Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Has the U.S. Government Defamed Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un?

In view of this Sony hacking impostor fiasco I was thinking about how hard the court system in San Diego was on me that Judge Robert C. Longstreth in San Diego told me "there are consequences for going after the wrong man". This happened back in 2009 at a phone conference hearing to discuss my motion of removal of a case in his court back to where the case had been filed in central.

After my offering $1,000 to remove a blog and sending two letters to forewarn of the coming lawsuit of which I received no response, I filed a case against a man with a reputation on the Internet who I later learned through a Motion to Quash filed by Joseph F. Hart, Esq. involved an imposter using his former email address He not only used the former address but impersonated him on-line luring the man himself into the dispute with  me.  This is the website of the man who coordinated this psy-op and this is the website of the man whose activities online had been well documented prior on a web site.

Based on what now seems to be clear evidence from top cybersecurity authorities that the hack was an inside job, aka a psy-op, that relied on the poor reputation of the North Korean leader as the fall guy even the FBI failed to recognize, the U.S. government apparently got it wrong. This doesn't inspire much confidence when even the FBI got it wrong and falsely accused a foreign government now does it. 
"FBI is holding firm to its conclusions
The FBI's claims appeared early on to make sense, given the vanity of the young North Korea leader. But, alas, it appears as though that claim is falling apart. 
Kurt Stammberger, senior vice president at Norse Corp., a cybersecurity firm, now says that he used Sony's leaked human-resources documents to cross-reference information with communications on hacker chat rooms, as well as the firm's own network of web sensors, to conclude that North Korea was not responsible for the hack." PSYCH! Sony hack was an inside job; North Korea scapegoated as distraction strategy - Natural News December 31, 2014

So if our very own government got this wrong, will Judge Robert Longstreth's claim "there are consequences for going after the wrong man" still apply? Will there be apologies thereby overlooking the bad reputation of a highly mocked psychopathic North Korean leader? Or will the U.S. government be seriously punished for defaming the leader with punitive civil complaints for its erroneous presumptions as I was? One can note a shadowy hacker overseeing the entire psy-op knowing North Korea would be the prime suspect and the FBI supporting that claim.

Click to Enlarge - An interesting comment to consider posted on the above article.

If the court system was so hard on me in view of an obvious psy-op overseen by Rick Lazzarini, a famous Hollywood special effects man in horror films, that it issued an enormous default judgment without even my knowledge, what should North Korea be permitted to do by law for these erroneous claims and alleged defamation and mockery in film of its leader?  It seems to me to be a very dangerous childish game the U.S. government's playing utilizing a psychopathic monster as its fall guy.

These are the type of arrogant people in the judicial system who go so far as waiving their own DUI charges using insider connections believing themselves to be above reproach.

Judge used connections to waive her drunk driving charge.
"Judge caught drinking and driving on tape but is let off the hook by her friends in power
Even judges enjoy the benefits of this legal system. It's obvious that they protect their own, pardoning one another even after evidence shows that they have broken some of the more serious of laws. 
According to new video evidence, a Texas judge identified as Nora Longoria was stopped by police for speeding and driving under the influence. The Texas judge confessed to having five beers that evening and refused a breathalyzer and blood test to determine her intoxication level. While it was apparent she was breaking the law, when she went back to work, the charges were dropped. In fact, the District Attorney of Hidalgo County, Rene Guerra, said there was not enough evidence to prosecute Longoria. Judge Rolando Cantu, a colleague and friend of Longoria ultimately dismissed the case against her, and marked "other" as the reason for dismissal." Corrupt Judge Uses Connections To Get Off Hook After Getting Caught Drinking and Driving - Natural News - December 31, 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Archaeologists: Newly Excavated Ruins Where Jesus Taught

God's Tremendous Grace, Patience and Mercy This Christmas

In this culture of materialism, I'm blessed to have a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in life that I fully understand what Christmas is really all about.  

My sister in Christ Jesus said it best today on Facebook:

God's love for mankind came into the world, through a baby in a manger. The baby was born, to one day die for man's redemption. Angels sang and rejoiced the night of the baby's birth, they were saddened the day He died on a cross. That precious baby fulfilled words of many Prophets! Today, many follow the baby who is the Messiah. As He loved us, we in turn LOVE Him, following His Words to us, obeying His commands. For unto us a child is born! We rejoice! We long for the day, He comes to redeem us....He is coming soon, I cannot wait!  - Sandi Smith

Star of Bethlehem Documentary

I know I was placed on earth for the purpose of being a blessing, not a burden, to others.  God's in my life redirecting me to His Word and cleansing the old patterns in life of failures. I'm grateful for God's patience, grace and mercy and look forward to spending Christmas with God in prayer and reading His Holy Scriptures. I strive to forgive and pray for my enemies and to let go of past conflicts I contributed to through ignorance of God and His Word.

I'm just very grateful God's in my life now and am praying for everyone this Christmas wishing all the best.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Grinch Edmond Wollmann LeviesTwo Days Before Christmas!

The Grinch Edmond Wollmann who stole Christmas.  

Satanist Edmond Wollmann levied my bank account two days prior to Christmas. Who does this?

What has this culture come to when mean spirited men do this kind of thing?  A very hateful bitter man is Edmond Heinz Wollmann!  He's showing his true character, his true stripes to the entire world.

I do forgive this poor lost soul of course and am grateful I have God's Word to show me exactly what to do in these situations.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

What U.S. Ice Skater Lori Fussell Did With My Amelia Earhart Tribute Song Was Beautiful

U.S. Ice Skater Lori Fussell's performance at the 2011 ISU International Adult Competition

Earlier this year I learned U.S. Ice Skater, Lori Fussell, took my tribute song to Amelia Earhart, Do You Read Me and made it part of her international ice skating competition.  Lori sent me the link to her video and thanked me for the song making it worth while after all.  Thanks again Lori, you're so inspiring to watch!

Back in 2007 I composed and arranged the song that featured flautist Sky Grealis.  It was a very fun project.  I certainly never believed it would get chosen for an International ice skating competition. Sky's performance clearly made the difference.

The reason I'm posting this is it was brought back to memory after I met Brian Boitano a few weeks ago who was a 1988 Olympic gold medal champion.

