Monday, December 2, 2013

Hollywood Celebrities Offer Fans Invitations to Eternal Hell

Many people, even Christians, are very upset over the fiery finish to actor Paul Walker's recent death. Paul Walker's Fiery Crash Still Under Investigation - LA Times  

Let this be a reminder that everyone affiliated with Hollywood who isn't a saved Christian is currently on  the path to eternal hell. In fact, there are even some famous alleged infamous Christians who aren't going to make it to heaven. How do we Christians know you might ask? We know the Word of God doesn't lie to us and is very clear regarding heaven and hell, it's not a guessing game!  That's why sounding the alarm to let all know time's running out is the right thing to do. In spite of Comet ISON's apparent disintegration, its huge debris is a potential hazard to earth among other celestial signs and events forthcoming. See video Comet ISON's Fanning Out - Dec. 2, 2013

Do celebrities really think they have a ticket to heaven without Jesus Christ? The reality is the likes of Barbra Streisand and Oprah Winfrey (the later highly likely) could potentially end up in hell believing they were headed for heaven when they didn't pass the test here on earth based on God's terms.

Celebrities need to know what they're facing in eternity without Jesus Christ who was sent by God to save them from a horrendous fate as He was for all of humanity. These famous people are in such a good position to let their fan bases know the truth after years of deceiving them.  Those who obey God to let others know the truth Jesus is the only way out of hell will be eternally blessed!

This celebrity from the 1980's never turned to Jesus after leaving Hollywood, coming out as a lesbian in 2012 still headed for hell! 

Which one of these Hollywood celebrities is going to do the right thing and surrender their lives to Jesus and help others do the same?  My guess is very few.  The reason is they took the devil's temptation to get where they are being quite spiritually blind.  Only the ones who left long ago have much of a chance to escape Satan's Hollywood cult. For instance, former child actress Kristy McNichol had a tremendous opportunity to turn to God and come out from the crowd on behalf of Jesus.  Kristy made a mistake but it's never too late to repent and ask for God's forgiveness while we're still living.

People facing hell are in plain sight being given their final rites because there's no real future for humanity, they just don't know it yet.  When anyone dies without Jesus as their Savior, in their sins, they will be delivered directly to hell upon death. There will be no resting place to decide what destination you want, fate will be sealed forever! God's no respecter of persons and celebrities in Hollywood are all considered part of Satan's playground with few exceptions.

There's no need to list any further names here, it's obvious most all of these Hollywood celebrities are headed for eternal hell since they took Satan's temptation to begin with.  Regardless, all are also currently on God's grace He extends out of tremendous love.  You see, this is not a movie, this earth really is a testing ground to determine who leaves with Jesus and who goes to hell. Sadly, many go to hell based on ignorance that they otherwise would have certainly obeyed God.  After we die there are no excuses or arguments with God over the lives we lived. God won't be there with a movie projector splicing together the good we did for his assessment. He will immediately know those who accepted Jesus, the Holy Spirit and obeyed Him and those who did not. He will recognize those who belong to Him and those who do not! 

The sounds of hell of those who are headed straight for its gates without Jesus.

Please don't go to hell, please don't let that happen! People go to hell over something as simple as ignorance of the Word of God.  At least take the time to read the Bible and get to know God. Don't leave your eternal destiny up to chance, you'll be there the rest of your life! Don't play things by ear.

When we're born into this world we became forever beings because God created us. We'll live forever in either heaven or hell based on our choices here on earth. The only way to heaven is by accepting Jesus as our Savior and obeying God, hearing His Word, accepting the Holy Spirit and getting water baptized.  People in Hollywood chose hell and sin as a lifestyle and are deluding themselves they can overcome God and His plan.  These people are all in great spiritual danger while dragging their fans down with them!

12:4 “I tell you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, and after that have nothing more they can do. 12:5 But I will warn you whom you should fear: Fear the one who, after the killing, has authority to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him! Luke - 12:4-5 
Barbra Streisand can sing her heart out until the end of time but if she doesn't accept Jesus as her Savior, she will be going to hell as her final so called resting place.  Just a heads up, there's no R.I.P. for anyone without accepting Jesus as their Savior! People who do the R.I.P condolences are only trying to relieve their own anxiety. That's why the beginning of wisdom is to fear God who decides our eternal destination.