Friday, July 13, 2012

U.S. Insanity: Chicken Dies Of Heart Attack, Criminal Complaint Filed

As I've repeatedly pointed out on my blog, the U.S. court system's desperate for any form of revenue it can get its grubby hands on by making mountains out of molehills.  In this case from Odessa, Missouri, Joy C. McDonald, 29 is being charged with animal cruelty because her two chihuahuas are accused of scaring her neighbor's pet chicken to death. The neighbor complaint claims the dog's behavior caused his chicken to die of a heart attack.

"Neighbor George Gamblin claims the two pooches — called Peaches and Domino — ran around inside his chicken pen barking until his wife stepped in to shoo them off. But their beloved pet hen did not survive.
When confronted by Gamblin, McDonald claims she offered to pay $30 in compensation but according to court records, Gamblin turned it down and insisted on pursuing criminal charges." - Jail Threat For Woman Whose Dogs 'Scared Chicken To Death' - TheSunUK

Joy's facing a potential one year in jail and $1,000 in fines.  It just means more income for the criminal justice system!  Joy will likely also be forced to hire an attorney to feed more money into the legal system.  Over blowing the smallest of things in order to generate income for itself is the trend in the U.S. court system these days.  This is how they drive us all crazy with their petty ridiculous pathetic groping for legal issues they can squeeze income out of.  This kind of legal mindset overflows into all walks of life with the mentally ill jumping on board making us all out to be guilty of something while robbing us blind in the process.

The case should have never been filed against this pet owner.  Who in their right mind would file a complaint over a dead chicken's heart attack?  How neighborly is that to blame someone for an accident?  Was she trying to kill his chicken with her dog?  Don't think so.  One could argue the chicken had a predisposed heart problem and that it's normal for animals to behave this way.

Our country's going insane because lawyers, judges and law enforcement are trying to make issues of everything we do to generate income for themselves.  Heads up, there are criminals in the court system and judge's are in on this scam as clear as day.  This case means $1,000 in revenue if the woman's convicted, as well as legal fees for court filings while feeding the local legal community.  That's really what the case is all about.

Court's hijack the mentally ill's crazy claims in order to generate fees for itself.  "My chicken had a heart attack, arrest her!"  The court believes it must honor the claims of the mentally ill no matter how absurd.