My actual video for the song:

My Tribute to Amelia Earhart Song- 2007 with flautist Sky Grealis

I didn't search far and wide for Sky, she just naturally arrived for the song likely thanks to her name that resonated with Amelia's life who flew the skies.  All these people made my dream come true to put one of my songs to good use on behalf of another in tribute.  I honestly didn't think that would be at all possible having not sung in decades.
For rthose who live according to the flesh set their minds on sthe things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit. Romans 8:5

Friday, December 19, 2014

Has Good Fight Ministries Been Infected By Hollywood Too?

For the past two years I've been promoting Good Fight Ministries for their exposing the depravity and Satanism in Hollywood and the music industry by linking to their sites on this blog and following and sharing posts on Facebook and Twitter.   Unfortunately, I've recently had to reconsider supporting the GFM website due to noting the pastor supporting idolatry in the form of an unhealthy focus on celebrities.

I noted a ridiculous Facebook post from the pastor of GFM sharing Angelina Jolie's alleged miracle and asking for member's thoughts.  Angelina had allegedly prayed for the rain to stop so they could continue shooting film.
"[Angelina] said 'I don't know what I'm going to do so I'll do what Louie would do.' She got on her knees and she prayed for a miracle … everybody saw it," she recalled. "It stopped raining. The sun came out, a rainbow came out, she said, 'let's get this take' [and] they shot the take. When she said 'cut,' it started to rain again." Angelina Jolie Dropped To Her Knees and Prayed for a Miracle -
I tend to have a very objective point of view because I've never seen a Jolie film ever since I stopped watching new Hollywood films way back in 2003.  To me it was clear as day that it was an article more for The Onion and not for Christian news.

What I  later noted on the Good Fight Ministries' Facebook page was that there was a personality cult among Christians who wanted to save celebrities for Jesus that they cared little to nothing of their fellow Christians. I was being directed to pray for Ms. Jolie, then scolded by another member quite harshly when I suggested it was a form of idolatry to treat Ms. Jolie any different from another. The GFM pastor then stepped into the fray backing up the other member disagreeing with me that it was a form of idolatry.  I believed I had a valid point that needed further elaboration.

I therefore digress that, in my opinion, Good Fight Ministries isn't a real ministry of Jesus Christ. Jesus isn't for spreading the evil of Hollywood to the degree it's promoted on the GFM website while leaving Christians naive and unequipped for true spiritual warfare as stated in Ephesians 6:10-20

There's a very fine line to walk when Christians seek to expose Satan because God wants us focusing on things of heaven and not of this world.
If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. Colossians 3:1-2
It's my opinion Good Fight Ministries should no longer be producing videos of this nature nor glorifying any current celebrities by spending so much time on them. The fact is that Jesus already won the fight at the cross and wants us focusing on heavenly things.  It's not right to form personality cults of idolatry worship of celebrities on social media in a vain attempt to try and save those who have clearly rejected Jesus as their Savior when others are in need prayer.

Hollywood wants a piece of the Christian money to go from tithing to itself.  These worldly actresses are going to pull all kinds of stunts to impress Christians and that's just one of the reasons why I'm not buying the Angelina Jolie miracle no matter how convincing with the timing of the sun coming out.

I noted my former local church in San Francisco was also infected by the Hollywood bug but even to a greater degree.  Guys night out at this church was a visit to the local theater to watch Planet of the Apes.  Their month long series on Hollywood blockbuster films and giving away free movie tickets was enough for me to never return again.

There's such a thing as being infected by Hollywood when even Christians catch that bug!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Charitable Contribution To Sarah F. Hicks, CEO of Comma Design Today

As a lifelong charitable contributor to the wealthy high class in America, I'm always glad to pitch in and help whenever I can.  I love being asked to pose in celebrity like photo shoots with them over their continued success in whatever ventures they take on in life.  Whether it's being the CEO of a successful design firm with clients like DreamForce or Pillsbury Winthrop LLP my former employer, or becoming a new attorney in California, I'm always happy to be at their disposal with a pittance thrown my way.
It's Sunday morning in San Francisco and just got back from notarizing and taking an attorney's oath (that officially makes them attorneys by law) at the very busy festive crowded lobby of the Fairmont Hotel. It was a one document signing full of celebrative photos of Sarah F. Hicks, the CEO of Comma Design and her entire excited family with assumptions I would approve of being in photos of the signing as well as in special poses in front of the Christmas trees with her for others to take shots of.
On Friday I had quoted Sarah over the phone just $10 giving her a break thinking it would be a very quick notarization just a couple blocks from my home. When people don't want my mobile services I figure it's because they can't afford the $40 minimum fee so on the weekends I give them the second option to meet me near where I live.  What I had really offered Sarah was based on my charitable spirit of helping out someone to avoid extra mobile based fees. 
After the ceremonial signing and photo shoot Sarah asked me how much it would be. Knowing contract law, I had to tell her exactly what I quoted her on the phone due to the oral agreement that was $10. By law notaries can only charge $10 per signature but mobile notaries charge for additional fees that's perfectly legal.  In this case, I could have charged a special fees related to special requests and it being a Sunday. (My photo at left - a charitable contributor of Sarah F. Hinks, CEO)
After this lady handed me a $10 I was still under the impression she was perhaps a new law student who didn't yet have a job but after I got home looked up her name to see who it was who put me through all that pomp and circumstance on a Sunday morning.  
Let me guess, on top of that little insult of being handed $10 for special requests, I bet I won't get any good Yelp review either.  Only one person in five long years of riding an electric bicycle in cold windy weather in San Francisco gave me a nice lengthy review after I made extraordinary efforts for them. The other three reviews were all repeat clients who I had to ask.  Even then words like "punctual" were used which I've always thought of as a key word for mediocrity. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think I'm great or anything and am very grateful to have my own business but when I arrive within 15 minutes in cold 45 degree weather one morning on a bicycle so your executive can catch a flight out of San Francisco and you don't give a Yelp review, I get the message.
When Sarah handed me a $10 bill today what it represented was class oppression that made me feel very small.  In other words, in spite of the pleasantries, it was just another spiritual attack from Satan, one of many that have been accelerating lately.  I didn't take any pride in a photo shoot with Sarah of course, I don't like my photograph taken.  I didn't even take an opportunity I was offered back in 2004 to be in a photograph with Yanni the musician for his new book signing at a local book store. I don't like my photo taken period and have no regrets.
In retrospect that little event today meant nothing at all to God and wasn't even worth $10. Anyone who would hand a $10 bill to someone after all that is pitiful.  What an ego!  The money I received will be provided to Dr. Charles Stanley's In Touch Ministries as part of my tithe to Jesus Christ this month.
Oh and it's quite a shame another woman called me this morning who wanted me to notarize two documents at The Fairmont too that she made an appointment and just called as I wrote this to say "we found a notary on the Peninsula and need to cancel".  What nice considerate people these people are for the holidays. I set aside my time and they cancel within one hour of the appointment on their whim. That money would have gone to Charles Stanley's ministries as well.
Cheers to all! Hope you enjoy your Christmas festivities.  Keep cancelling appointments, referring institutionalized rapists to call and threaten lawsuits and include me in photo shoots over the success of others while throwing $10 around on a Sunday. I assure that God's watching over how all of you extremely wealthy well to do folks here in San Francisco treat his child as well as how I respond with prayer, patience and forgiveness.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Voicemail From Lifetime Committed Rapist Scott Emerson Felix Threatening Lawsuit

