Sunday, July 22, 2012

U.S. Shadow Government Behind Dark Knight Rises

The U.S. Government believes people are so immersed in fantasy these days it can get away with anything, even entering movie theaters through its mind altered patsies to alter reality.  It's so in your face DARPA's involvement in funding Holmes' PhD program got to this neuroscientist student to set him up as a patsy for the shooting.

People of Holmes' kind of intelligence don't completely lose it without a great deal of help. Holmes was clearly mind altered by the government to carry out its false flag operations in order to influence people to give up their rights, in this case of Second Amendment gun ownership.  This kind of catastrophe always happens prior to major gun control legislation.  
"Holmes, a doctoral student at the University of Colorado at Denver, had won a neuroscience training grant from the National Institutes of Health, a university spokeswoman said early Sunday. The grant was awarded to just six students at the school." - 'Dark Knight' Suspect Had NIH Grant Given to 'Outstanding Scientists'- Business Insider
Think about it a moment. How does anyone know for sure who the man was behind the mask?  Here's an alternate scenario of what likely happened.  With the drugged up patsy waiting in the wings, they sent in a masked man as the police stood down. Someone let him in the door with that gas mask? See Witness:  Someone Let Gunman Inside Colorado Movie Theater - CNN  After the shooting, it was a simple switch with the patsy suspect taken into custody drugged out of his mind.  The government had the neuroscientist's apartment boobie trapped prior in order to control the so called evidence by calling in the SWAT team.

Here's a bit of evidence to prove the U.S. military is involved in deceptively injecting its prisoners with mind altering drugs.
"At least one detainee, so-called “dirty bomber” Jose Padilla was tricked into believing he was injected with a “truth serum” during an interrogation, possibly a form of LSD or PCP. In reality, it was a flu shot. Still, it’s a “serious breach of medical ethics,” Georgetown University law professor and health policy specialist Gregg Bloche told Truthout. “It undermines trust in military physicians and it’s an unfair insult to the integrity of the vast majority of military doctors, who quite rightly believe that this sort of thing is contrary to their professional obligation,” Bloche said." - U.S. Injected Gitmo Detainees with Mind Altering Drugs -

The same thing happened with Sirhan, Sirhan, the alleged killer of RFK.  Sirhan had some mind altering memory loss drug administered as somoene behind him fired the fateful shot. See RFK Assassination Witness Willing to Testy for Sirhan's Lawyers -  For decades the U.S. government's had a shadowy beast lurking behind it, power drunk men and likely even women who have powerful networks running things in the background.  The purpose of this Dark Knight shooting was to influence gun control laws, as was Obama's Fast and Furious criminal fraud that killed 200 Americans and countless Mexican citizens.  The crooks in government want to disarm Americans because without guns we'd all be helpless against the tyranny they've planned.

Maybe the U.S. shadow gov't got the idea to use a medical student as a patsy from this William Hurt film Altered States in the 1980's.

Beware of any government that wants to disarm its citizens! They'll do false flags by staging planned terror events having no problem sacrificing innocent lives.  These are evil psychopaths in control of the U.S. government operating as a shadow mafia based operation.  People need to start doing their own research about how powerful mind altering drugs are.  The gov't believes it can get patsies to do anything it wants such as to influence outcomes of its proposed legislation.  The power drunk find great entertainment at their insane ideas such as this one always trying to outdo themselves.

Government masters how to control its population through this method as explained by Alex Jones.

They hijacked this movie to brainwash the mass culture.  They think we're all dumb to buy this nonsense, when its clear as day it was an elaborate staged event.  These psychopath criminals hijacked our government and they will continue to hijack our Constitution unless people wake up what's behind these kind of false flag staged events.