these humble lads from Great Britain have been praying for salvation that they may enter heaven by rising to such an occasion releasing a string of angelic based hits such as Play With Fire, (1965), Get Off of My Cloud (1965), Paint it Black (1966), Terrifying (1990), Saint of Me (1998), Beast of Burden and Sympathy For The Devil (2003).

Regardless of the their monumental achievements, a few critics have had the audacity as of late to analyze whether the Rolling Stones really did anything to further God's message on earth.  In an absurd attempt to appear intelligent, these critics have been asking such mundane questions as, "has our world gotten any better the past 50 years from the Rolling Stones' message on earth?" and "So now what, why hasn't heaven opened for the Rolling Stones and their fans yet? What gives, is God having trouble with the party invitations?

God's angels can hardly wait to get the Rolling Stones' autograph at the pearly gates of Heaven. (Photo taken July 11, 2012)  The Stones won't need to bathe for such an entry into a place of purity since they always smell of victory roses. 

The legacy of The Rolling Stones seems to be coming to a crossroads where the next will ultimately be the Stones' glorious entry into heaven. Their beautiful gifted works praising God with all their heart and soul will be reviewed in God's home theater with surround sound.  His pearly gates of Heaven is anticipated to open by remote control to greet these glorious courageous fellows who gave so much of themselves to the world.
"I spoke with God the other day who told me his favorite Stones' hit was Brown Sugar  that he plans on having angels meet them at the gates to ask for their autograph." - Anonymous Stones' Fan
Lucifer, as an overseer of Satan's music department, has his own view of the Rolling Stones' legacy on earth:
"This they call music? The Stones will never enter my underworld, ever!  Tell me, how many souls did they destroy with these sounds, not a one!  There were no drug addictions, no whoredoms, suicide related deaths and murders.  In fact, there were none of the sort. This is disgusting!  I'll make sure my army of demons is never unleashed through these lads, that hell will be protected from their despicable holiness of God!  - Lucifer, overseer of Satan's music department.
The Rolling Stones are scheduled to enter God's heaven to be bathed in His radiant love with their fans to follow in their next tour out of this world.

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