One Friday evening on November 8, 2014, I received a call from convicted felon rapist Scott Emerson Felix.  Felix called me from a fake number disguised as a kind old grandpa who was trying to help out his relative in hospice at the Veteran's Hospital.  Since he called using an out-of -state phone number I had no reason to expect anything unusual aside from his ramblings until I noted the next day he called from a different number in Coalinga, CA.  Because of the unusual nature of receiving three calls from someone who seemed very controlling,  I looked up the Coalinga phone number to learn it came from the Coalinga State Mental facility, a state run mental hospital.

Scott Felix had called first to coordinate his distant relative driving out to meet me at the VA hospital's hospice the next day to notarize some trust documents for his alleged dying uncle.  I'm glad I spoke with his relative first because I had every right to think foul play was involved when she informed me Felix was the sole beneficiary.

The State of California does not want Scott Felix anywhere near the rest of civilized humanity. (Note: Except to call Cheryl Meril and threaten lawsuits)  The state Legislature and the officials who run the penal and mental-health systems say that he's damaged goods, perhaps permanently damaged. They want him off the streets, in a locked psychiatric facility. 
State officials say his past is a prologue. They claim he belongs to a special class of dangerous criminals who need to be locked up, even after their prison sentences are completed -- at least for a while, and perhaps forever. These officials are confident that they possess the scientific tools needed to predict that Felix will commit more rapes. -  SF Weekly - June 3, 1998
The reason I'm posting this is to let others know these prisoners like this can disguise their phone numbers so  be on guard that it's possible someone at a state mental hospital could be phoning them.   Felix told me I was referred by someone who had used my services.  I later confirmed that Scott Felix has no access to the Internet on his own so someone must have provided my contact information.  He had offered his credit card over the phone I wouldn't accept until the time of signing.  Had I accepted early payment he might have had a legal case for breach of oral contract.

Scott Felix Transcript of Voice Mail November 8, 2014 7:35 p.m.

here for Audio Version)

"Cheryl Meril of Nob Hill Notary Mobile, are you refusing services after you made a verbal agreement to complete this transaction? Whether I'm in a state hospital or not, has nothing to do with the fact that your services are discriminating against me. And if you're going to discriminate against me, then I would like to know that. So are you refusing to complete the task that you agreed to? And if so I would like you to notify me, you have the number.  
In addition to that I don't appreciate your threats. I have not acted inappropriate. I've conducted myself professionally with you. I've given you all the information, and I've been clear, and I've been honest. And this is something that needs to be done in the interest of my family. And I am acting as that party right now. So I do not understand your hostility, and I do not understand why you are denying me services that you advertise.  
So know this, I'm a paralegal, and I will follow through if you refuse my family and me any services today. You have a nice day. I hope you contact my cousin to complete the task before you."
Scott Felix said the legal papers had been prepared by an attorney.  What I found unusual was why didn't the attorney arrange for my services instead? Why did they refer my phone number to a convicted institutionalized rapist?

The devil was behind this contact, it's just too scripted and abnormal.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Sarah Schlemmer's Demons Texted Me A Curse Over Imaginary Event

This is a quick blog post calling for Christian warriors to pray for me over recent phone and text contacts from Sarah A. Schlemmer, 28 an atheist of San Francisco originally from St. Louis MO.

I'm calling prayer from Christians to bind these demonic spirits that are attacking and slandering me through this person in the form of text messages though I've never met nor had any conversation with her.

Ms. Schlemmer contacted me at 4:00 pm on Friday, December 5, 2014 for an apparent notarization though I have no memory of it.  My phone records confirmed Ms. Schlemmer contacted me and that I returned her call twice within a few minutes leaving two voice mails. I was very busy that day and took her phone call squeezed in between two appointments.  Sometimes when people call I'm riding my eBike answering with a bluetooth and can't hear them clearly so I tell them I'll call them right back. My records show I returned her call twice.

In any event, today I noted a text message from Ms. Schlemmer that was sent that very day of December 5th I hadn't seen. The message shocked me, very accusatory about my alleged attitude and then going on about her having cyber stalked me and my reviews on the Internet that its a wonder I have so many bad ones.  Knowing this wasn't true that Google is full of defamation written by cyber stalkers I responded with:
"I think there was a mis-communication that happens among strangers on the phone. I'm sorry, but I didn't do anything wrong to you I'm aware of."
What this person responded with was not at all dismissive tearing into me even more:
"You were rude and beyond unprofessional. you started an argument and then hung up on me.  Please do not contact me again."
I didn't remember her phone call and her description sounded fabricated.  I don't argue with customers and hang up on them unless they're giving me a real hard time.  I certainly wouldn't hang up on someone and then call them back as my records showed either. I felt this lady was making up a story of a fake argument so I wrote back:

"Liar, I deny your false accusation devil"

You see, I was absolutely shocked and didn't feel I was addressing a rational human being so I responded to the devil.

Sarah responded:

"Stop harassing me you miserable psychopath.  A pox on you and your house!"

Wow, this was a witch cursing me and my home by text!  I wanted to find out what kind of personality would call me a psychopath and obviously cyber stalk me to read a psychopath's blog about me.

