Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lou Reed - Official Citizen of Eternal Hell

Satan rewarded Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Lou Reed with all the worldly gifts one could offer a songwriter including performing for the Catholic Pope. See Pope is going to Rock with Lou Reed - NY Post, 2000
"Lou Reed is the guy that gave dignity and poetry and rock n' roll to smack, speed, homosexuality, sadomasochism, murder, misogyny, stumblebum passivity, and suicide," wrote Bangs, a dedicated fan and fearless detractor" - Lou Reed Dead at 71 - HuffPost
Watch very closely who the world praises upon their passing, it tells a lot about the nature of the world we live in. Reed's the top news story on HuffPost having made headlines today and around the world. The write-up was enormous and the details so breathtakingly insignificant except for that of an unrepentant fallen sinner who's clearly joined the legions of eternally damned souls.

I can safely write this because it's clear this musician's entire life to the very end was opposed to Jesus Christ as the only one who could have saved him from an unspeakable place of eternal torment and suffering. The fact remains mankind is fallen, there's no way out of hell except through Jesus Christ the true and only Messiah. Rock and Roll by its very nature makes it difficult to depart that lifestyle.

God's no respecter of persons, it doesn't matter how famous or successful anyone is, if they rejected Jesus Christ they will descend into eternal hell along with their god Satan and his fallen angels. Christians like myself are here to pray for those unsaved individuals for their salvation, not to judge them. However when a person's life is over on earth, we can point out, based on God's Word, how He will deal with them in the afterlife of heaven or hell whether they repented asking forgiveness surrendering their life to Jesus Christ.  

Though Lou Reed was a nice guy, not a murderer or hardened criminal, this has no meaning to God whose no respecter of fallen unsaved sinners. The fact remains we can't earn our salvation but only through Jesus's work on the cross who defeated death for all who accept Him. Therefore the ultimate question in Reed's life is, did he repent of his sins and turn to Jesus for his eternal salvation? Did Reed follow Jesus? Thanks to the hard core industry of Rock & Roll that's opposed to Jesus in every way, shape and form, the answer is most definitely not. Unless for some miracle on his death bed some kind Christian came in during the last moments of Reed's life to give him the Lord's prayer and his final chance at repentance and asking for God's forgiveness, Reed is a citizen of eternal hell. 
"His physician Charles Miller noted that Reed "was fighting right up to the very end. He was doing his Tai Chi exercises within an hour of his death, trying to keep strong and keep fighting." - Wikipedia
Many people have no idea that Jesus didn't come to earth to save the good but for the sinners! We are all sinners prior to being saved! It's so sad when sinners in rock and roll don't acknowledge why God came to earth through Jesus to shed His blood for their eternal salvation. All they have to do is accept His gift of peace, repent and turn away from sin.  

God didn't come to earth for the Pharisees, the Pope or those who cling to the law or good works, he came for the sinners!  Rock & Roll should have seen Jesus was the answer all along. Jesus is truly their friend, if they only knew Him!  God extends his grace for all to repent out of His mercy, we all deserve hell being of fallen humanity. Lou Reed's time ran out and can for any one of us when God so chooses.  
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