Monday, March 10, 2014

Rick Lazzarini's Horror - A Man Possessed By Satan



Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.  Matthew  12:19-20

After the psy-op was completed by absolute bullies (see list of attorneys below), this was sent to me by Rick Lazzarini who started the entire case by contacting me using  Lazzarini was the special effects artist for many horror films including Night on Elm Street, Scissor Hands, Freddie Kruger, Alien, etc.

Thus completing his horror movie project using my life as a complete stranger, Lazzarini sent me the following email of intense hatred.  This is the kind of man Joseph F. Hart, Esq. in Beverly Hills covered up for in a huge Motion to Quash, blaming me entirely for his impersonation.


After a few years of receiving these kind of lewd sick emails and articles on a huge blog about me I guess it did affect me a little to want to file a lawsuit.

One of Lazzarini's videos about his horror effect craft.

The legal industry is a very vicious place I want nothing further to do with.  I can testify to the fact those in the legal industry are going to hell in the multitudes without Jesus.

The Network of Hateful Attorneys Provided Tremendous Support to Rick Lazzarini and Edmond Wollmann:

Joseph F. Hart: Hollywood entertainment attorney who represented Lazzarini and requested sanctions against me when I contested the Motion to Quash with a brief but wasn't at the hearing since the preliminary hearing didn't indicate it necessary for me to be there.  Mr. Hart argued I deserved stiff sanctions and the judge issued $2,500.

Daniel Balsam, Esq., an anti-spam attorney was part of the network having been invited into this dispute by Jacob Harker, Esq. to send me a letter in support Edmond Wollmann while letting me know about the ANTI-SLAPP statute.  (See site about Mr. Wollmann) My issue with Mr. Balsam was he was too busy filing cases on his own behalf over petty disputes related to email spam then representing people like myself who needed his services at a reasonable cost.  Mr. Balsam's ego is so tremendously large he got himself placed in Wikipedia history due to his notoriety and publicity he sought for himself over self-representation.  See my post Anti-Spam Attorney Follows The Money and  S.F. Lawyer awarded $7,000 From e-Mail spammer.

Robert Grossman, Esq. - This attorney was contracted by Mr. Hart to provide a letter to the San Diego Superior Court East division supporting Mr. Wollmann in pro se to the Judge.  At the end of the hearing the Judge mentioned this letter sent to the Court as one of the reasons why a restraining order was granted.  This is his website.

Timothy Walton, Esq. - Acted as if he was on my side since he had his own cases involving Mr. Wollmann over the years, however he provided me with false information the cross-complaint Mr. Wollmann filed was moot and the case was over.  Mr. Walton told this to me when I called about his client's willingness to testify as a witness at a deposition for the cross lawsuit.  Timothy Walton was heavily linked to Daniel Balsam Esq. described above.  When I requested an affidavit statement of his ill advice so I could provide it to the Court for a new hearing to present my defense, Mr. Walton ignored my requests and did not respond.  Mr. Walton's letter on behalf of his client used to be posted on this website but then taken down when I started linking to it.

Jacob Harker, Esq. - Manipulated the court in San Francisco when a new judge, a lawyer, took the bench in the division where I filed a restraining order against Mr. Wollmann.  Judge Ulmer had also received a donation by Judge Robert C. Longstreth in his campaign to retain his bench as a former Republican.  I was led to believe the case wasn't going to be given a hearing. Jacob Harker sent me an email my case had been cleared okay for a hearing so I could go get another hearing date. What kind of attorney would encourage a restraining order case against his client move forward? This was highly manipulative because Mr. Harker asked for his legal fees from me at the end of the hearing and served me with papers accusing me of being a vexatious litigant.  I never opened his package believing it was about the restraining order hearing we attended.

All of these proud fine highly educated lawyers networked together in my case to continue with the evil, vile activities of Rick Lazzarini, a man of hate, death who incorporates the anti-Christ spirit to spread himself to the American public through vile films and public appearances on The David Letterman Show.  See Late Night Show with David Letterman.


I pray for my enemies who are headed straight for the pit of hell.  That a network of attorneys were involved in trying to drive me to suicide under the direction of Rick Lazzarini.

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