Sarah on Google+ with her nephew. Who sticks out their tongue like that?   
This was not a nice nor understanding forgiving person.  I looked up her phone number and connected it to Ms. Schlemmer's that she was a student at the local city college.

I wouldn't allow this curse on me and my home to stand so I responded:

"Sarah, Good luck with city college. I'll be praying for you Ms. Schlemmer".

Sarah response:
"I'm atheist, please don't pray for me. And I'm actually working on my masters now. Thanks for the well wishes. . . "

Texting from a demonic spirit through Sarah

I'm sorry but when someone curses me by texting and cyber stalks me, then calls me a psychopath I think that person's in need of prayer. I wanted to post this because Sarah's in need of Jesus in her life.

Sometimes the reason people are crazy is they don't realize they are. This is the kind nightmare of a customer no notary wants of endless accusations over a non-event.

In my opinion from this small amount of information I've gained through such abnormal contacts, Sarah's a  hard core witch to put a curse on me like that by texting, very wicked.  When I saw her Google+ photo and account it confirmed the kind of personality I was dealing with.  When I first I saw that text attacking me I thought it was creepy being from the devil and I was right. I knew the devil was behind it. This isn't really Sarah, it's the devil operating through her.

I do forgive Sarah and will be praying to bind the demonic spirits that work through Satan's children that insist on finding all kinds of ways of attacking and falsely accusing me.  I do think it's scary when people like this are working on their masters degree. I hope for the sake of others that she's not planning on being a psychologist.

Crying Rape - What Happens After The Whore Games Are Over

I'm a 54 year old woman born back in 1960 to parents in Hollywood television music entertainment who had me out of wedlock who didn't really want me.  My first and only boyfriend I've ever had was in 1982 and it lasted 9 months.  The only gift I've ever received from a man outside of the business relationships the past 35 years was a small stuffed toy animal. Thereafter my only ever boyfriend complained he had been paying for my meals whenever we went out and wanted to go dutch because I had recently purchased a nice used sports car.

I've never received any flowers from any relationship with a man (or woman) and have witnessed decade after decade of women getting things from their boyfriends and/or husbands.  On rare occasions I've received left over or new flowers only on company based occasions, none for me or my birthday, but for coordinated efforts to honor secretaries and support staff for Valentine's Day and other similar events that had no personal association.

Why am I disclosing this information to the public? Because of a story I came across today of a doctor's gifts to a woman who dumped him.
A eye doctor in Orlando is suing his former fiancĂ©e for the return of a wide array of gifts that he now claims are rightfully his since he paid for them. 
Divorced Claude 'Jack' Parker III treated Kimberly Herbstritt, an employee at his eye center, to a $60,000 diamond engagement ring when he proposed in 2012.
During their time together Parker, 56, showered his fiance with other gifts including a $70,000 Porsche and a Weimaraner dog that cost $3,500 to train.  Doctor Sues Former Fiance - UK Mail

I don't understand why men throw so much money at women who don't love or care about them, who just use them.  I was greatly tempted in my early 20's to use men for material things but didn't take that path. I didn't use men beyond my mid-20's and maybe that's one of the reasons why God chose me as His own and saved me from hell because I stood out from the crowd where most all women gave into men too easily to get the material comforts in life.

So when I see stories like these and note how very little time men have put into getting to know me, it's because the ungodly whores have been plentiful, distracting and endless in California.  I would have never chosen California to grow up in, it's too late for me to leave.  Growing up in Southern California as a teenager influenced by Hollywood entertainment culture is the worse thing that can happen to anybody because Hollywood distorts reality.

I'm thankful that God has since provided gifts for me stored up in heaven in what Jesus did for me at the cross to save me from eternal hell. I'm very grateful after a life of real neglect of men in general who never bothered to form a trusting friendship with me because I wouldn't have sex with them, that I was viewed more like a low class slave whose life was just tolerated from the get go at birth and one they enjoy mocking (as they still do today on word press blogs).

How dare I infringe on anyone's life that I existed!  Everyone has been so selfish much of my life, they never spent time with me, never gave me a chance, I was just their slave girl always there to support their secretarial or office support needs.  I was there as a young teen to clean houses for mothers in a wealthy community, babysit the children, iron their clothes, clean up under their refrigerator, their bathrooms all in wealthy Palos Verdes Estates. There during the summer breaks to clean house for the paraplegic man and his wife while I was missing out on a normal teenage life and studying to get good grades.

So this eye doctor throws all that money away on a whore who dumped him and wants it back? How sad for him that he can't accept responsibility for his error in judgment.  It's War Of The Roses all over again. I'm glad my life is unique from the crowd and that God's been separating me from this foolish culture.  I don't envy these women's lives but wanted to clarify for anyone who thinks I've lived a privileged spoiled life that they're wrong.

The courts throw the book at me when I file a lawsuit for defamation when some stranger from Hollywood horror special effects impersonates another while endlessly defaming and mocking me on the Internet.  E.W. continues to this day sending me mail seeking $756,000 for a default judgment he should have never received from any normal court.

So maybe people might understand what a good person I was to clean homes for moms when I was a teenager who didn't get an allowance, nor have my viola lessons paid for by a very selfish father who did little to nothing for his teenage daughter's welfare.  Getting him to co-sign for a $5,000 student loan in 1983 was very difficult to convince him to do.  I finally realized I was born to a couple of complete strangers who never cared about me or my future.

For the past 5 years I've provided mobile notary and loan signing services in San literally thousands of people over that time frame.  In many cases I've performed super human tasks of racing on a electric bike in cold windy conditions over large distances in San Francisco to make rush appointments on time to even help people catch their flights. Yet out of all these people guess what?  Only one person took the time to write me a Yelp review last year. One person named Daisy! After that I had to contact a couple clients who I knew would oblige.  I now have a whopping 4 reviews, two of which use the word "punctual".  I hate that word!

No one would provide me with a good Yelp review without my prodding or doing something over the top spectacular for them.  What does that tell me? People don't want to help me or my business, people mock me on the Internet, courts grant crazy cross lawsuits against me for defamation that was unjustified and even unlawful. People hate me while whores thrive and complain.  Whores are loved in this society, especially the cock sucking ones.

