Monday, August 6, 2012

President Obama to NASA: "You Didn't Build That!" - Prefers Outsourcing U.S. Space Projects to China, Russia

As for this tremendous milestone achievement by NASA yesterday, Americans should take special note  President Obama terminated NASA's shuttle program while reducing its overall budget preferring to make Russia and China the leader in space exploration.  Based on his actions, if Obama had it his way, the U.S. would have never been allowed to land on Mars in 2012.
"President Obama’s FY 2013 budget proposes cutting NASA’s planetary science budget from $1.5 billion to $1.2 billion and ending the U.S. partnership with the E.U. to send probes to Mars on two planned missions in 2016 and 2018—this year, the Jet Propulsion Lab’s open house was marked by a bake sale to call attention to the proposed cuts. What the scientists at JPL did last night was a critical part of our future in space not simply because they did something extremely difficult that will advance our understanding of the planet that’s fascinated so many of us so deeply and for so long, but because they helped keep the dream alive at all, reminding of what it’s like to watch the future arrive, and how cheap it is to purchase in comparison to what we spend to maintain conflicts and policies that mire us in the past." - Think

Had Obama had it his way, this milestone achievement for humanity never would have taken place through the United States.  Obama would have preferred to outsource this achievement to Russia or China, his favorite nations on earth.

President Obama has recently exposed his own anti-American based affiliation and support of Chinese Communism by selling a scarf made of industrialized hemp imported from China on his website for $95.00. (Screen shot here)  Here's the kicker though, this scarf is being sold at the same time Obama's administration has criminalized the same hemp production in the United States.  China can do anything it wants while the U.S. is being hog tied by its own crooked government that's selling imported products on its very own President's website store.
"Thanks to Obama, anyone who tries to grow hemp will be raided at gunpoint by U.S. federal agents, prosecuted for felony crimes and thrown in prison.
So why is it okay for Barack Obama to buy industrial hemp grown in China, but keep industrial hemp criminalized in America? Robert Scott Bell asked this question on the August 2, 2012 broadcast of the Robert Scott Bell Show."   Download the MP3 here:  - Natural
It's so in our faces that Obama's a Communist plant, you have to be as dumb as a box of rocks not to see it for what it is.  The man wants to destroy our country being part of the world government take over.  Obama will be handing over the U.S. military to the United Nations forces in the future if he isn't somehow prevented from doing so.

Obama's lied about who his real daddy is through former terrorist for the Weather Underground who admits to have penned his biography.  Clinton pardoned terrorist Bill Ayers back in the 1990's for his participation in bombing the U.S. Capitol.  Also see video" Obama Terrorist Connections - William Ayers

We've got a clear anti-American saboteur in the White House selling Chinese made scarves who could give a flying rats ass about Americans unemployment.  Unfortunately Romney as an alternative wouldn't be much better.  These men are all part of the larger long-term plans for a world government take down of America's and other nations' sovereignty to impoverish the world.

For all you music lovers out there, Motown would have never existed under Obama's communist based philosophy.  So who in their right minds are still supporting a total and complete enemy of America and everything she's ever stood for?  Sadly too many ignorant blind Americans who don't take the time to get to know who Obama really is.  Obama lied about who his father is and his mother even turned out to be some white trash slut.  It doesn't get any worse than that, and even his social security card was taken from a dead person!  See Obama's Social Security Number Challenged - 

There's a plan that's been in the works for decades to incrementally dismantle America to replace it with a Communist based world government infrastructure.  The ultimate plan is to hand our U.S. military forces to be under UN (aka world government) control.

When will Americans wake up that world bankers are in control of who gets elected to the office of President?  It's as if pirates are on the ship and no one sees them quite yet.  Enemies of America are clearly at the helm!

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