Saturday, October 26, 2013

U.S. Currency Depicts Forewarning of Catastrophic Events - New York on New $100 Bill

Christian Jonathan Kleck has come out with a series of videos about how the principalities of darkness have been printing their plans of destruction on U.S. Currency for several decades.  I don't know how anyone can possibly explain away the facts presented in this video. 

If you live in New York, this is a real good time to take that long vacation you've always wanted.

New $100 Bill Shows Destruction of New York According to Jonathan Kleck

A YouTube commenter states:
The Nukes were here where I live by Dyess Air Force Base. They have believed to been moved when Lindsay Graham made an odd speech that N.C. Would be Attacked if Syria wasn't. So it's believed they were moved to N.C. Then dropped in the ocean bed on Oct. 5th. This event already happened, maybe not to major yet another to come, but google it. Nukes dropped in ocean bed-Done by the US:(

Updated version of viral video

Follow-up Video For Skeptics