Why God likely saved me is because I've suffered for years under class oppression of spoiled American men who never did anything but oppress me, never did anything nice or good for me with a few exceptions. They gave their attention to their whores who fondled and suckled them raw and now these very same whores who slept with multitudes of men are all complaining about being raped getting endless media attention. Cry me a river!

Honestly, I was a slave in America without any real life and I can only imagine what lies up ahead when the economy collapses for those who have no idea how selfish and brutal men can truly be after their whore games are over.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

How The Crazies Ensnare the Innocent

I'll use my recent experience as a good example of how mentally disturbed people on the Internet work to ensnare others who give them one iota of response or attention.  They send bait emails so there's no visual or auditory cues to discern true intent or the nature of the hidden personality.  All it takes is one response that could be interpreted as combative to blow it up into a huge lawsuit that is fueled by troll activity of false accusations and defamation.  These men clearly want to "own" their victims from the get go.

Last week I had to take the San Francisco Muni bus because of the rain and on the way back from the office happened to pick up a newspaper laying on one of the empty seats.  After I was done with the paper I tried to find somewhere to place it without littering.  I was being watched by a Chinese man who sat two rows behind me that he asked for the paper which I gladly passed along.

I immediately noticed the Chinese man was talking very loudly about something so I looked back at him that he began verbally attacking me with nonsense.  I responded with "I gave you the paper, what's the problem?".  This made the man even angrier and as he grew louder I sarcastically responded "It's time for your medication!" which clearly wasn't the right thing to say.

When I finally discerned the situation that he was just a very ill person, he moved up one more row in a strategic move like a chess game.  He kept rambling on loudly in an imaginary conversation with me about current events.  He went on about what was wrong with the city that the newspaper I had handed to him apparently triggered he was blaming me for. At one point he even said "look what you did to this city supporting Willie Brown!"

At some point I recognized this man was using me as target for his hate simply because I handed him a newspaper, that he was very disturbed and crazy. This is because I had both visual and auditory cues to let me know this man was just looking for any opportunity to vent and I had nothing to do with his problem.

As the man continued to loudly ramble on in his accusations against me, I began ignoring him while noting someone from the back of the bus went up to the man and said "Shut the hell up! Shut up man!" that had attracted the attention of the African American Muni bus driver who got out of his seat to say "you stay out of it! Let those two deal with it themselves! In other words, it was clear the bus driver believed I had perpetrated this dispute I was participating in and likely deserved it so no one should intervene on my behalf.  The fact was I said very few words, about 12 in total and was ignoring the man's imaginary conversations with me.

Thus my lesson for the day was this - my simply handing a newspaper to a crazy person caused him to focus on me as a target associating me with the problems of the city.  All I did was respond "I handed you a paper!" and "time for your medication" thinking he was accusing me of being rude. When I realized he was far out and disturbed I began ignoring him, but a little bridge was made by another bystander that brought in a fourth person, the bus driver to accuse me of being involved of perpetrating the alleged dispute.  I could only imagine had this issue on the bus escalated to some physical violence by the third party in the back, I would have likely been accused of causing the disruption by the bus driver as witness.

As the disturbed Chinese man continued to speak loudly with much hatred, he said "I'm calling the police!" completely oblivious that he was the problem on the bus, not the other way around. He took the cue from the Muni bus driver's direction to the other man that he was a victim.  A few blocks later when he got off the bus I said, "Jesus loves you very much" to make sure everyone knew I had no ill will toward him since the man was still mad over city politics that even spittle was coming off his lips.  Observers might have interpreted this man's rants that I was somehow responsible for victimizing him that his anger resulted in some valid condemnation.  

I had a similar problem with an African American five time evicted roommate evicted from the Progress Foundation I had the misfortune of having as a roommate 15 years ago in 1999 that the police sided with. As a 3.5 years tenant of the lease they made me out to be the perpetrator answering her every whim phone call so she could acquire a lease to the best deal in San Francisco.  

This is how the crazies operate to get their way that the court system and police sadistically enjoy tormenting the innocent using crazy people like this because they know you have to pay an attorney that therefore brings money into their legal industry.  

Monday, December 1, 2014

VIDEO: Ferguson Fraud Rent-a-Mob Distracted From Obama Executive Orders

The video may look boring but it really brings to the forefront the fraud of Ferguson's riots of shipped in out of state paid for people.  This Ferguson was a distraction to what Obama was doing behind the scenes with immigration and many new regulations in his executive orders.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

DEBUNKED VIDEO Military Police Didn't Start Fires in Ferguson!

The video I posted a link to last night has been officially debunked after the careful study by several commenters who brought attention to a number of coincidences that adequately dispute this allegation.

This video's a mere coincidence and illusion! The timing of an explosion across the street made it look like the police started a fire in the car they searched.  The fire's just reflecting off the car windshield to make it seem like a hand grenade was tossed into it.

The men and women were likely searching for bombs and unusual objects left by vandals.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Military Police Caught On Video Setting Fires in Ferguson

This video has since been debunked as a strange series of coincidences including an explosion across the street reflecting fire on the car windshield at the time military police were searching for a bomb in the vehicle with flashlights.

Replacement video for one removed last night.


This video supports my recent post suggesting the Ferguson response was a planned psy-op full of rent-a-mob contract workers, including on freeways around the country.  The footage shows military police officers surrounding an empty vehicle then tossing in a hand grenade in order to burn down Advanced Motor Parts retail building that was perfectly in tact without vandalism.  The building later burned to the ground.

This entire response was a staged psy-op supported  by the U.S. Federal government likely as a beta test in order to eventually bring in martial law.  I think it's clear to any intelligent person this response of the grand jury finding was largely staged by the rent-a-mobs willing to act for $35 an hour including those seen recently in London.  There's some professional entity behind organizing this with slick die-in marketing strategies.

For me it was really the freeway protesters that blew the cover off their psy-op. No one in their right mind would go on a dangerous freeway to protest and stop a traffic like that.  When the freeway protesters weren't arrested in San Diego, that was just another red flag that the government's in on protecting these rent-a-mob workers.  If there's any place that will have no problem covering up for a government psy-op, it's the City of San Diego.

