Sunday, January 12, 2014

What Does Jesus Say About Greedy Vending Kings?

Way back when I really tried to get the word out about all those who were going to lose a lot of money in the future due to my former boss's Dana Bashor's seminars on home vending business opportunities.  I was an insider for six months in 1991 working in Marina del Rey as Mr. Bashor's assistant and was really shocked to learn the details of the operation.

I tried to forewarn people by writing a song but never got around to putting it up anywhere. Since Mr. Bashor was doing this slick stuff as late as 2008, 17 years after I left working for him, I thought I'd better continue to sound the alarm.  Hand picked insiders are promoted for success to promote the operation nationwide with seminars at hotels.

Back in 1991, according to his former assistant Merry Winters, Mr. Bashor was having a bonus check made out to himself for $1,000,000 on top of his $400,000/yr salary.  That was a lot of money in those days.  Just think, one million dollars a year adds up over time and many of the finest actors didn't come near to that salary in those days. From the looks of it, Mr. Bashor has very little presence on the Internet likely being in hiding due to all the enemies he's made over the years.

A song I wrote He's a Vending King (Ode to Dana Bashor) with Garage Band loop software was with a cheap mic back in 2005

"When many people think about vending machines, they think about soda and candy. What most people don't think about is who is behind the vending machines. 
In 2000, D. Bashor was a man who promised successful business opportunities through an infomercial. 
At that time, he was known as Dana Bashor. Then, and now, his game was pitching consumers on vending machines. 
Bashor's companies include Antares Corp., Natural Choice USA, Orion Products and Financial Freedom, which is the latest incarnation of his vending machine "opportunities."
10New investigators heard from consumers from all over San Diego County who asked about Bashor's seminar hitting San Diego this weekend. 
Mike from San Diego wrote: "I received a slick mailer from D. Bashor of Financial Freedom, with an invite to a lunch at the San Diego Marriot, La Jolla, on April 5, 2008.…"  10News Investigates Man's Vending Machine Promises - 2008

What does the Word of God say about greed?

Greed creates disagreement (Proverbs 28:25)
The Pharisees had greedy hearts (Matthew 23:25)
Christians should avoid being greedy (Ephesians 5:3)
People full of greed will not enter heaven (Ephesians 5:5)
Leaders of the church must not be greedy (Titus 1:7)

If Dana Bashor doesn't repent and turn back to God for forgiveness and follow Jesus he's doomed to eternal hell along with the rest of greedy America. 
- Former assistant, Cheryl Merrill from 1991