Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Comet ISON Could Be God's Judgment Forthcoming

Comet ISON's activity's picking up and is nothing like the last comet visitation in 1997, this one has a lot of debris already showing up in our skies.  This video shows some of these debris as well as the path of the comet and potential scenarios that may affect earth.

Meanwhile, the timing's mysterious of a study being released related to the discovery of an ancient comet impact 28 million years ago. 
"A 28-million-year-old comet that collided with Earth over Egypt, killing all signs of life in its path has been identified by a team of scientists. The discovery is the first evidence of a comet striking Earth. New research published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters reveals how the comet entered Earth’s atmosphere over Egypt, exploding and heating up the sand to a sweltering 3,632 degrees Fahrenheit. What remained became a 2,316 square mile area of yellow silica glass in the Sahara Desert known as Libyan Desert Glass -- a remnant of which was found in Tutankhamun’s brooch." - First Evidence of Comet Striking Earth 28 Million Years Ago - International Business Times
I couldn't help but notice the orchestrated feel to the release of this information, all designed to affect the public psyche over the coming comet's arrival.  If the comet proves harmless, perhaps the Satanists will make it look like the comet's debris hit earth by triggering a nuclear device to wipe out a few million people.

My spirit's unusually quiet and there is a calm I sense before a sudden storm forthcoming and I say this metaphorically.  This could all be the final days of millions of people's lives and the U.S. government is likely well aware of what's to come.

If you haven't yet done so, turn to Jesus Christ for forgiveness from your sins with all of your heart and He will forgive you and give you new life.  Get water baptized and accept the Holy Spirit at a local Christian Bible based church  God's wrath may be forthcoming and only those sealed with the Holy Spirit will be protected. Once you die unsaved, there is no way to enter heaven, your life will be over forever.  God's very serious about those who reject His Son, He means business!