Are Ferguson Freeway Protesters Fake Being Paid to Block Traffic? - November 28, 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

Are Ferguson Freeway Protesters Fake Being Paid To Block Traffic?

click to enlarge (link: The Real Revo Blog)

As many become wiser with age we begin to observe things such as how the media tends to distort and warp reality by concentrating on very small percentage of the population's opinions who protest loudly.  Outside the handful of  protesters are millions of observers who disagree with them.  When protesters like these go on a rampage blocking freeways across the country over this issue I often wonder if they're getting paid for their time, especially since they're not even being arrested like what happened on the I-5 freeway two days ago.

Professional protesters, perhaps paid by our very own government? Not arrested for blocking freeway as they clearly should have been for endangering lives.

I once had an acquaintance share his experience of being offered cash and a free lunch to act like an invitee for some luncheon for some corporate event. This offer came to him after the event crashed with few showing up.  To make themselves appear viable with interested participants, they forked out a ton of money for an event with many fake people in the audience

Whenever I see rioters and protesters I review the facts to determine what the real issue is.  As stated in my previous post, Sympathy For The Devil, Riots Unjustified By God, the real issue seems to be rioters wanting an excuse to access free HDTV's, iPads and whatever they can find during their raids of retail stores.  This is a criminal uprising that started with the thuggery and theft of Michael Brown. It's interesting to note had the liquor store he robbed had a hand gun available to protect his store, thugs wouldn't have likely bothered to target him for theft.

That this issue's now branched out into blocking freeways with very few arrests, it seems our government may be behind the tremendous tolerance for this behavior. Some city jurisdictions obey the Fed stand down arrest order as in this video while others clearly do not.  One can only deduce these people have a lot of time on their hands likely being paid while given a script for propaganda.

Those people blocking the freeway, if not paid professionals, are truly insane stupid people.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sympathy For The Devil - Evil Ferguson Rioters Unjustified By God

Today is Thanksgiving Day in America. We've had much to be thankful for in this country thanks to God's grace over a nation He used to be able to bless.  God blessed America because as a country we used to honor Him and His Word to a large degree that's since been eroded by the distractions of popular culture including television, music, entertainment, video games, Internet porn, addictions, greed and a plethora of other vices.

Unfortunately, the infiltration of too many peoples from other lands along with a traitorous greedy U.S. government and liberal based media have changed American culture over the past several decades.

It's a sad fact that what's happening in Ferguson is a deliberately orchestrated staged response and lie, a spiritual attack by the godless against America.

Allow me to restate the facts that some bully thug robbed a liquor store completely overpowering a tiny little Indian man by physically threatening him, then later tried to over power a police officer by reaching into his vehicle so he who had no time to call for back up.  Historically, Americans in the droves would clearly have backed up the police officer. When someone robs a store anything can happen for such a reckless lawless action of a bully. Cops are just doing their jobs to apprehend robbery suspects, surprise!

Sinner Michael Brown bullies and robs store owner prior to police officer stopping him nearby. Obama's food stamps apparently weren't enough.

Based on the facts, any reasonable person can deduce this uprising is some orchestrated psy-op on behalf of criminal elements who use race as a red herring.  When someone gets robbed, there's always a possibility someone can shoot the robber dead if they feel their life's threatened too.  You put your own life at risk when you have the audacity to rob someone.

I'm truly astonished at the godless liberal Darlena Cunha who wrote Time Magazine's,  Ferguson: In Defense of Rioting.  Like a shock jock pop singer Madonna, journalist Cunha seeks shock value publicity by sympathizing with the devil.  The more shock the better for Cunha whose apparently desperate to raise her family of five being in need of new Twitter subscribers.

Could it be Cunha's true motivation for rationalizing and justifying rioters in her Time Magazine article could be an apparent desperate need for new Twitter followers as seen in her previous post?

Cunha's type of hopeless ignorance will one day support and usher in the Anti-Christ. Cunha will likely seek to rise up into new positions of authority to potentially hand over Christians for persecution and take the 666 on her body to feed her family. This while her Ahab weakling husband sits in the background letting some ignorant godless woman ruin his family's chance to enter heaven.

Don't get me wrong, I used to be a rebellious person just like anyone else.  I hated the police too, but it turned out I had no support in God's Word to respond the way I did so it took a long time for me to heal.  I eventually realized I really wasn't a martyr or victim just ignorant of my sinful situation in my being without God's support.

When God can't support us due to rebellion and sin sometimes we feel like victims of others like the police.  When we follow God and obey His Word He restores and heals us so we need not feel a need to rebel any longer.  God protects those who honor His Word and obey Him!  We saved Christians know God's grace is sufficient for our needs while unsaved sinners think they're always victims due to their ignorance of God and sympathy and/or allegiance to the devil.

In my case, I realize today that I always had God's grace available to me to overcome my situation without having had to go through such ignorant rebellion. Instead of rebelling I could have been accepting God's grace and enjoying it as I am today.  Prayer and obedience to God works wonders to open spiritual doors of escape from the temptation to sin that includes the temptation to riot toward self-destruction.

It's INSANE the way these rioters are carrying on wanting to expand across the country to destroy America over this orchestrated highly staged psy-op. It's clear these unsaved lost souls wanted any excuse to riot so they could get the free HDTV's and loot having witnessed the video footage of the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles and other cities.

The fact is that God is calling Americans to repentance having forewarned of coming Judgment through Prophet of God Dr. Owuor. God always forewarns prior to His Judgment being carried out against a nation in order for it to repent and turn back to Him.

Instead of repentance such that God's Prophet David Owuor forewarned was necessary to avoid God's Judgment of America, what we're witnessing instead is even more rebellion.  As long as journalists like Darlena Cunha provide sympathy and unjustified rationalizations for ungodly rebellion in order to get more publicity for those like herself and new Twitter followers, the godlessness will continue to escalate and morph into new levels of evil not excluding attracting terrorist groups such as ISIS.

As for those of us who seek to follow Jesus and obey God's Word, we pray, forgive our enemies and their trespasses against us while remaining shocked at how ignorant people can be to sympathize with the devil whose neither black nor white but just plain evil.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Russia Watching America Burn, Prepares For Nuclear Attack Predicted By David Wilkerson, Dr. David Owuor

For those who want to be right with God, please listen up! Those violent thugs in Ferguson have accepted the temptation to disobey against God and His Word who are facing eternal damnation in hell without Jesus. God doesn't accept any excuses or rationale for such rebellion against Him because His Word and Grace is available to all along with the tremendous distribution of His resources in this day and age.

