Monday, July 16, 2012

San Francisco's Looney Tunes 'Pups For Cash' Panhandler Program Makes PETA Seem Rational

It's no secret San Francisco's liberal socialist based city government is likely one of the worst in the entire nation when it comes to coming up with viable solutions to its problems. San Francisco's continually outdoing itself with whacky ideas in how it addresses problems, the latest being its pups to panhandlers pilot program. The plan includes paying the panhandler $75 a week cash to care for the puppy to prevent them from pandhandling.  The only problem is panhandlers make far more money than that much of the time.

I never thought the day would come I'd actually agree with PETA, but this time I have no choice.
Teresa Chagrina rep for PETA's cruelty investigations department in Norfolk, Va., called the plan "slapdash" and "ill-conceived."
"Most former panhandlers are financially destitute because of struggles with substance abuse and mental-health issues," Chagrin wrote to the mayor. "Placing any animal with them is risky at best, (and) it should be out of the question to play Russian roulette with these animals, allowing them to be used as lures or pawns."
Rather than have San Francisco risk the dogs' injury or even death by handing them to "troubled people," Chagrin said, "PETA is willing to put up $10,000" - equal to the private grant being used to launch the effort - if the city will instead institute a program for the down-and-outers that is "100 percent animal-free." - PETA Pans SF Plan On Panhandlers, Pups -

San Francisco's politicians must have been raised on Looney Tunes cartoons that were apparently deeply embedded in their subconscious.

Handing over free puppies to drug addicts, alcoholics and the severely mentally ill isn't a good idea for obvious reasons I need not even go into.  You know San Francisco's city government is getting worse when even PETA appears more rational and mature by comparison.