Sunday, March 30, 2014

Outrageous Hollywood Deception in Christian Films Like Noah

The Noah Movie Deception by Good Fight Ministries YouTube Channel discloses grandiose falsehoods about Noah in this recent Hollywood film

I haven't seen a Hollywood based film in many years and just gave away my entire DVD library a few months ago dumping it in my apartment building's garage including Titanic I had watched at least twenty times. The video above provides a review of Noah by Good Fight Ministries, a popular YouTube Channel that outs deception and masquerades of mainly rock and roll performers and their true intentions. Good Fight Ministries aren't the only one's taking issue with such depraved falsehoods of the Noah film:
"Unfortunately, the film twists and distorts the story of Noah so badly that it is virtually unrecognizable. And Americans are so dumbed down these days that many of them will end up believing that Aronofsky’s version is what the Bible actually says." In "Noah" The Fallen Angels Are the Good Guys - The Truth Wins

Bill Maher's comments in the video are especially disturbing, I guess this is what happens to one of the few men on earth who have slept with Ann Coulter the fake Christian.  I bumped into Ann two years ago in front of the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco where she refused to speak with me after I joked if the fur she was wearing was real.  I had mistaken her at first for a tourist.   See my post I Met Ann Coulter Today Wearing Fur Coat, Refusing To Speak March 25, 2012

I won't be watching any Hollywood films ever again.

While I'm at it, I happened to notice an article about Christie McVie of Fleetwood Mac whose returning after a 15 year hiatus to perform with the band in their next American tour.  Fleetwood Mac is a witchcraft band that spreads spells and curses on Americans having popularized itself in pop music in the late 1970's.  I never bought any of their albums, nor was I an official fan.

In spite of not being a fan, I've had a few dreams invaded by Stevie Nicks over the years whose witchcraft is undisputed as recently disclosed in this Good Fight video.   There's no real love or joy in Stevie Nick's voice that sounds cryptic and witchy-like.

I feel sorry for those who fork out money for a concert of 70 year old witches and warlocks headed for eternal hell.  Anyone whose going to see the Fleetwood Mac tour are in grave danger of their eternal salvation without Jesus.

A person's got to be brainwashed by the culture and highly programmed to go to a Fleetwood Mac concert in 2014.  Highly impressionable naive teenagers had a good excuse to fall for this stuff, not 35 years later as 50+ year olds. Time's running out for people to turn to Jesus for forgiveness! The Bible clearly states once a person's dead it's either heaven or hell. There's no waiting station like at the airport to decide which flight to take to your desired destination. If you made a mistake not to accept Jesus in this lifetime, eternal hell is the only place and there will be no debate whatsoever with God over the matter.  One's eternal fate will be sealed in hell without Jesus and the Holy Spirit in one's life.

I'm sad to hear Christie McVie allowed the members of the band to lure her back because it really means she accepted a temptation to join them forever in eternal hell. See Christie McVie to Tour with Fleetwood Mac.