I've had my own days long ago of rebellion against the police officers who I felt did wrong to me but had no understanding of God's Word at the time so I failed to bear any fruit to glorify Jesus. My rebellion came in the form of nasty letters challenging police officer's trespassing over bearing oppressive authority over my life as a single woman. I later learned that you can't glorify God by playing a falsely persecuted martyr and victim.  Those who are rebelling in Ferguson have accepted the role portrayed to them in the film Planet of the Apes that's quite sad to witness.

There's absolutely no excuse for anyone to riot as witnessed last night over the grand jury's lack of indictment of a police officer as if it was based on racism.  The entire nation's witnessing the depravity of these godless children of wrath and it's so sad to see so called leaders stand down in serving Satan's destructive intentions for America.

What must Russia and China be thinking about the breakdown in America's culture that allows this to happen? Surely they see nothing but weakness, along with a depraved so called President in charge. Ever see videos of the Chinese marching military? It's truly frightening to behold.  Of course the Chinese or Russian military's no

How will America's depraved Godless culture address a coming invasion from China and Russia?

How will America's depraved culture deal with an invasion from the forces of China and Russia?  It's not too difficult to see the outcome when traitors are at the helm of American's government political system. God can't help America when it hasn't repented and turned back to Him.

The truth is that America could very well be nuked by Russia in the future. All those called to God need to turn to Him and let go of fascination with these ungodly people acting on the level of animals. God's been calling for America's repentance through Prophets such as Dr. David Ouwar, He always gives warnings prior to judgment of a nation.
'To the Russians, the United States is enemy number one these days and the Russians are feverishly preparing for a potential military showdown." - 10 Signs that Russia's Preparing to Fight and Win a Nuclear War with the U.S. - End of the American Dream, November 24, 2014

Christian Pastor and Prophet Henry Gruver Describes Prophetic Vision of Russian Invasion

Prophecy of Judgment on America Dr. David Owuor, a true Prophet of God

Perry Stone covers some of Pastor David Wilkerson's prophetic visions related to Russian attacks

I'm affirming that it's the right thing to do to ignore and forgive these hardened rebellious ungodly people and move on with following God.  What these people are doing has no impact on Jesus or His Kingdom whatsoever except those who might repent and turn to Him for forgiveness.  We're all under God's grace and that's what saved me was His amazing grace.  God pays attention to our actions, not lip service!  It's what we do for Him that matters and how we'll all be judged in the end. There's nothing wrong at all with scoring points with God, it's all outlined in Scripture on how to please Him very clearly.

The word Holy means "set apart".  Reject the ways of those in Ferguson that only leads souls to hell.

God's no respecter of persons but what we do in His name that aligns with His Word counts.

David Wilkerson -

The Self-Destruction of America - David Wilkerson

How To Ignore Chimps Tossing Poo At The Zoo

It's very simple, would you rather be watching monkeys at the zoo tossing poo around or would you rather read the Word of God and pray? I just don't understand why the nation is so focused on depraved ungodly people protesting as if it means something when it clearly doesn't. It's all meaningless!

Blacks kill each other with firearms far more than cops do.  There's no problem in America with cops killing black people. The percentage is below 5% of cops on black shootings. So why do people overreact and want to scapegoat a cop for the black problem of their killing each other? Likely to remain playing the role of a victim and martyr because it's profitable.

You know, I'd rather not get involved in this foolish and childish dispute of a bunch of narcissist depraved monkeys running around protesting to distract from their serious depravity being godless and pitiful. I'd rather not be involved in the bowels of hell and just open my Bible and read that the word "holy" means to be "set apart".  I want to be set apart from this INSANITY.  I just don't get why Prison Planet has a live stream feed of these disgraceful activities in Ferguson that I feel should be ignored and replaced with attention to the Lord Jesus.  Anyone in their right mind wouldn't want to report such meaningless activities that's a disgrace to the human race and Him.

Look, if you don't like our court system in the U.S., go find another country to live but you have no right to riot and destroy other people's properties! 

I'll be praying for these psychotic depraved narcissists to become Godly by accepting Jesus into their lives to repent from such abhorrent disobedience, I'm just very disappointed it's come to my acknowledging what a disgrace such people have become.  Burning the American flag will you?  People died for that flag, they didn't riot and burn buildings for no just cause like these beasts did tonight.

click to enlarge

People die every day in many ways. That young man who died wasn't any different from anyone else. Just because he was a black man gives no one a right to riot like madmen. So please get a grip on reality and open your Bibles. Set yourselves aside from the monkeys tossing poo and maybe God will take notice and set you aside for something of His greatness.

Wilson: Brown Struggle Was Like Fighting Hulk Hogan - USA Today

Friday, November 14, 2014

Is the City of San Francisco Entrapping and Profitting From Small Business Owners?

I've been very patient for the City of San Francisco's Tax Assessor's office to provide me with some explanation as to why it's refused since July, 2014 to waive a hefty $122 late fee claiming I paid my business license renewal late. This post is about my receiving a letter of denial of the fee waiver today from the city's tax attorney Stephanie Profitt without any explanation in spite of my evidence to the contrary.

When I received my business license renewal in the mail on May 15, 2014, that very day I filed a renewal application on-line and provided a credit card.  I'm very good with paying fees on time as I've done since 2009. After I filed, I received a confirmation email of the transaction having no reason to suspect the credit card wasn't charged so I didn't look at anything but the email's subject line.  I then waited to receive my license renewal in the mail.

I waited until the deadline of the renewal to call the city's 311 help line and got a reference number for my question as to where my renewal was. I was told by the help line representative that the business renewal people were two weeks backlogged and to wait another two weeks and she would also leave a message to call me.  So after this information I naively believed,  I waited another two weeks.

When I went down to the City Hall's Tax Assessor's office I was told I never paid and a $122 late fee was assessed.  I told the lady I paid and had evidence of an email so she offered me a fee waiver request form.  I then filed my first fee waiver request along with my enclosed email evidence of confirmation and a my reference number from the city phone call alleging a backlog.  I waited another 6 weeks and never heard a thing so I went ahead and filed another fee waiver request. Once again no one responded as to why I wasn't provided with a refund.

