Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sex Dolls Floating Like Dead Bodies Creep Out Cops

This is a creepy story that metaphorically represents how some women feel in their former shallow relationships with highly sexual shallow men, hence the empty plastic shell female figure at left.

Eighteen cops were shocked after they spent an hour trying to recover what turned out to be a sex doll floating in a river in China.
"Officials said the toy's design and size was so similar to an adult female body that the policemen had to act," reports The Times of India. 'Shandong is an important center for producing sex toys in China and supplies them across the globe.'" - Cops Retrieve Woman's Body From River - Turns Out To Be Sex Doll -
Then there's a similar story of an alleged discovery of a mushroom floating around that turned to be a rather gross looking sex toy:

A mushroom masquerading itself as a sex toy likely suffered from 
low self esteem that made headlines in China.

The moral of this metaphorical lesson is women who so easily give their bodies over to men are used on the level of a sex doll without regard for their minds, well being or souls.  These women only hurt themselves for giving into shallow male behavior and will likely suffer in the end for it.  The same goes for mushrooms that give themselves over too easily for sexual abuse.  Mushrooms need better self esteem or they will continue to be used and abused by men.

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