After waiting another two months for some kind of response I finally contacted the city's attorney's office that responded it would investigate.  Here's the letter I received today, I don't know why it's dated October 8 since I just received it today:

I received a short paragraph letter from a Ms. Stephanie Profitt who said the investigation was completed and the fee waiver was denied.  Ms. Profitt didn't provide any explanation.  I was asked to call with any further questions so today I left a polite voice mail that went something like this.
"Hi Ms. Profitt, my name is Cheryl Meril with Nob Hill Notary Services. Today I received your letter responding to my request for a late fee waiver.  Since you provided your contact number and asked me to call with any questions I'm calling to let you know I would like some explanation as to why my request was denied. From my point of view I provided a lot of evidence that I paid on time."
After I left the message I realized I meant to say "provided my credit card information on-line along with the application for business license renewal on time."  I technically didn't pay on time since they claim I didn't pay but I had no knowledge of it because I wasn't informed the payment didn't go through. In the email it had confirmed my application was received but added "if you did not pay. . " providing a  clever infrastructure for suggesting the payment didn't necessarily go through. In other words, they didn't write, "make sure to check your credit card statement that the payment went through" that in itself is ludicrous as a system of confirmation for payment.

I later spoke with a client native to San Francisco who had called me over to The Battery Club to notarize and wait for one of his extremely wealthy billionaire clients. He told me this kind of thing's been happening a long time in San Francisco's city government.

If my small business acted this way towards clients, my business would surely get a bad rap, so why not the wealthy city of San Francisco that thinks it can afford to pay off $3,750,000 settling with deranged Satanist musicians over their own negligence?  See blog post San Francisco Satanist Musician Gets $3.75 million Out of Court Settlement with City of San Francisco Over Pitiful Bike Accident

In my opinion, the City of San Francisco entraps small business owners with an underhanded web pay system to enable them to obtain nearly triple the original fee claiming late payment. My opinion was confirmed by a longstanding local business owner whose a native San Franciscan.  So the reason for this blog post is to alert San Francisco's small business owners to make sure their credit card gets charged in the transaction that the city will not provide a receipt on-line nor acknowledge the payment went through or not as is the standard protocol to entrap in order to triple the fee.  

At this point, I'm not going to continue to fight this $122 fee head on any longer, only through educating others of these underhand tactics the city uses to get more money.  In the meantime I forgive my apparent enemies San Francisco's City Government.

Meanwhile I read last night about how Laura Alber, whose the new CEO of Williams-Sonoma with a degree in psychology at 46 years old, is No. 20 on the list of top paid executives in Forbes, receiving $13 + Million a year. This while the City of San Francisco's charging small business owners for bogus late fees.  Ms. Alber, who began with the company two years prior to my employ being burned out there, claimed she and the CEO of the company at the time, Mr. Lester, were very close.  The way she was groomed for her new position indicated favoritism and politics involved.  People play politics, it's a game they think they can win.  See Fortune's Biz Person of the Year - November 13, 2014

Stealing money from small business owners through entrapment is a crime, not politics.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

President Obama Summons At-Home Moms To Trash Removal @ Pennsylvania Avenue

The gay agenda's attack on the family, American culture and values in general continues to crescendo with the latest attacks on at-home mothers by President Obama, a former gay bathhouse pot smoking cruiser in his early adult years

President Obama interrupted his longstanding amateur golf game and was twitching at the podium of a speech he gave attacking stay at-home mothers.

In a response column published by the Christian Post, attorney Kristi Burton Brown gave voice to how many have been reacting on Facebook, YouTube and other channels. 
“I hope you misspoke, but let me tell you how this comes across to stay-at-home moms,” Brown replied to Obama. “You’re telling us that the money we earn is more important than our kids. You’re telling us that leaving the workplace to stay home isn’t a choice American moms should be making.” 
She continued, “As a stay-at-home mom myself, who is also an attorney, let me tell you that I want to choose my kids over my career. I honestly don’t care if missing two decades in the work force means that I’ll never make as much as a male attorney over the course of my lifetime. My kids – people – are much, much more important than my money – mere possessions. And my choice is just as valid and just as equal as the choices of the single mom who needs to find a quality daycare and a high performing school to put her children in.” - Video: Obama Slaps At-Home Moms - 

Meanwhile Obama's Administration allowed companies like these from Silicon Valley to bring in  workers from India to the San Francisco Bay area who were paying a whopping $1.21 an hour rather than employ U.S. citizens. See Silicon Valley Company Caught Paying Imported Workers $1.21 An Hour

President Obama, a/k/a Barry Soetoro, changed his identity and social security number so he could rise in American politics, who once visited gay bathhouses in his early adult years.  Obama's continuing the attack on American values of family by suggesting at-home mothers should be out in the workforce. In other words, they need not address the importance of loving and caring for their families but to be outside their homes working for $12/hr paying taxes for the reckless spending of his corrupt U.S. government.

Obama's an evil President who also works on behalf of the gay establishment, (see Homosexual Manifesto from 1986), out to ruin everything America has ever stood for.  He's a lousy golfer who wastes taxpayer money on his trivial evil pursuits, a no good criminal element who needs to be removed from the White House.

Maybe a new career for stay-at-home mom's would be to remove the trash from Pennsylvania Avenue! They certainly won't be able to help in the area of propping up an erection for the President's frustrated wife. President Obama doesn't realize you can stay home and raise children in this day and age with technology and still have a part time job in your home using today's technology!  Calling all at-home mothers, will you please take out the trash first at Pennsylvania Ave for America?

From my own experience, whenever there's gay men around in the work force, I was always pushed to work much harder to the point of exhaustion while they were allowed to lounge around and have an easy well paid job with long trips to Italy. I was on a 50 cc motor scooter while they drove company BMW's. I had to fight for a one week vacation while they were granted whatever they wanted at any time. Single women don't do well when it comes to being part of the workforce wherever gay men are involved and neither do single women with children.

This is what happens when you let a homosexual in the White House, they have no regard for women at all, just putting a masquerade on for their own power plays.  They're psychopathic users and deception's their con game.

There's a huge stink of trash at Pennsylvania Ave that needs to be removed, after the duty has been completed, the at-home mothers can return to raising their families again.

See Also

Homosexual Manifesto, 1986